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  • Today, Monday July 28th, sees the full-time MBA class submit their Capstone Project – the final assignment to be submitted as part of the MBA programme. I have had countless conversations with participants over the past number of days who can’t believe how quickly their time on the MBA has passed. Today marks the end [...] Read More

  • Today, Monday July 28th, sees the full-time MBA class submit their Capstone Project – the final assignment to be submitted as part of the MBA programme. I have had countless conversations with participants over the past number of days who can’t believe how quickly their time on the MBA has passed. Today marks the end [...] Read More

  • Some of the comments I got when making the choice about which consulting firm to join over the summer actually went into that direction. Consultants at Bain are best friends and party a lot. People at McKinsey are socially awkward and don't have friends. People at BCG are maybe a bit boring, fairly nerdy, but generally capable of human interaction.After ... Read More

  • When I left to spend two weeks in Provence, I thought I knew what to expect. The vacation would be mostly about beautiful food and beautiful scenery – gorgeous town markets stuffed with olives, dried sausages and cheese, bakeries overflowing with flaky pastry and fresh baguettes, Van Gogh’s Cyprus trees and irises, dark purple lavender fields, world-class ... Read More

  • The feedback has been excellent once again this year. We offer all of our MBAs personalised one to one coaching from the very best Business Executive Coaches and it is entirely free to all of ourparticipants.  The programme fits into the personalised Leadership Development Programme (LDP) and goes from strength to strength every year.  Some [...] Read More

  • Ciara O’Brien (weekend eMBA 2014), founder of iSave, recently joined UCC’s start-up accelerator Ignite. My advice to new MBAs is to really make the most of every resource that’s available to you within the MBA system. While there’s lots to learn from your core modules and lecturers, don’t forget to look outside the curriculum to [...] Read More

  • So what do you do when school’s out for summer and the first year of your exec MBA is over…? You start to push the boundaries where you work, build new teams across departments, apply the learning AND hit the media. That’s what I’ve been up to. I joined a fundraising team in our hospital [...] Read More

  • UCD Smurfit MBA Golf Society Blog update for their latest outing: Derek “the Scallywag” Scally, you dark horse!!! As a 1981 UCD Smurfit MBA Alum, and one of the true gentlemen from the Golden Era of MBA education (please note: finishing a course that did not contain an “Ethics” module), he continued to set the [...] Read More

  • It's been a while since my last post.  This summer has been insanely busy and I'm really not sure what happened to June...or the first half of July as well actually.  I've been very busy wrapping things up at work while trying to prepare for school at the same time.  I'm in the middle of a list that looks something like this:

    Pre-MBA ... Read More

  • Careers support and development is very important for any reputable MBA Programme. In Smurfit great emphasis is placed on providing the best of both to all participants full-time and EMBA according to their need. The Head of the Smurfit Careers Office is also the MBA Careers Manager, ably supported by two other managers who work [...] Read More

  • The final results are now out for semester 2 and EMBA year 1 students are now able to relax and get on with what will hopefully be a long hot summer and some well deserved time reacquainting themselves with friends and family, catching up on their recreational reading and tv shows.  The year 2s and [...] Read More

  • I had the opportunity to attend the SalesForce Foundation’s 2014 Higher Education Summit in Tempe, AZ earlier this month – my first higher education conference after becoming a “higher education professional” this year. It was a great learning experience with nearly 600 attendees who were very willing to connect and share ideas ... Read More

  • Technology consulting is one of the sought after careers by many professionals due to its high pay. I had a chance to listen from the head of mastek about this consulting career. Read more here. Note: You need to register on FT(it is free of cost) to read any article. Read More

  • Ireland’s Most Powerful Women: Top 25 Awards Gala 2014, was held on Thursday 19th June at the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin.  This is the third year for these awards presented by the Women’s Executive Network with which UCD Smurfit has strong links.  Keynote speakers were Ramona Nicolas and Emily O’Reilly both award winners.  A list [...] Read More

  • Getting around the Smurfit main building is a little awkward these days as various rooms and corridors are closed off for the summer and skips and portacabins appear around the campus.  Short trips to the restaurant for that all important cup of coffee in the morning have now become a scenic tour around the outside [...] Read More

  • I had a middle school teacher in Germany who told us that he merely goes to work in order to enjoy life when he goes home at 1:30pm (1:30pm - shit, why didn't I become a teacher?). He definitely taught like that and appeared fairly happy with this arrangement.Right now all Stanford kids are off doing their internships, testing out hypotheses they have ... Read More

  • The Smurfit MBA Office in collaboration with the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) have this week launched WXNs first Mentoring Programme in Ireland which is based on the successful mentoring programme launched in Canada in 2007. Orla Nugent, MBA Director and Brian Marrian, MBA Careers Manager and Eadine Hickey delivered the first of 3 seminars to [...] Read More

  • Summer has arrived on the Smurfit campus, people were a little distrustful of it yesterday but today they have thrown all caution to the winds and it is t-shirts and shorts all over the place.  The favourite spot for sun bathing and chilling (so to speak) is beside the restaurant.  There are still plenty of [...] Read More

  • The annual MBA BBQ took place this last weekend in the grounds of the School.  We had a great turnout with 120 adults and 50 children in attendance and although the sun only saw fit to shine for about 30 seconds towards the end of the afternoon the day was still bright and warm enough [...] Read More

  • There is no doubt that the Smurfit rugby club has been stunningly successful in this tournament over the past few years. Consistently challenging and often winning the title is a credit to the blood sweat and tears that has been spilt by each committee and successive years of players over the years. It may appear [...] Read More

  • Time is a strange concept. It can run in leaps and bounds and yet remain static. In absolute terms, it’s been just over a month since I first arrived at IIM Calcutta. If you look at it on the academic calendar, it went by in a blink of an eye. Yet, it feels like ages […] Read More

  • I stopped blogging here while I was in business school.  Now two years have past, many things have changed in life and I started blogging again!  Here is my new blog and I look forward to reconnecting! Read More

  • Recent EMBA graduate, Ian Nolan (2013), has won the NDRC’s LaunchPad 9 with his start-up, Legalshine.  Legalshine was one of 10 start-ups selected to take part last February.  It concluded last week at the pitching event called Lift-Off.  Ian’s pitch beat off all other contenders on the evening to win the overall prize of €30,000 [...] Read More

  • With the advent of summer (or what passes for it in Ireland) preparation is almost complete for our final MBA recruitment event of the current cycle, presentations have been finalised, catering confirmed and Helen from Marketing has almost finished the name badges.  We introduced the MBA Experience day for last years intake and they’ve proven ... Read More

  • The Best Case

    by Two Years at HBS on June 5, 2014

    Having finished the brutally busy first year, I’m now weighing what we learned. Over the past nine months, we have gone through 270 cases in 10 classes, making the same difficult decisions the case protagonists had to make. It is my habit to write down 3-5 key takeaways after each class, and the document exceeds 50 pages. This will be my guiding light ... Read More

  • Lifetime analysis

    by Two Years at HBS on June 3, 2014

    Since arriving at HBS I have been tracking my use of time. It is essentially a wordless diary – just data input to an Excel spreadsheet. Requiring only 30 seconds a day, the tracking depicts my activities and their implicit priorities. I got into this regime when I was a consultant, after becoming familiar with a famous management consultant guru’s ... Read More

  • Japan Trek

    by Two Years at HBS on June 2, 2014

    Last week, from May 23rd through 31st, 78 HBS students and their partners participated in HBS Japan Trek 2014. We visited four cities – Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hakone and Tokyo, and were treated to eight incredible, exciting and very busy days.

    Started in the 1970s, Japan Trek is one of the most traditional and popular treks on offer at HBS. This intensive ... Read More

  • I really hate ending things. I remember many last days of school before the break. Nervousness builds up gradually, you can't stop from checking your watch (or later: you phone) and you just want it to be over. Not because school was any worse on that last day (actually it was much better, because the grades were locked in and no one gave a sh**), but ... Read More

  • Case study competitions, as they are conducted in UCD, are a unique experiment into the intellectual, emotional and interpersonal resilience of the MBA student. A written case study of roughly 20 pages (including exhibits) is provided to teams of four or five, which then have four hours to read, analyse and discuss content, and then [...] Read More

  • And forward I go.  Sitting at work (how is it only May 29th), I check my phone and see that Booth now has their financial aid website up for admitted students.  So this is really happening then...  Perhaps I should get a move on.  I've been planning on doing so many things, but somehow, I never get any of them done.  But if ... Read More

  • Last time out I gave you my highlights of the Manchester MBA. Now, as promised, I’m giving you the rundown on my key learnings from the programme.

    Don’t worry, this won’t be a dull review telling you that I now know how to calculate net present value or can recite Porter’s Five Forces ad nauseam. No, this is about taking it ... Read More

  • // All last week, and especially around the weekend, my Facebook newsfeed was swelling with the updates from my FB friends about their activities. This was exciting time for them – they were celebrating their MBA graduation: GW Business School Gala, GWSB Commencement, GWU Commencement on the National Mall. All the highlights I had to experience ... Read More

  • Changes

    by Blog - Life in Transit on May 23, 2014

    The clock in the bottom right corner of my screen tells me it is 12:33 a.m.  I should be in bed, but of course, I'm not.  When I was in undergrad, I'd often stay up until 2, 3, 4 a.m. and then go to class the next morning.  For better or worse, my sleep schedule has changed only slightly in my past four years in the real world.  I ... Read More

  • With much anticipation and relief, we awoke on Saturday the 17th of May 2014. No it was not a dream; we had indeed survived our first year of the EMBA.  The exams were now behind us (for the moment at least), the sun was shining and a celebratory feast was to be had that afternoon.  [...] Read More

  • Dear Insurers – The only Wrong you can do in your Digital Transformation journey is not starting at all.

    Every organization is talking about Digital Transformation these days. As per MIT Sloan 2013 survey, 78% of executives (being surveyed), mentioned that achieving digital transformation will become critical to their organizations within the ... Read More

  • Summer Vacation!

    by Two Years at HBS on May 21, 2014

    First year is finished! Most students have left for summer vacation and the campus is nearly empty.

    Me? I’m leaving Boston and heading to Japan!

    Have a great summer everybody! Read More

  • Heightened customer expectations, demographic shifts and increasing usage of new technologies are creating new opportunities. Of late, I have been researching on the role of Social Media in new product development. It seems some industries (Retail) are leading in this area whereas others (Insurance) are still warming up to the idea. Insurers can ... Read More

  • Final Exams

    by Two Years at HBS on May 19, 2014

    Only two days left until the end of first year and we are in the middle of our final exams. As I have written earlier, grades at HBS are determined by a combination of class participation and the final exam, each comprising 50% of our grade. The final exam is a case study in which we are required to download and read a case, analyze it, write an essay ... Read More

  • I’ve always pondered about the level of thought (or lack thereof) that underpins a political campaign, particularly from a strategic viewpoint.  In recent weeks, when I can’t see the elegance of Carysfort Avenue due to the abundance of election paraphernalia, this line of thought has resurrected itself… What surprises me is how little ... Read More

  • So it seems like most pre-MBA students spend the summer before the start of the program either traveling, preparing, or a little bit of both.  I'm trying to do my fair share of traveling, but I'll save that for another post.  For the past month or two, I've been trying to decide the strategy I am going to employ for recruiting.

    I've been ... Read More

  • Imagine you are at work and have been working with a project team for two months. It is a pretty big group with twelve people and you have had full-day meetings every week. Some of those people are your friends and with some you only have a professional work relationship. Sounds familiar?Well, now image that one day your boss comes to one of the meetings ... Read More

  • Some insights from Gerry Grenham who runs Graduate Management Admissions Test® (GMAT)  preparation sessions for the Smurfit school to assist our MBA candidates prepare for the test which is an element of our entry criteria. Preparation is all for the GMAT, give yourself 4-6 weeks to prepare for it to give yourself the best chance [...] Read More

  • As much as it hurts me to say this, Derrick Rose is approaching his off-court role as a Chicago Bull all wrong. He did not see it as his job to recruit talent such as King “flop-master” James to the team when we so badly needed him. I like everyone else outside of Miami will diss LeBron, but that’s only because he’s so freaking ... Read More