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  • First of all:SHAME ON ME!I know my last blog entry was over two months ago. Saying that I didn't have the time would be a lie. That I wasn't inspired - maybe.Anyways, I came to the conclusion that I actually want to keep this blog going. Despite that fact that my time at Stanford will be over in less than a month. And despite the fact that my life as ... Read More

  • It’s exam time again. Our 2nd Semester classes are just over and we are marching straight into our final exams this week (after a short break termed as ‘Revision Week’). Though, the exam times are always filled with hectic activity, I am feeling less stressed this time. This seems to be the impact of continuous ongoing assessments which have helped ... Read More

  • The MBA Social Outreach Society was proud to see Dublin and Limerick primary schools compete for BIZ Factor’s Social Entrepreneurs of the Year yesterday. Six schools competed by submitting their business plans and giving a two minute pitch to a panel of judges in Dublin Castle. Everyone involved was buzzing with excitement to see the hard work ... Read More

  • Wonderful morning spent viewing presentations from the future business leaders of Ireland which is part of Tech Week 2015 here at Dublin Castle.

    Innovative Social Entrepreneur 2015 Finalists, six groups of children from Primary Schools, have been put to the test, Dragon’s Den Style. Among the judges were Ann Horan (Ryan Academy), Daniel Ramamoorthy ... Read More

  • Post-HBS

    by Two Years at HBS on April 28, 2015

    We are now approaching the end of our last semester. After we finish next week’s final exams, we have a break of two weeks and then finally reach Graduation Day on May 28th.

    This week we have a special academic period called “Bridges” – newly initiated this year. Bridges is a kind of capstone program and there are a series of events in ... Read More

  • Red Bull Wings for Life Run is happening on 3 May 2015 in Dun Laoghaire. The MBA Social Outreach Society and MBA Golf Society have joined forces to run on behalf of World Sports Team.

    The concept is, you set a goal/distance and try to reach it before ... Read More

  • We’re all members of the MBA family but we’re also supporters of women and their achievements. Last month, we celebrated those achievements and helped raise awareness of the issue of equality by wearing purple to the classroom. Purple symbolises justice and dignity, two values strongly associated with women’s equality. Thanks to all ... Read More

  • Carysfort Celts flying the Irish Flag at The MBA Rugby World Cup Last week, the MBA Rugby Team travelled to the United States to take part in the 35th Annual MBA Rugby World Cup.

    Our team finished a creditable fourth out of 15 men’s teams, placing just behind Harvard’s A Team and ahead of fifth-placed Duke.

    Other teams that competed include ... Read More

  • Finding a decently priced gym in Phuket can be difficult if you are not planning to go on a daily basis. Prices of around 1,500 baht per month are fine when you plan on going several times a week and joining for group classes, but in my case I just want to go there once or twice a week and I only want to lift weights. Most gyms don’t even offer 1-day ... Read More

  • On April 1st, Smurfit’s MBA entrepreneurship club visited LinkedIn Dublin, the EMEA HQ of this fast growing tech company.

    This event was a great occasion to mix-up with other students as 50 MBA students attended, coming from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Trinity and Dublin Institute of Technology.

    Smurfit MBA Students at LinkedIn ... Read More

  • When you talk about Thai souvenirs you quickly think of the wooden frogs which make a frog sound when you move the wooden stick over the back, some hand-carved soap, or a fridge magnet with the name of the city you are in. Those souvenirs work well when you give them to your foreign friends and relatives, but when Thais buy souvenirs for each other ... Read More

  • Spring has sprung so that can only mean one thing – it’s the time to get your priorities right. So in honour of the good weather, now is the occasion to close the books, leave the office, and get on the golf course.

    Against the backdrop of Padraig Harrington’s recent win on the PGA tour at the Honda Classic, the MBA Golf Society picked up ... Read More

  • It’s been two months since I began to learn how to code. I’m using Codecademy as my main learning platform and now I am able to setup a server, write very basic code and several languages such as PHP and Ruby. As well, I am attempting to create a new, time management mobile app for myself.

    As many successful leaders and business people will tell ... Read More

  • Phuket can be an expensive island to live on, especially when you are a foreigner. Dual pricing is not only normal here for tourist attractions but also for sporting events. And while in some cases showing a work permit, long-stay visa, or Thai drivers license can help you get the same price as locals, I prefer to avoid any  place or event where they ... Read More

  • Visit to the Great Wall - March 2015 China is a nation of 1.3 billion contradictions.

    It is governed by a Communist party but is fundamentally capitalist. It wants to open up more to the world, but censorship is everywhere. The government has vowed to crack down on internal corruption and yet, instead of focusing their attention within their own borders, ... Read More

  • The last triathlon was already 6 months ago, and besides the BITEC half-marathon I haven’t joined any races yet this year. So you can imagine I was looking forward to the Amarin Outdoor Unlimited International Triathlon 2015 that took place on Saturday 14th of March. I joined the race also last year and the good memories of that race made it an easy ... Read More

  • Henry Ford

    Wisest is he who knows he knows nothing (Socrates). Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right (Henry Ford). Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom (Aristotle). Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another (JFK). A leader is best when people barely know he exists. Of a good leader, who talks little, when ... Read More

  • This sojourn to China proved to be an eye-opening experience for me as I found the tour beneficial for my career, and educational on a personal level. This international study trip is a brilliant idea to ensure that MBA students are well rounded both academically and practically. Visiting emerging markets such as China and South Africa (members of the ... Read More

  • The True Meaning of Learning Fifteen months ago I contemplated embarking on the executive MBA. It was something I thought would benefit my career. Then, I had just completed my professional accountancy examinations and couldn’t imagine a greater workload from doing the course. Fast forward fifteen months, the EMBA has been a rollercoaster. It is a ... Read More

  • South Africa ~ MBA International Study Tour 2015

    On Saturday, March 7th, we saw 90 of our MBA students jet off on the Annual MBA International Study Tour. This is an intensive 8 day tour which is spent visiting cultural, political and educational institutions and undertaking a number of company visits as part of the MBA Module; Doing Business In Emerging ... Read More

  • I had the privilege of being Umang’s stunt partner on our college dance (raas) team. We shared many hours of practice together on the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana campus, and also two victories in national competitions.

    Now he has partnered up with another fellow Illini, Ashish Patel, and together they recently founded DP Legal, a Chicago ... Read More

  • The Job Interview: Does an MBA make a difference?

    One of the main reasons I decided to do an MBA at Smurfit was career progression. After nine years of working in the turbulent banking industry, I was lucky enough to secure voluntary severance and a scholarship which enabled me to start the Executive MBA last September. Finding the right job – ... Read More

  • In my reading for my "Managing Growing Enterprises" class this quarter I came across the following quote by a CEO who attended the Harvard Business School "New CEO Workshop":"There is no work-life balance. There are only work-life trade-offs."With my time at the GSB coming to an end that quote actually made me think. In eight month I will once more ... Read More

  • Perched on the banks of the Charles, two well-known and highly regarded Harvard graduate schools face each other, Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). There are some similarities and differences between the two, and applicants are often torn about which school they should apply to, some actually deciding to apply to both. ... Read More

  • It hasn’t been long since the Koh Maiton snorkeling trip off the coast of Phuket before it was time for the next snorkeling trip already. Only this time we would go a bit further; to Koh Similan. Day-trips to this group of islands are available but from Phuket it is a 1.5-hour drive to the pier followed by a 1.5-hour boat trip so a multiple-day trip ... Read More

  • One of the highlights of the MBA program to date was a week spent studying at IE Business School in Madrid on the Global Network Immersion Week (GNIW) program. The GNIW is a module taken by students in Semester 1 to study abroad with a diverse mix of other international MBA students at one of several leading global universities. Seven of us travelled ... Read More

  • Time is Precious

    It’s fair to say, that despite lots of warnings, most of us were at various stages during the first semester almost overwhelmed by the time constraints involved in holding down a fulltime job, completing an MBA and having some semblance of a personal life. We knew it was going to be a substantial commitment but nothing really ... Read More

  • Phuket is an island and therefore surrounded by sea, but I still had trouble finding a decent spot to swim laps. Even though I would have preferred to swim in the sea it just was not practical as I would have to go to the beach by car and would not be able to leave the car keys somewhere dry while I am trying to stay alive between the waves. So I set ... Read More

  • The Importance of Team Dynamics We’re well and truly under way with Semester 4. As noted already by Niall Twomey in his recent post, this is the semester that reflects your personal choices. I have heard varying comments in relation to ‘having more time’ on our hands, which is clearly a relative comment. With my choices of Negotiations Skills, ... Read More

  • It's just business

    Business is business. I really hate this phrase – along with all related variations – and always have. What does it even mean? As far as I can tell, it was created for the sole purpose of providing us with justification for what would otherwise be dubious, questionable or unethical behaviour. In the simple context of ‘it’s ... Read More

  • It can be hard sometimes to find the motivation to train hard and improve. A period of rest or recovery can easily be extended with a few weeks and after a long period of going slow it is tempting to keep going at that same speed. My favorite way to find new motivation is just by signing up for a new race; that way I will need to pick up training again ... Read More

  • Final Term

    by Two Years at HBS on February 5, 2015

    The storm has passed and some semblance of normality has returned to campus. It seems everyone has settled into their new schedules and the busyness that accompanies “normal” here at HBS.

    So, what’s my final term like? Following is my course selection for the spring term.

    Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise Power and Glory in ... Read More

  • The calm before the storm...

    Week three, semester two, year one, and there is a sense of calm within the class that is both unfamiliar and a little unsettling. I have to admit, I’m enjoying this part of the semester. We have time to properly read the required reading for each new module. We have the time to prepare all case study questions and example ... Read More

  • MBA Green Juice

    You are what you eat, or so the old saying goes. If this is true, by the end of Semester 1, I was tea and toast with chocolate on the side. Nobody can prepare you for the first term of an MBA including the devastating effect on your diet!  Stress, exhaustion and not enough hours in the day made it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. ... Read More

  • One of the great benefits of the UCD Smurfit Executive MBA is the ability to select from a wide range of optional subjects that make up your final semester. Friends who have previously completed the Smurfit MBA all remark on how the final semester was the most enjoyable as you get to pick subjects which [...] Read More

  • The Home Straight

    by UCD Smurfit MBA Blog on January 28, 2015

    Arriving in the 4th semester of the exec MBA we have completed 12 modules, 328 hours of class, an average of more than twice that in readings, assignments and projects. Every one of those hours has taken its toll over three long semesters. However, entering the home straight, energy and enthusiasm are at levels not [...] Read More

  • So, life passes. The minutia of my experiences in the Manchester MBA recede into memory. It’s been ten months since I stepped outside of Booth Street West as a student for the last time and it already seems a lifetime ago.

    I know from your correspondence that the biggest question that most of you have is where have my MBA colleagues and I washed ... Read More

  • It’s been a while, so please allow me to wish you a belated Happy New Year!

    It’s been more than a month since my last post and I would love to tell you that it’s not because I was too busy to write, but truthfully I was just too lazy. During winter break, I ate a lot, slept well, played hard, and spent the laziest days of the past two years. ... Read More

  • A Little Advice

    by UCD Smurfit MBA Blog on January 26, 2015

    So we’re on starter’s orders for semester 2 and, as semester 1 becomes a distant memory, the Christmas break has given us time to consider the MBA to date.  When I look back to the familiarisation week in September, I recall the anticipation and trepidation elicited by the presentations given by last year’s class reps [...] Read More

  • Even though Phuket has beautiful beaches and enough to do to entertain yourself for months in a row, it can be nice to visit one of the quieter islands just of the coast of Phuket. Besides pristine beaches and less noisy tourists, you will also find beautiful snorkeling spots and maybe some nice places to shoot some pictures.

    About a week ago I found ... Read More

  • One Year On…

    by UCD Smurfit MBA Blog on January 23, 2015

    January 2015 is the one year anniversary of when I first seriously started considering taking the MBA program. I had toyed with the idea for several months before but with a new year came a new impetus to push myself and develop new skills that would help me develop professionally and personally. The initial stages [...] Read More

  • After finishing the module 1 exams in December there were many days and nights of celebration at regaining my free time. Friends and family I had ignored over the previous three months were contacted and reminded that I was alive.  The celebrations lasted for two weeks before the New Year was upon us with the [...] Read More

  • Roll On China!

    by UCD Smurfit MBA Blog on January 19, 2015

    I’m writing this after attending my first two classes of semester 2, year 2 of the EMBA. There is no doubt but my enthusiasm for attending class has reduced significantly when compared to 15 months ago! However, on the up-side I am six months away from completing the programme and that is a huge motivation [...] Read More

  • We Do Get a Break!

    by UCD Smurfit MBA Blog on January 14, 2015

    Many of the posts on this blog touch on the aspect of time, and how little of it we have when immersed in the MBA. It is true that the workload is intense and takes up much of your time. Each semester consists of 12 busy weeks of lectures, assignments, group work etc. This is [...] Read More

  • Find Reasons To Celebrate

    by Pathik Bhatt on January 8, 2015

    The sun will come up today. The sun will go down. People will go to work, or school, or not. They will drive. They will eat. They will watch tv. They will sleep. Today is like any other day. Except it is also different. It is different because we as a people have decided to use such days to celebrate. We have decided to think about this particular day ... Read More