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  • The first days of the MBA are a whirlwind. Smurfit School staff and former MBA’s go to great lengths to impress upon you what a huge draw on time the MBA is going to be. There are lectures, assignments, leadership development activities, extracurricular events, networking opportunities and endless readings. They also tell you that you [...] Read More

  • On Friday September 5th, a number of MBA students, both past and present, attended Disruptors in The Marker Hotel. The one-day conference led with the tagline “Your industry is being disrupted. Are you ready?” With disruption seemingly inevitable, the conference aimed to highlight ways in which companies can be the disruptor instead of the disrupted. ... Read More

  • Designing EC

    by Two Years at HBS on September 14, 2014

    Well, we have finished the second week of our second year. For those who missed my previous post, second year at HBS is called Elective Curriculum (EC) and is exceedingly more flexible than first year’s Required Curriculum (RC). We are free to select 10 classes from a potential list of 150 courses. In effect, we design our own curriculum.

    As a rule, ... Read More

  • September 1st 2014 marked “back to school” for primary students and MBA students alike. I am now at the end of week 2, year 2 and it still amazes me how quickly you forget things that you simply don’t want to remember! One would assume that after two semesters I would recall how time consuming [...] Read More

  • I’ve made a habit of sharing my takeaways from conferences that I attend on my blog. My most recent post about what I learned at the 2014 Higher Ed Conference got some decent visibility after I made many of the active tweeters from the conference aware of the post. That was enough for one of the leading MBA websites to take notice and share it ... Read More

  • We are here! And have been for almost a month...oops.  Time flies when you're unpacking. :)  unpacking Halloween costumes Since arriving in Utah, I had a fantastic birthday/girls' night out seeing Wicked for the first time.  We had one family missionary leave for Paraguay and another return home from Sweden.   Tina's home ... Read More

  • One of the main reasons to do an MBA is to gain exposure to areas you have absolutely no experience in, and marketing is definitely one of those for me.  Business strategy + marketing = success, it is a simple enough equation that even I can work with. Add in the marketing 5C’s and 4P’s [...] Read More

  • The annual MBA welcome dinner took place on Friday night last to welcome all the incoming members of the Full-time MBA Class of 2015 and EMBA class of 2016.  Also in attendance we partners of the class members who had come to see where their other halves would be spending so much time over the [...] Read More

  • My in-laws came to visit us in Switzerland this summer from the States, and we wanted them to have a wonderful European experience. We needed a gorgeous place with stunning views, friendly people and delicious food.

    Unfortunately Switzerland failed on the last two counts, so we headed south to Lake Como, Italy. You may have heard of it because George ... Read More

  • Second year has started

    by Two Years at HBS on September 3, 2014

    Today saw us start our second year. Campus was filled with stressed-out freshman RC students and familiar looking, calm EC students.  On the way to my classroom, I happened to run into some of my old section mates; we stopped and talked up a storm, comparing notes on our exciting summers, and of course we were almost late to our first class.

    Contrary ... Read More

  • Foundation week is over for another year and all the incoming Full-time and EMBA students are spending their last weekend of freedom for the foreseeable future or at least until the Christmas break.  Well it isn’t entirely free as there are already book chapters to read and case studies to analyse for the first day [...] Read More

  • Back to Boston!

    by Two Years at HBS on August 29, 2014

    After spending a hundred days on summer vacation, I’m now back in Boston! Approximately 90% of HBS students do a summer internship, but as a part of the more fortunate remaining 10%, I was able to spend the summer having fun. Here are the highlights:


    Although I have traveled the U.S, Europe, Latin America and East Asia previously, there remained ... Read More

  • On day two of this years Foundation Week programme the students took a little time out from the business of the day to meet with Ciarán Ó Hógartaigh, Dean of the UCD Business Schools who hosted a coffee break for the incoming classes at which he welcomed both full-time and EMBA classes to to the [...] Read More

  • Our original plan for a Greek island vacation was a multi-week sailing trip hopping from one beautiful place to another on a catamaran with friends in tow. Then I got pregnant and the idea of flitting around the Aegean Sea no longer seemed wise. So we narrowed our focus to one island: Santorini.

    We chose very, very well.

    The small island had everything ... Read More

  • Swiss rules for naming babies

    by Plan MBA on August 25, 2014

    There are lots of rules in Switzerland. And I’m not just talking about speed limits and littering laws. The Swiss laws get personal.

    Most of them exist to keep you from irritating your neighbors. Before we moved here, we read stories of people forbidden to do laundry on Sunday and of men told to pee sitting down after 10 p.m. because they made too ... Read More

  • The next incoming class has finally arrived on campus, that is the full-time MBA class of 2015 and the Executive MBA classes of 2016.  It was a very busy morning with handout of materials, name badges and getting to know you sessions.  The morning sessions covered the basics of who is who and who does [...] Read More

  • Time in bed: 5:13hSleep quality: 46%I am at IAD in Washington waiting for my flight to Addis and feel a bit tired. Which makes sense because I only go 5:13h of sleep last night due to a delayed inbound flight. For the last six months I have been tracking my sleep with the sleep tracker app ( I thought it'd be good to get ... Read More

  • My Idea Book

    by Through Life & Beyond! on August 18, 2014

    Adding this post to consolidate the opportunities for innovation. I intend to keep this entry active for ever and others are welcome to participate in increasing the list.

    APR 2014

    Personal CRM app: Help you manage your contacts intelligently and generate insights.

    Shoppers Wallet app: Allow users to share the shopping items along with traces to ... Read More

  • Most people start their MBA journey with the aim of either starting their own business or changing careers. Smurfit business school provides fantastic resources to support its participants in achieving these goals through its Careers Office, Leadership Development Programme and Entrepreneurs Club. The reality is that starting a business or changing ... Read More

  • "Is an MBA the wise choice right after graduation?"

    Most of the time students are in dilemma - whether they want career advancement with an MBA degree right after graduation or perhaps really should invest time waiting for couple of work experience, and go for your MBA degree later.

    Students with prior job expertise favored within top B-schools ... Read More

  • "Project report on licensing in India" has been prepared to get a better insight into the licensing practices adopted with reference to Indian context. "Study of Licensing in India" aims at examining various practices adopted by organization as marketing and brand extension. Licensing is a marketing and brand extension tool that is widely used by everyone ... Read More

  • The business world is appeared to be growing and gets to be more dynamic consistently, what matters most when it comes to getting a job? Whether an “MBA" provides higher possibilities of climbing up the corporate ladder than "work experience" does? Can experience frame for the absence of a degree, or does a degree provides something that experience ... Read More

  • "Acknowledgement Letter For Project Report"

    Writing an acknowledgement is an important part of project report. Acknowledgement in project reports is used to thank all those people who have helped you directly or indirectly in preparing your project or thanking people for extending time, effort, money or trust. So, here is a sample acknowledgement ... Read More

  • When you’re pregnant some people think that, in addition to growing a small human, you’ve also developed Teflon skin. These people assume they can say anything to you – no matter how rude or inappropriate or invasive – and you will smile kindly and bless their asinine remark like a benevolent fertility goddess.

    A pregnant friend of mine said ... Read More

  • This year Katharine Slattery, the Director of Peer Mentoring Resources was delighted to be involved in co-ordinating the inaugural MBA Mentoring Programme in conjunction with the MBA Careers Manager. Through this mentoring programme, the full-time MBA students were given the opportunity to meet with professionals who have completed the MBA and have ... Read More

  • Visiting Le Baux in Provence — and checking off an item from my Baby Bucket List.

    I’m 26 weeks pregnant — which means I only have 14 weeks until my life is radically, permanently changed.

    I’m excited to meet the wee chick who’s been turning somersaults behind my belly button. But I also feel like there’s a countdown clock on my ... Read More

  • Daily Grooming For Man

    Wash your face before you sleep and skin will look fresh next day. Apply moisturizer based on your skin type. Wash your hair regularly. Trim hairs regularly do not let it fall below ears. Avoid combing in public. It is a serious impression killer. Regularly shave almost every day. Properly shape & clean nails regularly. Don’t ... Read More

  • I’ve always been a food snob when I travel. If I’ve spent the time and money to go far, far away, the last thing I want to eat is close-to-home American food. Why seek out burgers, pizza or chocolate chip cookies when you’re surrounded by local delicacies, most of which are far better than the poor copies of American food that touristy restaurants ... Read More

  • Project on Non performing Assets (NPAs) in Banking Industry

    NPA Project OBJECTIVES :

    The basic idea behind undertaking the Grand Project on NPA was to: To Know the Concept of Non Performing Asset To know Preventive Measures To evaluate NPAs (Gross and Net) in different banks. To analyze financial performance of banks at different level of NPA ... Read More

  • Today, Monday July 28th, sees the full-time MBA class submit their Capstone Project – the final assignment to be submitted as part of the MBA programme. I have had countless conversations with participants over the past number of days who can’t believe how quickly their time on the MBA has passed. Today marks the end [...] Read More

  • Today, Monday July 28th, sees the full-time MBA class submit their Capstone Project – the final assignment to be submitted as part of the MBA programme. I have had countless conversations with participants over the past number of days who can’t believe how quickly their time on the MBA has passed. Today marks the end [...] Read More

  • As soon as you enter to the place of GD remember that you are being assessed i.e. how you are walking, taking seat, talking to others etc. so take it seriously and maintain the Professionalism.

    Group Discussion is generally perform to Assess:

    Communicator Skill Interpersonal skill Leadership styles Reasoning ability Persuasive skill Attitude and ... Read More

  • Project on Automobile Industry in India

    Download: Automobile Industry

    OBJECTIVE OF STUDY: To know the awareness level in the market for the Activa 110 To analyze the customer satisfaction. To analyze the customer preference. To estimate the market potential and perception towards “HONDA”. This study helps to check the efficiency of dealers. ... Read More

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  • Project on Performance Appraisal System 

    Download: Performance Appraisal System 

    OBJECTIVES OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Therefore an employee would desire that the appraisal system should aim at:

    • their personal development;

    • their work satisfaction; and

    • their involvement in the organization.

    From the point of view of the organization, ... Read More

  • Packaging Value

    Have a pleasing visible personality. Demonstrate superior conversation skill  Smell fresh and nice. Use deodorants and perfumes. Be warm and professional. Demonstrate thorough knowledge of business and social etiquette

    Good Manners

    It is good to introduce when we meet someone for the first time. Our manners should gain us respect ... Read More

  • Some of the comments I got when making the choice about which consulting firm to join over the summer actually went into that direction. Consultants at Bain are best friends and party a lot. People at McKinsey are socially awkward and don't have friends. People at BCG are maybe a bit boring, fairly nerdy, but generally capable of human interaction.After ... Read More

  • When I left to spend two weeks in Provence, I thought I knew what to expect. The vacation would be mostly about beautiful food and beautiful scenery – gorgeous town markets stuffed with olives, dried sausages and cheese, bakeries overflowing with flaky pastry and fresh baguettes, Van Gogh’s Cyprus trees and irises, dark purple lavender fields, world-class ... Read More

  • The feedback has been excellent once again this year. We offer all of our MBAs personalised one to one coaching from the very best Business Executive Coaches and it is entirely free to all of ourparticipants.  The programme fits into the personalised Leadership Development Programme (LDP) and goes from strength to strength every year.  Some [...] Read More

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