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  • We’re fast approaching the end of this year’s admissions season. On May 1, we’ll know who among our Round 1 and 2 admits will be joining us in Ann Arbor this fall. We’re thrilled to see that the number of people saying “Yes!” to Ross this year is outpacing last year’s number. Our team of analysts (i.e., myself and my staff) are deciphering ... Read More

  • This past weekend Rotman opened its doors to prospective students for the 2014 Rotman Problem Solving Challenge Weekend and a chance to win a full MBA scholarship (valued at $90,000!). Participants included guests from across the world, from Toronto to India!

    It was a very busy 2 days of competition and networking but very exciting as well. Here is ... Read More

  • There’s a reason why Kelley Direct brings entire cohorts of online MBA and masters students together on the Bloomington campus several times a year. It’s the same reason why 1 entire lecture out of the 9 lectures we have during our first in-residence week on the Bloomington campus is all about networking. Shaun Heneghan’s networking session was ... Read More

  • We've spent the last few months making decisions on applicants. This afternoon, those decisions will be released. And then it will be your turn to make a decision: what to do this fall. Your options could be to choose between Ross and other schools, just other schools, schools vs. work, or whether b-school is really the right thing for you. You're facing ... Read More

  • One of the best times of the year in the Phoenix area is, well, right now. While much of the country is battling weather woes, spring is kicking into high gear here. Even better, for the entire month of March, Spring Training baseball takes over the Valley of the Sun.

    A total of 15 teams -- exactly half of those represented in Major League Baseball ... Read More

  • I’m guessing that Round 2 applicants are feeling nervous excitement (or maybe just nervous) with decisions to be released this week. One of our MBA2s (who will be graduating this year) posted on Facebook: “Is it bad that I'm just as excited for Round 2 admissions to go out as prospectives are? I'm still following Soojin's blog.” If you’re like ... Read More

  • Rotman MBA candidates have the  opportunity to participate in some pretty cool events like our Career Treks! Career Treks are a great way for our graduate students to explore careers outside of traditional recruiting avenues in key employment destinations.  Treks will facilitate global engagement, deepen student understanding of global business and ... Read More

  • One of the top priorities for first-year Full-time MBA students is finding a great internship opportunity. It’s also at the top of the list for the Graduate Career Center, or GCC for short, at the W. P. Carey School of Business. The center is involved from the very beginning—helping students with resumes and cover letters, conducting mock interviews, ... Read More

  • Oh how I don't love LaGuardia airport. My flight landed 20 minutes early, only to be stuck on the runway for almost an hour because there were no gates open. But, got here safely and bumped into a Ross alum on his way back to NY from a consulting project in Phoenix. It was great catching up with him on work and life. I'm in NY today to moderate a Forte ... Read More

  • How can you create a game-changer for your career? The W. P. Carey Evening MBA is the highest-ranked part-time MBA in Arizona, according to U.S. News & World Report, which reflects not just the quality curriculum, but also the caliber of your future classmates and the perception of the W. P. Carey program among other business schools.

    Designed with ... Read More

  • One of the strengths of the W. P. Carey MBA is the diversity represented by the students. A key way we celebrate this is by having themed weeks featuring the home countries of the international students in the program. We just wrapped up “East Asia Week,” for example, which highlighted the culture of the seven Chinese students in the Full-time MBA ... Read More

  • For the second year in a row, the W. P. Carey School of Business has been ranked #2 in the nation for Online Graduate Business Programs by U.S. News & World Report. It speaks to not only the quality of our academics, but also admissions selectivity, student services and the technology platform used in our programs, and student interaction.

    Speaking ... Read More

  • I think the character from the movie “Frozen” has made her way to Ann Arbor. Like many of you, we are experiencing frigid temps. For the first time in 36 years, the University of Michigan canceled classes; however, the Ross School of Business is still operating, with recruiters on campus and the fearless admissions team in the office organizing ... Read More

  • I fondly remember being a prospective student at W. P. Carey. It was a welcoming experience. I had questions; they had answers. And by they, I mean the MBA Ambassadors.

    A mix of first- and second-year MBA students, the Ambassadors are important to many facets of recruitment, including campus visits.

    “When it comes to campus visits, we are utilized ... Read More

  • This weekend, Rotman students will be heading to Silicon Valley for one of Rotman’s popular “Career Treks.” What are these career treks, you may be asking?


    Well this is an initiative our Career Centre created a few years ago as an opportunity:

    For students to get to know other cities in the world as potential places to work post-MBA To ... Read More

  • You know the question. I just checked in with the team to see where everyone is on getting their first reads done. It looks like we’re on track to make our goal of getting interview invitations out by this Friday, January 17th. Interviews will be conducted January 21 to February 24. Besides the excitement of getting interview invitations out, I’m ... Read More

  • Empathy

    by Ross Admissions Director Blog on January 10, 2014

    Earlier this week, I scrambled to get essays finalized, emailed recommenders to say Happy New Year and see if they got their letters in, checked the admissions portal to see if transcripts were sent, and uploaded essays to the school’s online application site. Sound like your life? I feel your pain. No, I’m not quitting my job and getting a third ... Read More

  • We have a lot of opportunities for you to learn more about the W. P. Carey MBA throughout the year. (In fact, here’s a list of all of our upcoming events, on-campus, out-of-town, and online), so you can find one that fits your schedule.

    But if you’re local -- or if you plan to be in the Phoenix area in January (where else would you rather be, ... Read More

  • Happy new year! As many of you finalize your applications in time for the round 2 admission deadline you might be thinking, “is there anything else I can do to improve my chances of getting in?” Or perhaps you were already admitted and are eager to get a head-start on the Rotman experience.

    To cater to those interests and give prospective and incoming ... Read More

  • This past October we invited prospective students to come to Rotman for a serious of sample lectures and information sessions on doing an MBA and doing so at Rotman.

    We realize that many people who might be interested in Rotman weren’t able to attend while others who did attend may wish to review the lectures they sat in on during the open house. ... Read More

  • At W. P. Carey, you can’t hide from the holiday party -- or can you? The theme for this year’s party was “Masquerade,” and the Full-time MBA students donned a variety of disguises to celebrate the end of the second quarter.

    “In planning the holiday party, the MBAA wanted to give first- and second-year students an chance to socialize ... Read More

  • Reprinted with permission by Services Leadership Blog, produced by the Center for Services Leadership at the W. P. Carey School of Business.

    Unless you spend a lot of time in Louisiana, you likely haven’t heard the term “lagniappe.” But this Creole aphorism has the power to transform your business. Defined as “the gift” or “to give more,” ... Read More

  • I imagine that many of you are busy preparing for the holidays, and know that for many prospective Rotman MBA candidates, your holiday time may involve finalizing your Rotman application for our January 13th Round 2 deadline during the break.

    We wanted to ensure you were all aware that the University of Toronto is closed for the holiday break as of ... Read More

  • Our recruitment and admissions team had a hectic start to the year. Since September, we have visited several cities and met with wonderful prospective students and now we’re busy with reviewing those great applications and meeting with our candidates once again for an admissions interview. Looks like it’ll be another great year @rotmanschool.

    This ... Read More

  • I can’t believe the holidays will be upon us next week! My kids have been trying to get an early glimpse of their presents by shaking them, holding them up to the light to see through the wrapping paper, trying to guess what I might’ve gotten them and reading my facial expressions to gauge whether they’re right or not. Tis the season for counting ... Read More

  • I’ll pause for the collective eye-roll as you read the title of this blog. I was in a predicament with this topic because sometimes I cringe when I see articles targeting a specific audience, particularly women, as if they need to be specially catered to in the business world. However, I wanted to share my reflections on an article, “Wall Street ... Read More

  • Last week was Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time to reflect on the things that we’re thankful for. I’m sure many of you first-rounders are thankful to have that application complete. For you second- and third-rounders, in case you missed it, Senior Associate Director Diana Economy and I hosted an Admissions webinar yesterday (December 4) to share ... Read More

  • Over the last few years, Rotman has been steadily growing its status as a place to be for MBA students interested in starting their own company or working with start-ups. A big part of this is through the growth of the “Creative Destruction Lab” (CDL) here at Rotman. The lab is essentially a tech start-up incubator housed at Rotman but with a few ... Read More

  • Over the past several years, the concussions have gone from a byproduct of playing contact sports to life-altering events. Just this past summer, the NFL settled a lawsuit with current and former players, paying out over $700 million to assist with treatment of concussions and related medical conditions. W. P. Carey MBA student Anthony Gonzales suffered ... Read More

  • Yesterday I shared some information about the reaction some candidates are having to our group exercise (hint: they like it!). Today, I wanted to follow up with a new vlog that outlines a few points I think you’ll find interesting about the career opportunities awaiting Ross MBA students. Check it out and let me know in the comments what you’d like ... Read More

  • “I ___-ed the team exercise.” This is the question I asked one table of team exercise participants to answer over lunch, after the exercise was completed. Here are some of the responses I got: “I enjoyed the team exercise.” “I was surprised by what my team came up with for the team exercise.” “We dominated the team exercise.” I also ... Read More

  • As a career changer, Jesus Gallardo brings a unique perspective to the W. P. Carey MBA program. He recently completed five years in the military and now he’s looking to specialize in supply chain management. “I decided to get an MBA in order to sharpen the skills I had acquired during my time in the military,” Jesus explains.

    A graduate of ... Read More

  • Accounting. Sounds boring? Maybe a little daunting? Well, it's a must for MBA students. And what if you've got that class to start off each weekday? At. W. P. Carey, there's no reason to fear. Prof. Artur Hugon's Financial Accounting class is actually quite a bit of fun, because he makes it fun.

    Artur's class was definitely a standout among my first ... Read More

  • On November 7th and 8th a cross-platform team from the W.P. Carey School of Business will compete alongside some of the most elite B-Schools in the world in the American Bankruptcy Institute's 10th annual corporate restructuring case competition.

    The event will be held at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and will also include ... Read More

  • This year the W. P. Carey MBA program participated in the fourth annual Bowersox Graduate Supply Chain Challenge at Michigan State University. The competition was open to the 15 top-ranked schools in supply chain management and a total of nine schools were represented.

    The W. P. Carey team took home first prize in dominant fashion, showcasing our ... Read More

  • At the end of a long week of finals, a handful of full time MBA students gathered for a W. P. Carey tradition: It's football season at ASU, and that means it's time to tailgate.

    Prior to every home football game, the W. P. Carey community gets together for food, fun and drinks at the Karsten Golf Course parking lot. It's a laid-back atmosphere that ... Read More

  • I’m gearing up for another trip next week (October 21 – 25). This time, I’m heading to San Francisco, New York and Chicago in conjunction with Professional Development Week, during which students venture to the Bay Area, New York and a few cities in between to meet with recruiters and alumni working at companies they’re interested in joining. ... Read More

  • Last month we officially welcomed the Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 to Rotman!  This class is one I am especially connected to as it was the first cohort I have been involved with from the start of the admissions cycle and it was fantastic to see the group together at Orientation in September

    We have spent a few weeks compiling the class data and benchmarking ... Read More

  • The W. P. Carey School launched its very first alumni magazine this month, even though the business school has been around for decades. The magazine is one of many efforts put in place by new dean Amy Hillman to reach out to -- and connect or re-connect with -- W. P. Carey alumni.

    That's one of the great things about being here at the W. P. Carey ... Read More

  • All online MBA programs talk about "flexibility," but what does that really mean? I decided to reflect on that for a minute and found three specific instances that would have turned out very differently if I had selected an in-person MBA program instead of Kelley Direct. Read the first story about how the flexibility of the Kelley Direct MBA helped ... Read More

  • The fall is a busy time for both applicants and business schools. We are all working on the applications! If you are preparing your application for our MBA program, there is an excellent free event coming up this Saturday and you still have time to register!

    Our Open House is a great way for you to explore Rotman. This year, we have some incredible ... Read More