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  • Over the last couple of years, our Career Centre has really stepped up its game and is helping our students explore career opportunities in new and innovative ways. Here’s a sample of some of the cool services that our Career Centre offers!

    1) Your Career Coach: Your Career Coach is assigned to you at the beginning of the program and remains with ... Read More

  • Although the admissions criteria for our Full-Time MBA program are quite straightforward, when we look at things from each candidate’s perspective, things can get tricky! For instance; if you’re a young professional, you might have questions around the work experience requirement. If you hold a professional designation-or working towards ... Read More

  • An MBA program deepens your knowledge, builds new skills, and makes you a more effective leader. But there are things you can’t learn in a classroom, development that could help you go a long way in your career that you may not have access to over a two-year program.

    That’s why the W. P. Carey School of Business developed Executive Connections. ... Read More

  • This past weekend we welcomed 88 prospective and incoming students to campus for the Rotman Problem Solving Challenge. Competitors traveled from far and wide to solve an unstructured, real-world business problem on wearable technology in the realm of education.  After releasing the challenge question in January, we asked participants to submit a written ... Read More

  • It is almost a rule of thumb for vast majority of MBA candidates to pursue a career in “Consulting” and/or “Investment Banking” after the MBA.  These careers are amazing, hands down! However given the competitive nature of these industries and the number of jobs available out there, it may not be the ideal to limit your future career to these ... Read More

  • I believe in the power of transformational leadership, and I believe more women need to pursue their MBAs to get us there. Ever since I was elected vice president of events communication for the W. P. Carey chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA), I’ve been actively talking to women MBA leaders and seeking opportunities ... Read More

  • Two years ago, I was still picturing myself in business school. I’ve always had a passion for giving back to society and I wanted to make sure it remained a big part of my life as an MBA student. In under a year, the W. P. Carey School has exceeded those expectations. Lending a hand on the W. P. Carey Volunteer Council has ... Read More

  • On Monday February 2nd  the Women in Management Association (WIMA) student club at Rotman launched the annual WIMA Top 10. Along with our Dean and several other Canadian executives we gathered to celebrate the achievements of Rotman female alumni.

    In the following categories we recognized 10 women who have made outstanding contributions in their field:

    Business ... Read More

  • With about 300 days of sunshine, the Phoenix Metro is a hiker’s paradise. So on a foggy morning on Super Bowl day, second-year Evening MBA students hiked the Cholla Trailhead — a tough three-mile round-trip hike on Camelback Mountain with a 1,275 feet elevation gain.

    Organizing and leading the hikes helps Nilesh Dhallu not only sharpen his ... Read More

  • “Four hours from Vegas and six hours from LA!!” is how I remember ecstatically introducing Tempe to my family and friends upon learning that I had been admitted to Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business. And I clearly remember the reactions I got…

    “Wow, she’s so close to Hollywood,” my friends thought ... Read More

  • The W. P. Carey School of Business is focused on the real world. That’s why our classrooms emulate boardrooms, our students learn in teams, and our courses use case-based methodologies. This kind of realistic approach to learning is one of the best things about the W. P. Carey Executive MBA program, visible in applied projects ... Read More

  • The Rotman Problem Solving Challenge (RPSC) provides you with another opportunity to demonstrate your talent beyond the traditional admission criteria.  I judged individual presentations in 2013 and can say that your performance at the RPSC could improve your chances of admission.  Your impression at the RPSC also shapes your Rotman reputation.  ... Read More

  • My first semester in the W. P. Carey Full‑time MBA program was full of great moments, new friends, and memorable lessons — and as the spring semester gets started, I know there’s plenty more to be excited about. Here are the top five things I’m looking forward to in the upcoming semester.

    5. Intramural basketball ... Read More

  • Happy new year! As many of you finalize your applications in time for the round 2 admission deadline you might be thinking, “is there anything else I can do to improve my chances of getting in?” Or perhaps you were already admitted and are eager to get a head-start on the Rotman experience. To cater to those interests and give prospective and incoming ... Read More

  • On Nov. 24, 2014, Sony Pictures learned that sensitive corporate email accounts — at the very least — had been hacked. Suspicion leaned to North Korea, which months earlier had threatened the movie studio with action if it planned to release The Interview, a political satire that centers around a CIA plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

    As ... Read More

  • One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our international applicants is around language proficiency tests. Here are some general guidelines to follow about our requirements and what you may need to submit as part of your supplementary documentation:

    1) If you have studied at a University in a country where English is not the primary ... Read More

  • At ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business, we understand that the return on your investment in a degree can’t be measured on a spreadsheet alone. It’s in the way your career progresses, the way you’re prepared for the challenges ahead, and even in the example you set for your family.

    Find out more about how our alumni ... Read More

  • Rotman has always had a strong presence in the non-profit sector but this year we’ve taken things up to an exciting new level with the introduction of the “Rotman Onboard” Fellows Program.

    This program is offered to our second-year students and matches them with a Toronto-based non-profit (or charity) board for a six month fellowship. In this ... Read More

  • Though Dell may be best known for its consumer technology products, the company has evolved into a preferred end-to-end solutions provider for enterprises around the world. While many are familiar with the direct procurement process that ensures the right components are available to build its computers, an equally powerful global team led by Jana Kennedy ... Read More

  • Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the blessings you have received. It is a holiday to celebrate with friends and family. Being an international student at the W. P. Carey School has its own perks. W. P. Carey gives you an opportunity to celebrate and immerse yourself in the various traditional holidays. Recently I had ... Read More

  • Every year, an off-campus trip provides students in the W. P. Carey Master of Science in Global Logistics (MS‑GL) program with an exclusive look at global logistics infrastructure. It’s an invaluable opportunity for students to explore their field — in the field — while adding real-world context to concepts learned ... Read More

  • One of the reasons I chose to come to the W. P. Carey School of Business to get my MBA is the proximity to the Phoenix metropolitan area. The local economy is booming and W. P. Carey has close ties to many local, national and international businesses that have locations in Phoenix.

    Recently, I was part of a contingent of W. P. Carey ... Read More

  • After a grueling first quarter, a group of 15 supply chain students from the W. P. Carey Full‑time MBA visited three companies in the Portland area — Daimler, Nike, and Columbia Sportswear. Because we have such a strong network of alumni, the Supply Chain Club was able to set up a day at each company through a recent W. P. Carey ... Read More

  • It seems like we just started our recruitment season for the fall 2015 intake but our Round 1 deadline crept up on us last week.  If you are among the many strong students who applied for this Round, congratulations!  You will have your decision from our Admissions Committee before the end of this year.  However, if you are one of the students who ... Read More

  • Kim Taylor is proud to be a Sun Devil. It took him a little while to earn his bachelor’s degree (about a quarter century), but after finally graduating in 2008, Taylor — president and CEO of Ipro Tech, a litigation management technologies firm — didn’t wait very long to return to ASU.

    He joined the W. P. Carey Executive ... Read More

  • Connections are incredibly valuable to have in the business world. But in the real world, the valuable ones are an incredibly rare find. That’s why fostering connections is a core part of the W. P. Carey Executive MBA program, understanding that no number of sporadic connections can match the value of even a single cohort relationship that’s ... Read More

  • I love the fall for a number of reasons – cooler temperatures, the leaves changing colours, hot chocolate – but the most important reason is because I get to travel around the world, attend some pretty amazing events (QS and The MBA Tour host lots of fairs, panels, and presentations), and meet incredibly talented candidates, like yourself, ... Read More

  • Business schools love to talk about how diverse their class is but we thought rather than just saying “Rotman has a diverse class!” we’d use our latest blog post to talk to the many of the really exciting things happening on and off-campus for students from all walks of life.

    For whoever you are or where you are from, we have a club for you:

    Association ... Read More

  • It’s that time of year! The leaves are turning, the mercury is dropping, and the U of T campus is buzzing once again.  It’s fall, which means our annual Rotman Open House is just around the corner!

    On Saturday, October 18th, Rotman opens its doors for the biggest and most exciting school-wide event of the year. A captivating exhibit of all Rotman ... Read More

  • MBA essays are designed to allow prospective students to express themselves in formal prose. In doing so, applicants convey to the Admissions committee why they should be considered for the program not only through the content of the essays, but the style and tone in which they are written. It goes without saying that the grammar, spelling, and punctuation ... Read More