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  • 3rd post in the Fraud series – email spam!

    The first spam message was sent in 1978 to 600 people. Today, approximately 100 billion spam messages are sent every day. You might have encountered one within last 12 hours. Spam messages not only choke the bandwidth and mail boxes, it also affect businesses.

    To fight spam, email providers like Yahoo, ... Read More

  • As i am about to start my one year MBA program,  i am nervous about its start but mentally prepared to take up the challenge. My first article is live on #financial #times #ft #mba blog. Note: If you have yet to register on you will be asked to do so ... Read More

  • After our massively successful trip to China it’s back to the grindstone at Smurfit. Since returning many students are commenting just how close to the end of lectures we are, with essentially only four weeks of classes remaining. While this idea dawned on me several days ago I was heartened to see some of our [...] Read More

  • Love note to Paris

    by Plan MBA on April 10, 2014

    It’s cliché, but I’m in love with Paris.

    It didn’t take much to enchant me, just two long weekends away, and now Nick and I are both ready to spend every remaining weekend of our year in Europe wandering the streets in Montmarte, boutique shopping in the Marais and lounging in the Tuileries while eating pastry.  I blame the spring weather, ... Read More

  • As the hangover fades from the term-ending MBA ball, the truth sinks in. The Manchester MBA is finally over. Thoughts turn towards the next phase of life – what is the next step for me?

    The final term has flown by with the capstone IB project taking up 90% of our time. I ended up on a road trip to Southern Brazil, interviewing brand owners, distributors ... Read More

  • You might have heard / read about Facebook or Google ads not giving the full returns on the ad spend. There are fake likes from the different parts of the world which is hurting advertisers (businesses) as much as Facebook / Google.

    Click Fraud can be Manual or Automatic. Also, there could be 2 motivations for click fraud – someone aiming to deplete ... Read More

  • We have an open evening coming up on Wednesday April 9th and if you’d like to come in and meet the team, current students and alumni and attend our MBA presentation we’d be delighted to meet and talk with you, you can register at The short presentation on the programme which begins at 6.30pm will ... Read More

  • Internet, on the one hand offers a vast market for businesses and on the other, also attracts the crooks who recognize the potential / attractiveness of online fraud.

    Online frauds can take place in multiple forms – Email Spams, Click frauds, Search hijacking, Identity theft, phishing etc. Company like Google must be spending millions in fighting ... Read More

  • I was just wondering, some of the smaller innovations Google can do (a few of them might be coming out of beta):


    Provide the option to create templates and Mail Merge Threads – Option to remove them. While replying, subject field should be made visible by default. Forward – allowed from individual email. Should be given at top-level so ... Read More

  • Post MBA

    by Against Most Odds on April 3, 2014

    Its amazing how time flies.Its been almost two years since I completed my MBA at Oxford and went back into real life. Looking back, I still maintain it was a fantastic, transformational experience, and I wouldn't change a thing.So what has happened since the MBA?I returned to my former place of work where a merger and the prospects of being actively ... Read More

  • Facebook’s home market growth has stalled, whereas capacity to pay for online ads is still less in other parts of the world. To maintain the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Facebook, thus, needs to keep on growing in Rest of the world (which they have succeeded in doing so far).

    For business owners, this means that the value of Like (or for ... Read More

  • 21st March 2014 – Druids Glen Welcome to the first outing of Year 2 of the UCD MBA Michael Smurfit Golf Society (we really must reconsider the length of this name; we are officially open to suggestions!!). On what looked like yet more glorious weather for our prestigious society members, our combatants met with all [...] Read More

  • Being admitted to HBS, you may now be flooded with congratulatory emails from the admission office, colleagues, friends and family. Through these contacts and conversations, the realization hits – you are going to HBS! Happy, happy and happy!

    Although you still have five months until you actually start your life at HBS, time flies while you are ... Read More

  • On Wednesday 25th the UCD Smurfit School hosted the official launch of our annual Image Scholarship with an open evening in our ‘Women on the MBA’ series. We and Image are very keen to increase the numbers of women undertaking our programme because while there are increasing numbers we still don’t think there are nearly [...] Read More

  • Some months ago I received an email inviting me to apply for the first MBA World Summit 2014 in Hong Kong. The idea is to bring 60 MBAs from all over the world together to connect, exchange, network and generally have a good time. All expenses paid. During my spring break. In Hong Kong. Yeah right, I also thought this was too good to be true.I applied, ... Read More

  • Dear HBS applicants

    by Two Years at HBS on March 27, 2014

    Yesterday the HBS admission board released its decision on the second round of applications. Meanwhile, I have been receiving a multitude of email from this year’s applicants scattered all over the world. The bulk was from admitted students who shared with me their defining moments and their excitement. As well, I also received a few from rejected ... Read More

  • Our MBA class just has come back from a great MBA International trip, “Doing Business in Emerging Market – China 2014”. In Beijing, we had an exciting morning visiting Zynga Inc., a giant social game company named in honor of Zynga, former CEO Mark Pincus’ late American bulldog, which transformed hundreds of millions of office [...] Read More

  • What I learned in Colmar

    by Plan MBA on March 25, 2014

    Nick and I took a short drive up the road a few weekends ago to Colmar, France. It’s a quaint town in the Alsace region with colorful half-timber houses and cobblestone streets. And because Alsace has bounced back and forth between France and Germany like a ping pong ball, it’s a lovely mix of French and Teutonic — wine and beer, pretzels ... Read More

  • As the internal UCD Smurfit MBA Case Competition approaches, the MBA 2014 cohort is creating alliances in the form of 4-5 member teams and preparing to do verbal battle. Classmates, friends, and competitors will go head-to-head to be named the MBA Case Competition winners, and to earn the honour of representing The Smurfit MBA programme [...] Read More

  • Spring break

    by Two Years at HBS on March 23, 2014

    Half of the second semester has passed. Escaping from the still freezing climes of Boston, I’m now enjoying the long-awaited spring break in Miami. Only a three hour flight – it’s a totally different world; white beaches, blue skies and warm ocean waters.

    As this is the only long vacation this semester, most HBS students are now traveling ... Read More

  • The MBA is celebrating its 50th year this year! UCD was the first university in Ireland, and one of the first in Europe, to offer an MBA in 1964. Since it launched in 1964, the MBA at UCD has educated over 3,500 business leaders and entrepreneurs, many of whom are prominent figures in the Irish [...] Read More

  • Living on a dairy farm in Kerry with my husband and our three children may be miles away from the MBA, yet the MBA has been a great experience and I have really enjoyed the course. Based on my experience, here are some tips for those undertaking an MBA to make life run more smoothly: [...] Read More

  • Somehow we don't take advantage of a lot of things that are around us. Many people live in big cities because of all the cultural opportunities, but rarely ever go to the opera. Others live out in the country because they really like hiking, but they don't even know in which box their hiking boots are in.I was visited by my dear friend Basti last weekend ... Read More

  • The international study trip for 2014 ended last night for about half the participants in the Arrivals hall of Dublin Airport with 34 arriving home after a long days flight from Beijing.  The rest of the group will be arriving back over coming days having opted to stay on a few days to explore Beijing and [...] Read More

  • ‘The 4Cs of Marketing’ is the fourth of the “52 management concepts you should know” series that we will bring to you. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date via email.

    Like we mentioned in our previous post of this series, the marketing mix is often crucial when determining a brand’s offering and is often synonymous ... Read More

  • The CV book launch event, “Ireland – Realising the Potential,” was a beautiful evening that provided an opportunity to meet alumni and expand networks to people from varied companies. The evening was prepared far in advance by student representatives and the MBA Careers team, who contacted and invited many companies to attend. This was a [...] Read More

  • Staying on Track

    by UCD Smurfit MBA Blog on March 12, 2014

    Semester two is tough. It is not tough because the workload is greater than Semester one. Nor is it tough because the courses are more challenging. In fact, for a vast majority of the class the workload is lighter for the option modules. It isn’t the obvious things that make Semester two tough. It is [...] Read More

  • Yesterday, 61 Smurfit MBA students, two staff members, and two professors arrived in China for a week of cultural immersion, corporate visits, and experiences they will not soon forget. The group began their trip in Shanghai where they hosted a Welcome Dinner, met Smurfit MBA alumni living locally and MBA students from the Fudan University [...] Read More

  • It is hard to believe that we are just over half-way through our second semester in Year 1. We are now all settled into our ‘new’ teams and working our way through our submissions and plans for the second half of the term. However this semester is more balanced towards individual assessment rather than group [...] Read More

  • Good reason to go to Paris, especially because I saw these wonderful ladies …

    It sounds like a really good idea — run my first half marathon in beautiful Paris. Be inspired by views of Notre Dame, the Bastille and the Eiffel Tower as you crank out 13.1 miles on foot. Finish the race with champagne and cheese at the finish line with your ... Read More

  • The MBA Programme is proud to be collaborating with Bizworld Ireland, a group of educators and business people who have come together to inspire and empower children aged 10-13 to learn about money management, critical thinking and enterprise in a fun and creative way. As a not-for-profit organisation, Bizworld are training mentors to provide 2-day ... Read More

  • You run into one brick wall and you’re labelled for life. Such has been my experience driving in Ireland. Let’s get one thing clear: the whole steering wheel on the right, driving on the left thing still freaks me out. It’s seems unnatural and (yes I’ll say it) a little unwholesome too. Caution – Puritanical, [...] Read More

  • As HBS utilizes the case method, heated debates are commonplace in our classrooms. In most cases, however, as we learn analytical frameworks and concepts, divergent opinions start to converge and it’s not uncommon that we reach some manner of consensus by the end of the class.

    However, there is one class in which we seldom reach a consensus – ... Read More

  • The new semester is in full swing now. Our new groups have been assigned and my group has already made our first presentation. We had our first night out as a group last week and enjoyed Mediterranean cuisine in Keshk, a restaurant in town. Deniz, my teammate from Turkey selected our dishes and did not [...] Read More

  • Why I did an MBA: Before the MBA I was working as IT consultant on multi-million European-wide deals. When we were finalising these deals, I found myself in a room with the EMEA heads of HR, finance, marketing etc. I was representing the EMEA lead for consulting. I was keeping up with these high-power conversations, [...] Read More

  • Following our global immersion experience in developing countries, we are now in the final stage of the FIELD program. Our mission this time is to form teams of 6-7 and create and launch a new business. We are given free rein and the business idea is totally up to us, except for a couple of prohibited businesses: alcohol, gambling, etc. – anything ... Read More

  • The MBA CV Book 2014 launch took place last night, Thursday 27 in the Law Society building at Blackhall Place.  Professor Pat Gibbons performed the introductions and made the opening and closing remarks.  Guest speakers were Julie O’Neill – Smurfit MBA Alumna 1996; First woman president of IBEC; VP and GM of Gilead Sciences and now [...] Read More

  • It’s scary to think we are nearly half way through the second term.  The first term seemed to progress far slower with the workload being quite evenly distributed throughout the week. This term classes are mostly at the beginning of the week, which is presumably designed to allow you time to network with businesspeople and [...] Read More

  • A world full of Jargon

    by MBA House on February 28, 2014

    Out of the many things that fascinate me about the world of business, usage of Jargon is one thing that takes a toll on me. It’s not about the very existence of it, but my concern lies in the misuse of it.

    3 reasons why I strongly believe Jargon are a total no-no.


    1) The Vision and Mission statement mania: I do not know if it is ... Read More

  • A celebratory lunch was held this Wednesday February 26th to mark the beginning of the the 50th anniversary of the Smurfit MBA which had its first intake in 1964.  This will be the first of a number of events to mark this significant milestone for the MBA Programme, the Smurfit School and UCD. In attendance [...] Read More

  • This questions is part of the holy trinity of business school introductions. Besides "Where are you from" and "What have you been doing before school", "What do you want to do after school" has been answered numerous times by me and my classmates especially in the beginning of out time at Stanford.Theres a little problem though. A lot of people come ... Read More

  • A highlight of the semester so far was an informal networking event I attended this week. I was really fortunate to be awarded an Aspire scholarship and we had our first ‘Aspire burger night’ on Monday in the Waterloo, a bar in town. It was fantastic. The current and past Aspire students now number in [...] Read More