GMAT Study Plans – How to Get a 700+ on the GMAT

How do you score 700+ on the GMAT? Every day, Beat The GMAT members go to the I just Beat The GMAT! forum to share their experiences in preparing for and succeeding on the GMAT test. The Beat The GMAT editorial staff has picked 10 of the most popular and informative success stories to help you join the ranks of those who score 700+.

Through a combination of the Official Guides, and an on-demand GMAT prep course, whatthecow was able to jump from a 580 to the 99th percentile. Check out his inspiring debrief.

joshcollins was really unsure when he started his prep, but he discovered the right way of approaching the process, and that helped him conquer the exam. Don’t miss his amazing GMAT journey from 490 to 770.

Although a few years old, ngufo’s debrief remains popular with the BTG community. Her story represents a source of inspiration for anyone who is determined to never give up and get a 700+ score no matter what. Don’t miss it!

TheViceroy is pumped to officially add his name to the GMAT 700+ club. After prepping for three months, he scored an impressive 740. Learn how he managed to improve on Quant and what he worked on methodically to crush Verbal.

According to Jek, “there is a finite amount of knowledge that the GMAT tests, and it is 100% learnable.” Visit this ever-popular debrief to get generally applicable advice for achieving a 770 GMAT score.

As his senior year at the University of Texas was coming to an end, treydupree started developing an interest in graduate school and, subsequently, the GMAT. Draw inspiration from his story and gain tips for a 700+ score.

VCPanda dreamed of going to Harvard, Stanford, or Wharton, so in October 2016 he started studying hardcore for the GMAT. After six months, he scored a stunning 750. Get his number one tip on how to beat the GMAT.

The allure of a top 10 b-school in a new city drove KWizz to sign up for the GMAT. The happy father of two did not want to sacrifice family time, so he maximized his time awake. Learn how this mindset helped him ace the test.

akbariqbal was able to surpass his expectations by hitting the 95th percentile on the GMAT. His clear summary outlines the aspects of his training that enabled him to join the elite.

We hope that you’re now inspired to reach for a top GMAT score! It will take hard work, but know that you have a community of members and experts behind you to support you along the way.