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  • As prospective students begin thinking about the business school admissions ordeal, one of the first things they often do is market research. Just as if you were to buy an automobile, you might look at surveys and expert opinions before choosing which car to test drive. Similarly, you might look at rankings to get a sense of where you might fit, or ... Read More

  • If you’re thinking about applying for an MBA this year, here’s a suggestion: Set up a new email address — in gmail or whatever — that you’ll use specific to your application process. Why? This is because you’ll be registering for a lot of stuff – many business school events and newsletters and eventually applications,…

    While ... Read More

  • Well not really.

    But you could easily think that was the case.

    When you do a campus visit, you’re likely going to have lunch with some students. If you hang around long enough afterwards, someone might invite you out for a drink. If you attend a school’s info session in your town, there will probably be “light refreshments served.”

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  • An MBA graduate of The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Liz Bender majored in marketing and management. Prior to joining The MBA Exchange, she had over 10 years of corporate experience in the pharmaceutical industry.    Liz has held management positions in marketing, sales and human resources for a leading pharmacy benefits management ... Read More

  • Remember when we told you all those things you SHOULD NOT DO while biding your time on the MBA waitlist? Well meet our client, Tom (not his real name). Tom is a shining example of exactly what you SHOULD do if you’ve been waitlisted.

    Basically, Tom took that WL status and crushed it with his bare hands. He snapped it in half like it was a toothpick. ... Read More

  • Priorities.

    by on April 14, 2014

    We did this extensive series on volunteering and MBA apps recently, and it made us see things almost as an equation: What’s more important? What’s worth more? In essence, if you want to get into bschool this year, where should you be spending your time?

    If you’re faced with multiple competing draws on your time and trying to figure ... Read More

  • Harvard Business Schools will send out interview invitations to third round applicants on April 17, 2014 at precisely noon Eastern Time. Admissions results will be released in barely one month, so candidates should expect to be interviewing very soon. As a former round 3 applicant, I remember how exciting it was to go from submitting my application ... Read More

  • Several weeks ago, we did a series on volunteering – and we have another point or two to make today.

    As a refresher, to date we’ve written these posts:

    “Request for help: No extracurricular after college” “No extracurriculars after college” continued Exploring the BSer’s claim: “I work too much to have time for volunteering.” Extracurriculars ... Read More

  • My good friend Mark Zee, a second year student at Anderson, joined the show to discuss his experience at UCLA. Mark is truly a non-traditional candidate, graduating from Princeton University in 2003, acting in Asia for 6 years, starting an import/export business in Singapore, and then working in educational consulting and finance in Houston, Texas before ... Read More

  • We talked about Columbia Business School yesterday and the fact that each year, they’re typically one of the first schools that releases essay questions for the new season. That’s great, since so many of you are so eager to apply to Columbia, like, right away. Today is a quick recap of one important distinction with regard to how they do ... Read More

  • This guest blog post is written by Kevin Rocci, resident GMAT expert at Magoosh, a leader in GMAT prep. For more advice on taking the GMAT, check out Magoosh’s GMAT blog. Many students preparing for the GMAT find themselves in the same situation. With a limited budget, they can’t afford a private tutor. With limited […]

    The post GMAT Prep ... Read More

  • We have so many eager beaver Brave Supplicants around here right now! Which is great. We did a series of posts last week about some steps you can take to get started now.

    Truly, it’s not too early to begin laying the foundation for what your application strategy will be.

    It is, however, too early to begin actually working on your apps.

    The ... Read More

  • To continue with our discussion of the situation with couples jointly applying to graduate school that we started yesterday… Our original post talked about applying to different grad programs on the same campus. More frequently, we’re asked about a couple who is simultaneously applying to the same school. Here’s the deal on that: We’ve ... Read More

  • Jessica Burlingame is a senior consultant at The MBA Exchange. She has helped a wide range of applicants, particularly those with non-traditional backgrounds, to gain admission to top-tier business schools.  

    What do these people have in common?   • A top-rated chef and sommelier • A featured actress in a major TV network pilot • A ... Read More

  • Fortuna Admissions has been asked by The Economist to write a multi-part series explaining how to improve your chance of getting into a top business school. Our experts from Wharton, INSEAD, Harvard Business School, London Business School, Chicago Booth, IE Business School, Kellogg, and UC Berkeley Haas have contributed to this series of articles. ... Read More