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  • If you’re reading this now, when it was first posted, then good on you: You’re starting this process early enough to benefit from what we’re going to lay out today. This is information that people don’t usually start caring about until October, when HBS begins releasing invitations to interview. We invite you to go check…

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  • If you’re in the process of choosing the right MBA program to apply to, you’ve probably got a mountain of questions threatening to create a mental avalanche in your head… Better close those blinds. Migraine’s coming. There’s selectivity (Can I get in?), affordability (Can I pay for it?), flexibility (Can it work with my ... Read More

  • Sometimes we get people who demonstrate a complete misunderstanding of what we do – and of how the MBA admissions process works.

    If you toss out a question at random to us, like “Should I use this idea or that in my essay?”, we would be doing you a serious disservice if we tried to answer it.

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  • We apparently have more opinions than we know what to do with these days, and unsolicited advice is rarely welcomed, is it? This one is probably going to only be laughed at by the Columbia admissions people, rather than seriously considered, and if they did implement it, many BSers would probably be PO’ed as heck at the ‘Snark for it. (Warning: ... Read More

  • Second in a series for individuals who have not yet started to prepare their MBA applications. For a look at Reasons 1-5, see our previous blog post at   6. I have too much / not enough work experience to apply The range of full-time work history for admitted applicants is much wider than you may think. Top business schools ... Read More

  • Like most things, different studying techniques work best for different types of people. Our friends at Magoosh have put together an Exam lifehack infographic to make sure you safely avoid any test-day nightmares.  This infographic complements other Magoosh infographics in previous posts, such as Minimum TOEFL Score – What do you need? and Which ... Read More

  • We’ve covered this GRE vs GMAT question before but since it came up in the awesome Success Story from a military candidate recently, we wanted to backtrack and offer this advice again, with some additional nuances inspired by what that person said.

    First of all, as a blanket statement (that we covered in greater detail in many prior posts), the ... Read More

  • We recently overhauled the Berkeley Haas essay guide to reflect the (totally effing awesome) changes that they made for the 2014 application season. You’re invited to pick that guide up in the bookstore. We also thought we’d toss out a high-level assessment and some advice of how to go about the new version of their…

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  • Make sure the reps remember you.

    You’ve just booked your first MBA fair – now what? What can you do now to ensure that you’re prepared for the big day? What are some things you can do at the fair to help you get the most out of the event? And lastly, what should you do AFTER the fair to further help your cause?

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  • The Michigan Ross application guide has now been updated for 2014 This guide is currently only available here; any copies listed for sale on the internet are last year’s versions. Read More

  • How to Make the Most of a Shrinking MBA Admissions Application MBA admissions essays are quickly disappearing. In fact, an applicant applying to the top ten MBA programs today would be required to complete fewer than half as many essays today as she would have just five year ago. And – she’d have to do it in a lot less space, with the average word ... Read More