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These 3 Bullets Need to be on Your MBA Resume

by Vantage Point on May 17, 2019

As you’re applying to business school, your resume is like your executive summary: it should concisely tell the story of how you’ve grown and developed [...]

For the Ladies: it’s Not “We”, it’s “Me” for Your MBA Applications

by Vantage Point on May 7, 2019

It’s not “we” it’s “me”. For the ladies out there, repeat that one again to yourself. For a large portion of the women I work with [...]

Want to Show That You’re a Leader? Try Being Vulnerable

by Vantage Point on May 2, 2019

Picture this: in an interview you’re asked a question about something that went wrong in a past job. Instead of simply explaining what happened, you [...]

Impressive Extracurriculars for Busy People

by Vantage Point on April 25, 2019

Keeping yourself involved in extracurricular activities while also gunning for that next promotion or trying to learn Python for your day job is no easy [...]

Avoid These Application Pitfalls

by Vantage Point on April 17, 2019

This time of year, our team is doing a lot of “ding analysis”, which is when someone who applied last year comes to us and [...]

How Much Time Does it Take to Apply to B-School?

by Vantage Point on April 10, 2019

Last week we presented to a large bank’s analyst class, and one of the first questions we were asked was “when should I start working [...]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

by Vantage Point on April 3, 2019

MBA applications take up a TON of time!! From studying for the GMAT to visiting schools, writing essays, prepping recommenders and interview prep, we estimate [...]

How To Shine in the Wharton Team Based Discussion

by Vantage Point on November 21, 2018

Over the last few weeks, many of our round 1 clients were invited to interview at Wharton through its famed Team Based Discussion (TBD). For [...]

Why Your MBA Friends Are Not Always the Best People to Review Your Essays

by Vantage Point on November 13, 2018

Last year I had a client who called me panicking – “I showed my applications to several co-workers and they completely tore apart my essays! [...]

Inside the Black Box: What Happens After You Hit “Submit”

by Vantage Point on November 6, 2018

After months of hard work putting together compelling applications, you hit “submit” and then what? While you’re anxiously waiting, it’s a little vague what is [...]

If MBA Applications are Declining at HBS and Stanford, Are Your Chances Better?

by Vantage Point on October 10, 2018

At Vantage Point MBA we’ve received a ton of questions from applicants over the last week about a recent article in the Wall Street Journal [...]

How to Demonstrate Leadership in Your MBA Applications

by Vantage Point on October 2, 2018

More often than not, when I bring-up the topic of how to demonstrate “leadership experience” in an MBA application, the response I hear is “but [...]

Writing Your Own Recommendations: Right or Wrong?

by Vantage Point on September 25, 2018

Every year we run into a question that the “interwebs” appears to be conflicted about. Is it ok to write your own recommendation, or hire [...]

Should I Punt My MBA Application to Round 2?

by Vantage Point on September 18, 2018

Several major deadlines are…tomorrow! This is the time of year when many applicants realize that the crazy project from work, your wedding planning, or whatever [...]