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  • Accepted widely across many organizations in 100+ countries, The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language test for non-native English language speakers. Launched in 1980 by Cambridge English Language Assessment and the British Council, IELTS assesses the ability to read, write, listen and speak ... Read More

  • The Orient sparks my imagination. It is just two days until we depart for Japan and South Korea on our MBA international Study Tour. The number of assignments due before our flights is stacked – my team works day-by-day prioritizing which fires to fight – yet each time we submit a report or presentation my excitement builds. Of all the countries ... Read More

  • Consulting season is finally over and I’m walking out with an offer in my hand! I will intern for 10 weeks in summer at McKinsey Germany.

    This offer was absolutely not easy to get and I had to put in tons of work to achieve it. Basically, I did nothing else than 100% consulting preparation from right after the final exams mid December until the ... Read More

  • Well, hasn’t time flown? It is almost three years since I finished the Manchester MBA and two years since I last gave you an update on where I am.

    In the intervening years I have had the fortune to correspond with many readers who are considering Manchester Business School for their MBA journey. I have had the further pleasure of meeting some of ... Read More

  • Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul On March 11th, 70 MBA students will depart for the annual Smurfit MBA International Study Tour. This year, for the first time, we will be visiting Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. The Study Tour encourages participants to immerse themselves in the business environment of these unique countries by taking them on an ... Read More

  • I find myself in week four of the second semester of my 1-year full-time MBA. The weeks just fly by and one week does not resemble the next. With three electives on top of my core modules, I run from one thing to the next: I jump on a video conference with our Yale counterparts to manage a virtual plant as part of our Supply Chain module; try to negotiate ... Read More

  • On February 2nd 2017, our Vietnamese study body organised a warm celebration of Lunar New Year with international students, Irish families with adopted Vietnamese children and members of the Vietnamese community in Dublin.

    Lunar New Year is a very meaningful occasion for many Asian countries such as China, Korea and Vietnam, etc. In Vietnam, Lunar ... Read More

  • When I first told a good friend that I was going to do an MBA he responded, in true Irish fashion, by swiftly cutting me down to size. He responded by saying “Why would you bother? You do know it stands for Mediocre But Arrogant, don’t you?” As much as I knew that this wasn’t the generally accepted view of an MBA, I could not get the idea out ... Read More

  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School’s full-time MBA programme has been ranked 70th (a rise of 9 places) in the world and 22nd in Europe, according to the 2017 Financial Times Full-Time Global MBA Rankings, published today.

    The improved ranking comes just three months after UCD College of Business published an ambitious strategy, to which ... Read More

  • Back to Reality

    by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 25, 2017

    Beautiful Amsterdam Most people would agree that taking a break is nice. Taking a break from whatever your regular routine is; taking a break from work, family, school etc. As a full-time student, taking a break means total mental and physical peace. The build up to the break gives you an almost super-human ability to switch off completely. Think of ... Read More

  • During the Christmas break, I finally had the opportunity to stop and look at the last four months of my life and try to make sense of them. The pace of the MBA sucks you in at great speed and leaves little room for standing back for a moment and looking at the big picture: at what’s being built besides the knowledge, the practical skills, and the ... Read More

  • This isn’t a post about the impressive size, diversity and broad reach of the post-inauguration march that took place on January 21, 2017. Please go to the official site to learn more about that and what you can do to help. This is simply an appreciation for those who took the time to use their creativity for something positive. More specifically, ... Read More

  • Some people dream of having an aquarium at home. Well the dream is good, but what is important is that proper care needs to be taken care of the new membersHappy for new members #acquarium #goldfish @pranjalinA video posted by amar (@amarnaik) on Nov 7, 2016 at 8:46am PST Most shops suggest many remedies but i would like to share some of my learnings.Past ... Read More

  • UCD Smufit Molson Team with Prof. Pat Gibbons The first week of January usually marks a familiar return to the rhythm of office life. For the team chosen to represent UCD Smurfit at the 36th John Molson MBA International Case Competition, the first week of January 2017 proved to be an unforgettable experience. The competition is the largest and longest ... Read More

  • Undertaking an MBA was something I had considered for a long time. However, with my career progressing and being in my mid 30’s I has thought that the time to take on this challenge had passed me by. Realising that I wanted to change my career path, I spoke with friends & colleagues, and made enquiries into what options and programmes were available ... Read More

  • First of all, Happy New Year from Bhumi and me!

    Being just a couple months away from completing my master’s in Business Analytics, I figured I should try to apply a more strategic and data-driven approach to analyze what I do with my life outside of work in an effort to live more intentionally.

    There’s a common adage that I’ve heard through ... Read More

  • As soon as you enter to the place of GD remember that you are being assessed i.e. how you are walking, taking seat, talking to others etc. so take it seriously and maintain the Professionalism.

    Group Discussion is generally perform to Assess:

    Communicator Skill Interpersonal skill Leadership styles Reasoning ability Persuasive skill Attitude and interest Problem ... Read More

  • Industrial buying is the decision-making process by which formal organizations establish the need for purchasing products and services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands and suppliers. 

    Characteristics of Industrial Market

    a. Professional purchasing: professional buyers with education and experience who know their tasks ... Read More

  • Buyer Roles in Consumer Buying Process

    a) Initiator – this person first recognizes the need for the product or service and may or may not have a say in the purchase decision.

    b) User – this person will actually use the product. This person may or may not have a say in what is purchased.

    c) Influencer – this person’s role ... Read More

  • Types of Facility Capacity - Tips to increasing effective capacity

    a. Design capacity -It represents the maximum rate of output that can be achieved under ideal conditions.

    b. Effective capacity - It is the maximum rate of output which can be practically achieved under the constraints of time consumed in set-ups, oiling & cleaning, defective ... Read More

  • Capacity refer as the ability to hold, receive, store, or accommodate. Capacity of a facility is its limiting capability to produce an output over a period of time.

    Ex. The annual capacity of the TATA Nano plant is 100000 cars approximately. It means the production is limited to this productive capability over a period of time.  Capacity planning ... Read More

  • Marketing Research Process

    1. Determine the problem and research objectives : In the marketing research prior undertaking the study it is necessary to determine the problem and research objectives. This stage involves defining the Problem, the Decision Alternatives, and the Research Objectives for a good result of research.

    2. Develop the Research ... Read More

  • Meaning of Marketing Research

    Today, marketing research is pervasive. We will define marketing research as “all techniques used to provide information that assists the firm in all of its decision-making processes relevant to customers or clients.”

    Marketing Research is the systematic, objectives and comprehensive search for the study of the ... Read More

  • We all learn different things in life. Sometimes we make use of this learning or sometimes we just do something that is different from what we have learnt.Image Credit : EliteFTS.comIt is important to learn/teach how to learn apart from understanding the content. In the fast changing world, what we learnt needs to be evolved or re-learnt. hence ... Read More

  • As india is becoming digital, it is important that all of us understand its pros and cons. While pros are being debated openly, it is important that we understand the cons also. The most important con that worries me is "what happens if someone misuses the data"Well they will have access to our personal information and it can be mis-used. For example ... Read More

  • Herding Cats

    by Smurfit MBA Blog on December 15, 2016

    Peter Thiel once said “Tell me something you know, that nobody else understands”. What I know, is that Google is an old age pensioner and online advertising is old hat.

    You see, 2 years ago I knew I wanted to work in Tech, IoT to be specific, and I knew I wanted to work in Advertising but I hadn’t yet had my lightbulb moment. Looking for change ... Read More

  • Lets admit it. If you are an aspiring MBA candidate, getting into Harvard Business School  (AKA HBS) is like a dream come true. Getting into HBS means the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best minds out there, people that have been uber successful in whatever it is that they did before they all chose to get an MBA. A Harvard MBA is a ... Read More

  • Yesterday was a special day which marked the end of Semester 1. I went to the graduation ceremony of my friend. Congrats to her for achieving the degree of MBA at Smurfit Business School. The ceremony took place in O’Reilly hall at the Belfield campus. When I arrived there, a group of graduates were taking pictures on the grass. Happy laughter and ... Read More

  • On 22nd November, the Women of the MBA Group and their guests came together to explore the importance of mentoring and how both mentoring and networking can be crucial to career development. The group were delighted to welcome speakers Irial O’ Farrell, Evolution Consulting & Mary Cronin, Thousand Seeds.

    We heard how mentoring is a two way relationship, ... Read More

  • More people than ever before in history are shopping online because it gives freedom to shop at your own pace and convenience but we love buying at good old brick and mortar shopping stores.

    How about a shopping experience at stores without checkout lane and long queue. Soon, Amazon is giving beyond the regular shopping experience with the Amazon ... Read More

  • Another month has passed, and writing this, I feel like “this ALL happened in just one month?!”. Time runs fast when you’re busy. And believe me, we are VERY busy. I had high hopes of regularly doing sports here, but that was strongly limited in the past weeks. It is partly because I am applying to consulting firms which gives the ... Read More

  • ‘On The Silver Screen’ – The Award Winning Selfie On Monday evening, November 21st, among 800 guests, the winners of the IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2016 were announced at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. The Smurfit MBA Team and IMAGE MBA Scholarship winners were delighted to join in the celebrations.

    L – Editor in ... Read More

  • Barriers to Entry

    by Smurfit MBA Blog on November 21, 2016

    Noticed in canteen last week (look closely at the top-centre of the window!) – Proof that not all high-fliers get into the Smurfit MBA. I just hope the unsuccessful candidates weren’t exposed to these “barriers to entry”…(Porter, 1979) Whoever screened the applications did a pretty good job. As Ciarán rightly said below, there’s always ... Read More

  • When I decided to put my music business on hold and to take a year out of life and return to college at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the raw intensity of what was to come. Even after 15 years of intense work in the Hollywood entertainment industry, MBA life often seems to be ... Read More


    Smurfit MBAs are cordially invited to this year’s MBA Gala Ball in aid of Spinal Injuries Ireland

    Excitement is building among this years’ UCD Smurfit MBA graduating class for the Gala Ball in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin on Saturday 10th December 2016. This year the conventional graduation ball will double as a Black Tie charity event in aid ... Read More

  • Home from Home!

    by Smurfit MBA Blog on November 15, 2016

    Moving to another country is never easy; especially when it is your first time. My journey started with my enrolment in UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. I started my preparation with a lengthy visa process and then scheduling my arduous travel accordingly. I am from the northern part of India which is one of the most scenic places in India: ... Read More

  • Semester 1

    by Smurfit MBA Blog on November 14, 2016

    I still can’t believe it’s already been three months since I’ve started doing my MBA in Smurfit Business School! It seems like just yesterday I was back home in India thinking about which colleges to apply to, sending out applications, sorting out my Visa issues and deciding on a travel date. The whole anxiety of going to a new foreign country, ... Read More

  • I observe that many farewells for me lately have been abrupt and sudden. I am already physically or mentally withdrawn from the place and situation by the time I am in a position to take cognisance of what I am leaving behind. It feels as if I subconsciously withdraw myself from a proper chance to pause and say my goodbyes to my heart’s content.

    But ... Read More

  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School The Sunday Business Post, in association with UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, is offering one exceptional candidate the chance of a lifetime; An MBA scholarship to an upper value of €34,500, for the Full-Time or Executive (part-time) MBA Programme, starting in late August 2017.

    Over four ... Read More

  • I just finished re-watching the entire, 4+ hour World Series game 7 (thankfully minus the rain delay) that CSN was re-broadcasting today. Partly because my body was strongly discouraging me from any more activity after celebrating for couple days, but also because I think my mind might have been on the brink of withdrawal. Like many of you reading this, ... Read More

  • Two months into UCD Smurfit Full-Time MBA and every day still remains a mix of anxiety, excitement, pressure and loads of memories. The icing on the cake was Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) week – perfect stress buster for learning, meeting people and sharing experiences.

    The module hosted by UCD this year was “The Three Pillars of ... Read More

  • Zelia Madigan, MD Ericsson Ireland ‘Be the CEO of your own career’! These were the inspiring words of Zelia Madigan, MD of Ericsson Ireland at a WXN Breakfast Meeting on November 21st (Women’s Executive Network). Although this was a female event, her sage words of advice equally apply to us all.

    Zelia’s Top Five Tips on How to Succeed in your ... Read More

  • F.O.M.O

    by Smurfit MBA Blog on October 17, 2016

    F.O.M.O – Fear of Missing Out – Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere I’m not sure whether it’s something that I developed while living in London, where there is always a reason to be out, or something that was always in me, and has in fact developed me. Regardless, it is making this chapter ... Read More

  • 2 Months in the MBA

    by barcelonaMBA on October 16, 2016

    I can’t believe it’s 2 months already. Time flies. I still feel like this whole new reality just began, but we’re approaching the mid-term exams already. The days have become busier and busier. You thought this week was demanding? Wait for the next.

    I worked on a 20-hour written case analysis for Analysis of Business Problems, spent ... Read More

  • Vision for the Future

    by Smurfit MBA Blog on October 7, 2016

    Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, Dean of UCD Smurfit School Yesterday morning, Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, Dean of UCD Smurfit School, and Niall Fitzgerald, Chairman of the Board, introduced the College’s vision for the future.  The strategy includes focuses on high quality faculty, international relevance, and thoughtful linkages with Ireland’s existing ... Read More