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The End of Exam Life?

by Smurfit MBA Blog on May 26, 2017

As we move through the last set of our exams for Semester 2, I sit back and wonder. These will complete the exams we have to take for our MBA, so … is this the end of my exam life forever?

Having left college in 2003 I always figured that I would end up doing further education at some point. So I never thought of those as my last exams. However, ... Read More

Finding Value in Diversity

by Smurfit MBA Blog on May 19, 2017

As we enter the summer term of the full time MBA programme, I have come to realise how much diversity I, and my classmates, have been exposed to over the past nine months.  Before I decided to undertake an MBA, I had heard some MBA graduates mention this point about “diversity” but I had underestimated the learning experience that diversity can ... Read More

Scuba Diving is Like Visiting Another Planet Where You Can Fly

by Pathik Bhatt on May 15, 2017

On March 25, 2017 the only Indian couple on Caye Caulker walked back to their hotel with smiles on their faces. They felt a sense of pride, satisfaction and accomplishment having just completed dives number 10 and 11. This walk marked the end of their week of scuba diving in Belize. They were divers now.

The Hindu priest who married Bhumi and me told ... Read More

Leverage Koenig Solutions expertise for ITIL certification

Today’s technology industry is continually evolving and it is important to keep pace with this ever changing technology landscape. These changes sometimes make it difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. However there are certifications like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) that have been an reputable certifications ... Read More

Newstalk MBA Scholarship

by Smurfit MBA Blog on May 3, 2017

Newstalk, in association with UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, is offering one exceptional candidate the chance of a lifetime – an MBA scholarship to an upper value of €34,500 for the full-time or executive (part-time) MBA programme, starting in late August 2017.

Over three weeks from Monday April 24th to Sunday May 14th applicants ... Read More

“If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain”

by Smurfit MBA Blog on May 3, 2017

As semester two draws to a close, and the finish line is starting to come into focus, now is the perfect time to reflect on what has been one of the biggest decisions of my life thus far – surrendering the 9-5 to return to education and the MBA.

There have been highs, there have been lows, and many sleepless nights either as a result of excessive ... Read More

Reflections on the MBA Journey and the Road Ahead

by Smurfit MBA Blog on May 1, 2017

Random acts of kindness. The greatest lesson from the MBA – our humanity.  

“Life must be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards” Kierkegaard

 Forecasting is a doomed art! Those who try to predict the future invariably fail miserably. What I can forecast though is I will have mixed emotions of happiness but also sadness when ... Read More

Almost at the Finish Line

by Smurfit MBA Blog on April 27, 2017

Finish Line Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky. My scope of career expectations was very limited and I was pretty content with what I was doing at the time until the day the notion of MBA struck my little head. And suddenly there was a burning flame in me to move out of that zone and look beyond my horizon. But then for some reason, I preferred ... Read More

A Walk Down Memory Lane of Recent Irish Economic History

by Smurfit MBA Blog on April 20, 2017

Kevin Cardiff of the European Court of Auditors addresses the Dean’s Speaker Series

The Dean’s Speaker Series had another event last Wednesday when Kevin Cardiff of the European Court of Auditors and also Auditor of the European Stability Mechanism visited Smurfit School. The Dean, Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh welcomed Mr. Cardiff to Smurfit. ... Read More

MBA Rugby World Cup 2017

by Smurfit MBA Blog on April 19, 2017

All great journeys start somewhere. In our case we started on a wet Wednesday night in early February on a triangle of waterlogged grass adjacent to the UCD all-weather pitches.  There was no room at the inn, we were forced to set up in the dimly lit corner stealing whatever light we could from the American football team training on the pristine surface ... Read More

'Respect for Elder' earns me the respect in foreign land first time

by Journey of Learning and Sharing on April 18, 2017

First overseas travel is always special in the life. Excitement and joy of the first travel can never match the energy levels during other trips.My first overseas trip happened to be in land of Uncle Sam. Fighting all constraints , fighting with the bosses (internal politics , visa constraints , strong case for young techy to land in-front of experienced ... Read More

The Entrepreneurship Club

by Smurfit MBA Blog on April 18, 2017

One could argue that the main draw each Wednesday evening was the fine canapes and wine; but with over 1400 man hours of discussions and learning about entrepreneurship that were enabled this semester, the bait wasn’t really needed but was much appreciated.

The opportunity to get a first-hand interpretation of experiences from industry stalwarts, ... Read More

Life in Term 2

by barcelonaMBA on April 12, 2017

Term 2 is not easier or harder than Term 1, but quite different from how you experience time pressure and work load. Whereas Term 1 was mostly demanding because everything was new, basic things had still to be arranged, and you had to build your routine to handle all the work, Term 2 had other challenges awaiting.

For me it was mostly juggling two ... Read More

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise' offer जुलाई तक फ्री सेवाएं जारी रहेंगी

by on April 12, 2017

जियो समर सरप्राइज ऑफर :

जियो प्राइम के रिचार्ज कराने की तारीख 15 अप्रैल तक कर दी गई है।  ग्राहक नीचे दिए गए APP को INSTALL कर  ले जो  की अकाउंट के एक्टिवेशन ... Read More

Group Disscussion Preparation

by on April 12, 2017

As soon as you enter to the place of GD remember that you are being assessed i.e. how you are walking, taking seat, talking to others etc. so take it seriously and maintain the Professionalism.

Group Discussion is generally perform to Assess:

Communicator Skill Interpersonal skill Leadership styles Reasoning ability Persuasive skill Attitude and interest Problem ... Read More

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer 84 GB fin Just Rs.309

by on April 11, 2017

The Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer is aimed at customers who were unable to avail the Jio Summer Surprise offer benefits before it was pulled officially, as well as new customers. In order to get the benefits of the new offer, users need to subscribe to Jio Prime membership plan. Those who are already part of the Jio Summer Surprise promotion will not get ... Read More

Road to the World Cup

by Smurfit MBA Blog on April 3, 2017


How many people get the opportunity to play in a World Cup? Not many. How many people would like the opportunity to play in a World Cup? Everybody you would imagine? Surprisingly that is not the case. Apparently many are only interested if it’s an all-expenses paid free ride.

This year we were much later getting started than the groups of other ... Read More

Consider the 3 C’s of Fit When Choosing a Business School

This post originally appeared on Stacy’s “Strictly Business” MBA Blog on U.S.News. One piece of advice you’ll hear often as an MBA applicant is to consider fit when deciding which business schools to target. Many factors go into determining fit, and many candidates focus too heavily on rankings and brand over finding the business school ... Read More

रिलायंस जियो डीटीएच DTH भी JIO Sim की तरह फ्री होगी

by on March 30, 2017

कुछ मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के अनुसार ये कयास लगाए जा रहे है की रिलायंस जल्द ही डीटीएच की दुनिया में कदम रखने जा रही है. और इसके साथ ही ये अनुमान ... Read More

TRAI के आदेश के बावजूद JIO ने फिर दिया सरप्राइज ऑफर

by on March 30, 2017

भारतीय दूरसंचार नियामक प्राधिकरण (TRAI) ने एक आदेश जारी कर गुरुवार को रिलांयस जियो को बड़ा झटका दिया है। TRAI ने अन्य कम्पनियो की याचिक पर सुनवाई ... Read More

The Icing on the Cake

by Smurfit MBA Blog on March 27, 2017


Tokyo, Japan After a grueling first semester and when it again began to look all too busy in the second half of the MBA, there came this opportunity to travel down to the Asian giants – Japan and South Korea. The experience could not have been more insightful had it not been earned from within their courtyards. It was time to unleash how ... Read More

MM - Company Orientation toward the Marketplace

by on March 26, 2017

Company orientation toward the marketplace can be defined as the orientation or philosophy of the organization to success. There are different concepts from which we can understand an organization’s orientation toward its market.


Production Concept – The production concept emphasis on production and assumes that the customer always respond ... Read More

How to design and give an effective presentation

by on March 26, 2017

In this post we will learn about presentation skills. How to give presentation on project or deliver a good project presentations. It can give nightmare for one or many. No matter how good and important your message is if it's not delivered in an effective manner chances are that it wouldn't be hard at all.

We are going to look into three aspects ... Read More

MM - Difference between selling and marketing

by on March 26, 2017

Difference between Needs, Wants and Demands

Needs - A state of felt deprivation Wants - Human need as shaped by culture and individual personality. Demands - Human wants that are backed by buying power.

Difference in Selling and Marketing

Marketing - Marketing is a system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want ... Read More

MM - Nature, Scope and Function of Marketing

by on March 26, 2017

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Presentations Postures and Gestures

by on March 26, 2017

Hand positions for effective presentation

Do use these tools & tricks in Presentations

Sitting Postures for effective presentation

Do use these tools & tricks in Presentations Standing Postures for effective presentation Read More

Do use these tools & tricks in Presentations

by on March 26, 2017

Dress right  Always dress for success after all first impression is very important.

Eye Contact

Keep moving your eyes to all Rest on one participant at a time not more than for 3-5 seconds or until you have completed one thought. Make a impression on audience that you are paying attention to them individually Encourage involvement  Audiences are ... Read More

Sample Job Interview Follow-Up /Thank You Letter

by on March 25, 2017

Your Name Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone Number Your Email


Name of Person Title of Person Organization Name Address City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Thank you for the time and effort you have taken to interview me for the post of (XYZ). I would like to thank you once again for giving me ... Read More

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

by Journey of Learning and Sharing on March 22, 2017

Accepted widely across many organizations in 100+ countries, The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language test for non-native English language speakers. Launched in 1980 by Cambridge English Language Assessment and the British Council, IELTS assesses the ability to read, write, listen and speak ... Read More

Japan Will Challenge Everyone’s Perspective

by Smurfit MBA Blog on March 9, 2017

The Orient sparks my imagination. It is just two days until we depart for Japan and South Korea on our MBA international Study Tour. The number of assignments due before our flights is stacked – my team works day-by-day prioritizing which fires to fight – yet each time we submit a report or presentation my excitement builds. Of all the countries ... Read More

How I got an offer from McKinsey

by barcelonaMBA on March 5, 2017

Consulting season is finally over and I’m walking out with an offer in my hand! I will intern for 10 weeks in summer at McKinsey Germany.

This offer was absolutely not easy to get and I had to put in tons of work to achieve it. Basically, I did nothing else than 100% consulting preparation from right after the final exams mid December until the ... Read More

पेट्रोल और डीजल की कीमतों में भारी कटौती की घोषणा की।

by on March 1, 2017

नए वित्त वर्ष की शुरुआत बहुत ही अच्छी हुई है  और आम आदमी के लिए राहत लेकर आईं हैं। एक और जहाँ तेल कंपनियों ने शुक्रवार को पेट्रोल और डीजल ... Read More

Where am I now? Life after the Manchester MBA 2.0

by MBA Manchester on February 25, 2017

Well, hasn’t time flown? It is almost three years since I finished the Manchester MBA and two years since I last gave you an update on where I am.

In the intervening years I have had the fortune to correspond with many readers who are considering Manchester Business School for their MBA journey. I have had the further pleasure of meeting some of ... Read More

UCD Smurfit MBAs go to Tokyo & Seoul

by Smurfit MBA Blog on February 22, 2017

Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul On March 11th, 70 MBA students will depart for the annual Smurfit MBA International Study Tour. This year, for the first time, we will be visiting Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. The Study Tour encourages participants to immerse themselves in the business environment of these unique countries by taking them on an ... Read More

The Clark’s Sandwich – a comforting constant in a hectic MBA week

by Smurfit MBA Blog on February 16, 2017

I find myself in week four of the second semester of my 1-year full-time MBA. The weeks just fly by and one week does not resemble the next. With three electives on top of my core modules, I run from one thing to the next: I jump on a video conference with our Yale counterparts to manage a virtual plant as part of our Supply Chain module; try to negotiate ... Read More

Heavy Discount uptoo 33% on all Bikes and Scooters of BS-III models

by on February 14, 2017

One of the world most successful investment banker one said that "if you are getting 1 rupee coin at 50 praise or 60 praise you must buy it ". This way you can save money or earn profit. The latest order of supreme court giving you the same opportunity where you can get upto Rs.22,000 discount on Scooters and bikes of BS-III models. 

<!-- adsense ... Read More

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Dublin

by Smurfit MBA Blog on February 7, 2017

On February 2nd 2017, our Vietnamese study body organised a warm celebration of Lunar New Year with international students, Irish families with adopted Vietnamese children and members of the Vietnamese community in Dublin.

Lunar New Year is a very meaningful occasion for many Asian countries such as China, Korea and Vietnam, etc. In Vietnam, Lunar ... Read More

MBA: Mediocre But Arrogant?

by Smurfit MBA Blog on February 1, 2017

When I first told a good friend that I was going to do an MBA he responded, in true Irish fashion, by swiftly cutting me down to size. He responded by saying “Why would you bother? You do know it stands for Mediocre But Arrogant, don’t you?” As much as I knew that this wasn’t the generally accepted view of an MBA, I could not get the idea out ... Read More

UCD Smurfit Climbs Up Global MBA Rankings

by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 30, 2017

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School’s full-time MBA programme has been ranked 70th (a rise of 9 places) in the world and 22nd in Europe, according to the 2017 Financial Times Full-Time Global MBA Rankings, published today.

The improved ranking comes just three months after UCD College of Business published an ambitious strategy, to which ... Read More

Back to Reality

by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 25, 2017

Beautiful Amsterdam Most people would agree that taking a break is nice. Taking a break from whatever your regular routine is; taking a break from work, family, school etc. As a full-time student, taking a break means total mental and physical peace. The build up to the break gives you an almost super-human ability to switch off completely. Think of ... Read More

Beyond the MBA: A Post-Break Reflection

by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 23, 2017

During the Christmas break, I finally had the opportunity to stop and look at the last four months of my life and try to make sense of them. The pace of the MBA sucks you in at great speed and leaves little room for standing back for a moment and looking at the big picture: at what’s being built besides the knowledge, the practical skills, and the ... Read More

40 Posters From Nasty Women and Their Friends in Chicago

by Pathik Bhatt on January 22, 2017

This isn’t a post about the impressive size, diversity and broad reach of the post-inauguration march that took place on January 21, 2017. Please go to the official site to learn more about that and what you can do to help. This is simply an appreciation for those who took the time to use their creativity for something positive. More specifically, ... Read More

Learnings of a first time Aquarium owner

by Journey of Learning and Sharing on January 22, 2017

Some people dream of having an aquarium at home. Well the dream is good, but what is important is that proper care needs to be taken care of the new membersHappy for new members #acquarium #goldfish @pranjalinA video posted by amar (@amarnaik) on Nov 7, 2016 at 8:46am PST Most shops suggest many remedies but i would like to share some of my learnings.Past ... Read More

UCD Smurfit MBA Graduation Ball raises €8,500 for Spinal Injuries Ireland

by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 17, 2017

Fabulous frocks and classy tuxedos were the order of the evening at the annual UCD Smurfit MBA Graduation Ball, which was held on December 10th at The Gibson Hotel, Dublin. This year, the organising committee decided to use the Ball as an opportunity to raise funds for Spinal Injuries Ireland (SII).  With over 110 people in attendance, the black-tie ... Read More

UCD Smurfit Team Return as Molson Division Winners

by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 16, 2017

UCD Smufit Molson Team with Prof. Pat Gibbons The first week of January usually marks a familiar return to the rhythm of office life. For the team chosen to represent UCD Smurfit at the 36th John Molson MBA International Case Competition, the first week of January 2017 proved to be an unforgettable experience. The competition is the largest and longest ... Read More

Teams – A Hybrid Approach

by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 6, 2017

Undertaking an MBA was something I had considered for a long time. However, with my career progressing and being in my mid 30’s I has thought that the time to take on this challenge had passed me by. Realising that I wanted to change my career path, I spoke with friends & colleagues, and made enquiries into what options and programmes were available ... Read More

Canada Bound: Preparing to Represent UCD Michael Smurfit at the John Molson International Case Study Competition

by Smurfit MBA Blog on January 4, 2017

The UCD Smurfit Molson Team. L-R: Declan Walsh, Anne Marie Barcoe, Derek Anderson, Tanya Kenny, Catherine O’Brien. Picture Jason Clarke. Sunday 18th of December and it is two days after the end of some of the busiest weeks of the Executive MBA to date. With Semester 1 of Year 2 complete, most students could be found making up for lost time with family ... Read More

How I Plan to Live More Intentionally in 2017

by Pathik Bhatt on January 3, 2017

First of all, Happy New Year from Bhumi and me!

Being just a couple months away from completing my master’s in Business Analytics, I figured I should try to apply a more strategic and data-driven approach to analyze what I do with my life outside of work in an effort to live more intentionally.

There’s a common adage that I’ve heard through ... Read More

Kayaking - Water Sports that is becoming the choice of populace

by Journey of Learning and Sharing on December 29, 2016

Created thousands of years ago by Eskimos/Inuit, kayaks today are not only famous for its multiple usages such as diving, fishing, search/rescue missions etc. but also for famous racing sport.  With just an unpretentious, low-cost boat, some protection gear, and a forward stroke on the paddle, anybody can start enjoying kayaking.Image credit : Madrasfuntools.inGreat ... Read More

MM - The Industrial Buying Behavior

by on December 29, 2016

Industrial buying is the decision-making process by which formal organizations establish the need for purchasing products and services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands and suppliers. 

Characteristics of Industrial Market

a. Professional purchasing: professional buyers with education and experience who know their tasks ... Read More