Community Rules

Welcome to the Beat The GMAT community! Please take a quick moment to review these rules. Here’s the quick and dirty version:

  • Make your post in the relevant forum
  • Search for your question before posting
  • Be nice
  • Don’t share anything illegal
  • Don’t spam us
  • Don’t create multiple accounts - Only 1 account per person is allowed
  • And most importantly, have fun!

And here’s a more detailed version of the rules. You’ll see the most if it is just common sense:

Post your GMAT and MBA questions in the forum

  • Avoid sending private messages or e-mails to other community members to solicit advice
  • As a policy, experts and moderators to this website will not answer GMAT/MBA questions over private message, e-mail

Posting Etiquette

  • When posting a GMAT practice question, include the source, answer choices, and official answer. Please use the spoiler tag to hide the official answer
  • Post your message in the relevant forum area. We don’t want to see math problem solving questions in the GMAT Sentence Correction forum
  • Some specific forums have special rules as ‘sticky’ or ‘announcement’ posts at the top of the forum. Review those special rules carefully
  • For the ‘I just Beat The GMAT’ section, only start a new topic there if you have finished taking the GMAT and want to share your experiences. No pre-GMAT strategy questions here
  • Posting in the ‘Ask an Admissions Consultant’ forum invites admissions consultants from several companies to respond to your question. Posting in a branded consultant area, like ‘Ask Stacy Blackman’, only invites representatives from that specific company to respond to your question
  • Cross posting is not allowed. Cross posting is the practice of posting the same question in multiple forum areas
  • No post bumping is allowed. Post bumping is replying to a post over and over again simply to move the posts position to the top of a forum.
  • Make sure the titles of your posts are descriptive
  • Write out your questions in your posts, don’t simply add an attachment or image. Visitors who are not logged in cannot see attachments, so be courteous
  • When you see a post that is especially good, thank the member to show your appreciation

For information on how our message board system work, click here.

Search the forums before you post

  • Perform a quick search on your question before making your own post. We may have already answered your question
  • For the ‘Let’s Meet Up’ section, please try to respond to an existing location thread if you are looking for a study group

Be nice to each other

  • Beat The GMAT is a community that promotes constructive learning. We have no tolerance for flamers or trolls
  • Use your common sense for etiquette. Don’t be racist or sexist

Don’t do anything illegal

  • No live GMAT questions
  • No GMAC or third-party copyrighted material
  • No pornography or warez

Clarification of Illegal activities and Sale of products

You are allowed to sell/share any physical study guides that you have legally purchased in our GMAT Books for Sale/Donation forum. However, you are NOT allowed to sell online class access or electronic files. We do NOT allow for the sale or transfer of single-user licensed materials on our site.

Don’t spam us

  • Don’t come to our site to market your products or services. We’ll delete these posts if you do (and ban you).

Immerse yourself

  • Be sure to fill out your profile and create a signature for yourself. We want to learn more about you! The community becomes more fun to interact with when we all share some details about ourselves

Special rules for the GMAT/MBA experts on our site

  • Your primary role is to serve as a teacher/advisor/expert for the community—not a pure marketer. Community members will respect you more if you produce lots of quality content rather than attempting to directly market services. Please do not spam us!
  • You're allowed to post in all areas of the forum where you think you can add value, with the exception of any company-branded forum areas
  • We do not wish to see gamesmanship or flaming. You are prohibited from discussing or providing opinions about the services of your competitors. Feel free to speak to your own services when the topic is raised, but avoid drawing direct comparisons or negatively framing your competitors. Additionally, when responding to a thread that already has responses from your competitors, focus your own response to the original member's query. Do not write posts that respond to what another competitor has written
  • When you have your account set up, go to the 'My Profile' tab after logging in and update your signature. Identify yourself as a professional to ensure full disclosure to our members

Expert Guidelines

To our Beat the GMAT experts, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Identify Yourself! Please include the company you work for and your position in your signature and/or username.
  2. Signing Off. Please limit your signature to a maximum of 2 URLs - More than 2 URLs could result in disciplinary action.
  3. Put a face to your name! Upload a profile picture or a company logo to match your username.
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We can ban you for any reason, at any time

  • Just use your common sense and you’ll be fine!

User Disputes

We are an open and professional community moderated by the users. This community is built on trust, transparency, and professionalism. However, in the event of user disputes, please be advised that we will NOT …

  1. Check the validity of user reviews. The facts and opinions of user reviews will be left up to the community to evaluate. Only BTG verified reviews should be considered the opinion or responsibility of Beat The GMAT.
  2. We will NOT investigate the validity of user profiles. We trust our users to represent themselves truthfully and transparently. Issues concerning the identity of a user should be resolved off-site.

Investigation of Dispute Disclaimer

We will only intervene in user disputes if evidence is provided that a user is acting against the guidelines or rules outlined above. We will NOT investigate one user on behalf of another without substantial evidence.