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  • It seems like we just started our recruitment season for the fall 2015 intake but our Round 1 deadline crept up on us last week.  If you are among the many strong students who applied for this Round, congratulations!  You will have your decision from our Admissions Committee before the end of this year.  However, if you are one of the students who ... Read More

  • I love the fall for a number of reasons – cooler temperatures, the leaves changing colours, hot chocolate – but the most important reason is because I get to travel around the world, attend some pretty amazing events (QS and The MBA Tour host lots of fairs, panels, and presentations), and meet incredibly talented candidates, like yourself, ... Read More

  • Business schools love to talk about how diverse their class is but we thought rather than just saying “Rotman has a diverse class!” we’d use our latest blog post to talk to the many of the really exciting things happening on and off-campus for students from all walks of life.

    For whoever you are or where you are from, we have a club for you:

    Association ... Read More

  • It’s that time of year! The leaves are turning, the mercury is dropping, and the U of T campus is buzzing once again.  It’s fall, which means our annual Rotman Open House is just around the corner!

    On Saturday, October 18th, Rotman opens its doors for the biggest and most exciting school-wide event of the year. A captivating exhibit of all Rotman ... Read More

  • MBA essays are designed to allow prospective students to express themselves in formal prose. In doing so, applicants convey to the Admissions committee why they should be considered for the program not only through the content of the essays, but the style and tone in which they are written. It goes without saying that the grammar, spelling, and punctuation ... Read More

  • Please click here to visit this blog on the new Michigan Ross website for the most recent updates from Soojin. Next to our admitted student weekend, my favorite day of the year has to be the first day of orientation. That’s when we finally get to see the whole class: 450 students embarking on their Ross MBA journey together. I could easily have mistaken ... Read More

  • And we’re off! Our 2015 application cycle is up and running and we are excited to start reviewing applications for the September 2015 start (or the Class of 2017).  Our events listing is continuously updated with all of the admissions activities planned for the year. Check it out as our team will likely be in your city this fall!

    Similar ... Read More

  • Please click here to visit this blog on the new Michigan Ross website for the most recent updates from Soojin. It’s mid-July and there’s so much I’m excited about. I’ll share my Top 4 right now: Our Fall 2015 application is live! Three things you should do now: study for the GMAT, if you haven’t already taken it. Think about topics for your ... Read More

  • The final six weeks of the first year of the Rotman curriculum is what we call the “Capstone Term.” In this term, firms come to Rotman and present our students with a real business challenge they are facing today. For the Capstone Course in this term, our students are then tasked with coming up with solutions and presenting them to the firms facing ... Read More

  • Please click here to visit this blog on the new Michigan Ross website for the most recent updates from Soojin. Some lovely ladies of Ross at the annual Forte conference in Los Angeles. How is it July already? The summer is going by too fast and, while I am excited to begin a new season of recruiting, I have hardly recovered from the whirlwind of the ... Read More

  • Tomorrow marks the opening of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and while 32 teams play for world soccer (football ) supremacy, something very similar is happening right here at Rotman- 350 students working towards their Rotman MBA!  Here’s why:


    The world cup features 32 countries participating. The Rotman student body features 31.

    Global ... Read More

  • Please click here to visit this blog on the new Michigan Ross website for the most recent updates from Soojin. People often think that admissions staff get summers off. Not so. We’re continuing to manage fall enrollment and we’re gearing up for the next admissions cycle. One piece of that is updating our essay questions and recommendation letter ... Read More

  • When deciding where to do your MBA, one of the biggest factors is “location:” where, geographically speaking, is your MBA campus located?

    For those that might be a bit unfamiliar with Toronto, Toronto is Canada’s business and financial capital. As North America’s fourth largest city, it is quite big. However, a vast majority of Toronto’s ... Read More

  • It’s hard to believe that my first year in the W. P. Carey Full-time MBA program is already complete. It seems like yesterday that my wife and I were packing up the U-Haul truck — with the help of family and friends — and preparing for the big move to Arizona. Life is moving pretty quickly these days, but I’ve tried to stop and look ... Read More

  • The W. P. Carey School of Business delivers the nation’s No. 1 online graduate business program for veterans, according to rankings issued by U.S. News & World Report this week.

    The second annual Best Online Programs for Veterans rankings featured two top-ranked graduate programs from Arizona State University: the W. P. Carey School of Business ... Read More

  • As the fourth quarter comes to a close each year, the W. P. Carey family sure knows how to celebrate. An annual tradition called Confluence unites the entire Full-time MBA community for an evening of song, dance, and artistry that leaves you truly amazed at the all-around caliber of your classmates. The event also showcases the cultural richness represented ... Read More

  • We’ve made it through another Admissions season and what a roller coaster it has been. We’re always excited to welcome our incoming class, but we have particularly high expectations for the Class of 2016. They are the most dedicated group we’ve seen, traveling to admissions events and visiting campus multiple times, many braving snowstorms on ... Read More

  • Many courses within the W. P. Carey MBA focus on experiential learning. Negotiations, taken in the fourth quarter, is designed to sharpen our skills by allowing us time to actually negotiate with our peers. We play different roles that are defined by a unique set of information. The goal is to apply the foundational knowledge we are learning in the ... Read More

  • If you are anything like me, you sometimes (read as “often”) like to put things off until the last minute. Fortunately, this time it will be okay.

    Each year, we continue to review applications after each of our deadlines pass.  As you can imagine, documents, essays and references trickle in and few are the people who finish applications in one ... Read More

  • We’re fast approaching the end of this year’s admissions season. On May 1, we’ll know who among our Round 1 and 2 admits will be joining us in Ann Arbor this fall. We’re thrilled to see that the number of people saying “Yes!” to Ross this year is outpacing last year’s number. Our team of analysts (i.e., myself and my staff) are deciphering ... Read More

  • When Amin Elhassan writes his columns for ESPN, the technical knowledge he conveys about salary caps and statistical analysis is rooted in his time spent at the W. P. Carey School of Business. Before writing for the “worldwide leader in sports,” he parlayed his MBA into a nearly six-year stint with the Phoenix Suns, including three years as the ... Read More

  • This past weekend Rotman opened its doors to prospective students for the 2014 Rotman Problem Solving Challenge Weekend and a chance to win a full MBA scholarship (valued at $90,000!). Participants included guests from across the world, from Toronto to India!

    It was a very busy 2 days of competition and networking but very exciting as well. Here is ... Read More

  • We've spent the last few months making decisions on applicants. This afternoon, those decisions will be released. And then it will be your turn to make a decision: what to do this fall. Your options could be to choose between Ross and other schools, just other schools, schools vs. work, or whether b-school is really the right thing for you. You're facing ... Read More

  • One of the best times of the year in the Phoenix area is, well, right now. While much of the country is battling weather woes, spring is kicking into high gear here. Even better, for the entire month of March, Spring Training baseball takes over the Valley of the Sun.

    A total of 15 teams — exactly half of those represented in Major League Baseball ... Read More

  • I’m guessing that Round 2 applicants are feeling nervous excitement (or maybe just nervous) with decisions to be released this week. One of our MBA2s (who will be graduating this year) posted on Facebook: “Is it bad that I'm just as excited for Round 2 admissions to go out as prospectives are? I'm still following Soojin's blog.” If you’re like ... Read More