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  • Well, should you? You’re not sure?

    There’s still time to register for The GMAT: Low Scores, Retaking & Strategies for Success and learn how to view your scores from the adcom’s perspective and to answer that painful, nagging question: Should you retake the GMAT?

    But time is running out – register now.

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  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Recently, I had a conversation with the admissions director for one of the top business schools in America. We were catching up, just chatting about the state of MBA admissions these days, and he said something that really made me stop and think. He told me that every year, he is amazed by the ... Read More

  • It’s no secret that management experience looks great on your MBA applications.

    A lot of aspiring B-School applicants ask us questions regarding the size of the teams they’ve managed. Is the actual number of people that important? And how much management experience do you really need to get into a top MBA program like Stanford GSB, ... Read More

  • 4 Last Minute College Application Tips Before you Press Submit!  College applications require a lot of time, energy, and thought. It is never a good idea to leave all of the work for the last minute, but there are certain parts you should be thinking about as deadlines come up. Before you hit submit, here are some last minute college application tips ... Read More

  • Round 1 applicants to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business may very soon know whether or not they snagged an interview, according to a post this morning on Soojin Kwon’s Admissions Director Blog. “The target interview invitation date is Tuesday, October 25th,” read the post.

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  • We recently happened upon a list of complaints from employers who recruit at an American bschool. These on-campus recruiters submitted these comments as feedback about the school’s students who had interviewed with them. It was pretty fascinating: Company recruiters are asked to fill out evaluations on the students that they interview on campus. ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Top business schools are going out of their way to reach out to female applicants. In recent years, these schools have been especially eager to close the gender gap in their incoming classes.

    But while top B-schools are keen on enrolling as many women as possible, admission remains highly competitive. ... Read More

  • The biggest challenge that we hear from students is not necessarily how to factor algebra questions or solve for the area of a circle, but rather, even being able to figure out the first step in solving a data sufficiency or problem solving question.

    Once that first step is determined, the next steps fall into place, and for some test takers, from ... Read More

  • You realized months ago that gaining admission to a top business school is more of a marathon than a sprint. So, rather than rush your campaign and “settle” for an application that’s less than your best, you let the fall deadlines pass and set your sights on applying in January.

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  • Two prominent alumni of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business have been named to fill the leadership void created at Wells Fargo & Co. when former CEO and Chairman John Stumpf resigned earlier this month amid scandal. Timothy Sloan, who earned his MBA from Ross in 1984, has been named as the bank’s next CEO. Stephen Sanger, a ... Read More

  • Interviews, interviews, interviews…it’s all anyone seems to be talking about these days, and with good reason. Harvard Business School  and Chicago Booth have already sent out their Round 1 interview invitations. MIT Sloan, Stanford GSB and a few others are in the middle of releasing theirs (on a rolling basis). And, in the coming weeks, Michigan ... Read More

  • Welcome back! In this weekly series, we provide a brief rundown of what we know is happening in the week ahead, as far as admissions related MBA deadlines and decisions are concerned at the top business schools.

    This week we have only one application deadline, as we get to the end of the Round 1 deadlines.

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  • If you’ve been talking to certain Executive MBA admissions people just recently and you’re early in the process of applying, then it’s possible that they may have suggested that you take the new Executive Assessment instead of the GMAT or the GRE.

    Oooh how appealing! You don’t have to take the GMAT?!?? That sounds GREAT!

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  • As we come up to the business school application deadlines, thousands of aspiring MBA students are asking their bosses, former bosses, senior colleagues, and even clients for recommendations to business school. It’s tough to navigate, but there are resources out there, and most of them are on the web. Below are some excerpts and links to some ... Read More

  • Think you know the GMAT? There are a lot of misconceptions about this exam. Before you begin your GMAT prep, be aware of the five most common GMAT myths.

    Myth # 1: The GMAT is just like the GRE, but with more business content.

    Many GMAT misconceptions stem from confusion between the GMAT and GRE. Often, B-school hopefuls make the mistake of assuming ... Read More

  • If you are seeking a one-year MBA program that will enable you to transition to a new country, function, or industry, then the Cambridge Judge MBA program may be the program for you. Judge is particularly strong at placing its graduates in the Consulting (29%) and Finance industries (32%) and has a strong showing in the Technology (10%) and Internet/E-commerce ... Read More

  • On November 2nd, Wharton will release invitations to its Group Interviews (“Team Based Discussions” or “The Wharton TBD”). If you haven’t done so already, please review our dedicated post for preparation tips for your team based discussion. As in previous rounds, MBA Admissions Advisors will be holding several mock group ... Read More

  • Following up on the 2016-2017 essay topics for the Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management, we wanted to offer our Owen MBA Essay Topic Analysis for the Class of 2019 hopefuls. Let’s take a closer look at each prompt.


    2016-2017 Vanderbilt / Owen MBA Essay Topic Analysis  Essay 1: Tell us what you want to do immediately ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Move over, Harvard and Stanford! You’ve got nothing on Chicago, Kellogg and Darden — at least according to the 2016 Economist MBA rankings.

    The Economist’s list is known for being the rebel among the major MBA rankings, and this year is no exception. For 2016, the top ten schools are:

    1. University ... Read More

  • Let’s see how well our top schools did this year in The Economist 2016 global MBA rankings:

    Some Highlights:

    • There was quite a lot of jumping around in the top 10 with four new schools joining the top of the chart. Numbers 7-10 above are all newcomers to the top 10. IESE, NYU Stern, Stanford, and Columbia were all pushed out of the top ... Read More

  • The following Columbia MBA interview questions report was submitted to Clear Admit by an Early Decision applicant.

    I was invited to interview with a CBS alumni in my city. After a few email exchanges, we picked a date and place. We met at a coffee shop after work. The alumni dressed in casual clothes and I went with business formal attire.

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  • Harvard today is hosting an information session in Budapest on its joint degree program, through which students can study at both Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and Harvard Business School (HSB) and complete both their Master in Public Administration (MPA) and their MBA in just three years. Can’t make it to Budapest but still interested in learning ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    The MBA interview is the final hurdle that applicants have to scale to get admitted to the business school of their dreams.

    And for some applicants, the interview can be the most terrifying part of the application. Yet it doesn’t have to be.

    Acing the B-School interview requires that you understand ... Read More

  • Do you know how your GMAT score will affect your chances of gaining admission to your top choice MBA program?

    How do you know when you should retake the GMAT?

    Do you need to be concerned that the GMAT is going to block your path to your target schools and dream career?

    It sounds like you could use some expert advice.

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  • Should you still apply early with a poor, last minute SAT score? Every year, students are rushing to submit Early Decision and Early Actions applications in an attempt to gain a strategic advantage. Often times, these students submit early applications without regard for whether or not they proffered the best possible representation of themselves in ... Read More

  • Meet Lawrence. He’s currently attending The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

    When Lawrence decided to apply to Booth he was 32 years old, with a GPA of 3.2 (B.A.) and 3.5 (M.A.) and a 760 GMAT.

    Now that he’s all settled into B-School and being awesome, we decided to sit down with our former client and pick his brain about his admittance ... Read More

  • Meet Chuck. He’s currently attending MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

    When Chuck decided to apply to Sloan he was 27 years old with a GPA of 4.8 (5.0 scale) and a 730 GMAT.

    Now that he’s all settled into B-School and gearing up to take over the world, we decided to sit down with our former client and pick his brain about what ... Read More

  • Meet Azalea. She’s currently attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    When Azalea decided to apply to Wharton she was 27 years old, with a GPA of 3.78 and a 740 GMAT.

    Now that she’s rockin’ it at B-School, we decided to sit down with our former client and pick her brain about her admittance to Wharton’s ... Read More

  • As MBA interview invitations and decisions roll out, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know the business school you are interested in; in this edition of Top #MBA Tweets of the Week, we round up posts about how candidates can engage their target programs.

    UCLA / Anderson, Chicago Booth and Toronto / Rotman will be making the rounds globally ... Read More

  • Every Wednesday, we share a round-up of the latest news from MBA admissions blogs at the top business schools. This week we’re taking a look at “that b-school life,” whether it be housing, the first month of business school as well as extracurricular activities.

    As many of you know, Dartmouth College is located in scenic Hanover, NH. However, ... Read More

  • With issues of race and diversity in the headlines daily—driven by continuing national attention around police shootings, controversial state-legislated bathroom policies and the extraordinarily contentious election season, among other things—leading MBA programs from coast to coast are tackling these complex subjects head on.

    UC Berkeley’s ... Read More

  • Round One Interview Invites for HBS Class of 2019 Applicants The Harvard Business School Admissions Committee recently sent out interview invitations to its first round applicants in three distinct waves. The first went out at 12pm noon ET on October 4th, 2016. A second batch of interview invites was sent on October 6th, 2016, and a final one on ... Read More

  • SAT Retake: 3 Reasons You Should Retake the Test Retaking the SAT is pretty common, but it can also be a real headache. An SAT retake means more time, more testing fees, and a risk that you still won’t get your ideal score the next time around. So if you’re going to retake the SAT, make sure you’re retaking it for the right reasons. Here are ... Read More

  • Getting Into Stanford Webinar

    by EXPARTUS on October 19, 2016

    EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Planning on applying to Stanford GSB in round two? You can’t afford to miss this webinar, “The Stanford GSB Insider Secrets to a Winning Application” on Oct. 25, 12:00 PM EST (9:00 AM PST).  You will hear case studies of many successful clients and how they were able to position their application ... Read More