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  • Are you ready to dig into your essays? Application essays are specifically and cleverly designed to get into your head. We like to turn the tables on the admissions committees and get inside their heads. Why are they asking these questions? What are they looking for? Read on as our experts break down application essay questions to help YOU plan the ... Read More

  • Hey b-school applicants – are you looking to save money this summer AND get one step closer to gaining acceptance to your top choice school?

    Introducing Accepted’s SUPER Summer Sale – 10% off your choice of MBA services through Wednesday, July 15th.*

    Not sure which service is best for you? Check out these options:

    • MBA Essay Editing • ... Read More

  • In our previous blog, we discussed the topic of who to ask for your letters of recommendation, and common mistakes to avoid, and now we’d like to share some additional tips around your own recommenders. Based on our prior experience reading thousands of recommendation letters as admissions committee members, we can immediately spot an average letter ... Read More

  • Short answer: No, definitely not. Nuanced and more accurate answer: It depends on what you mean by “business school.” If you’re asking, “Am I too old to get into a hypercompetitive full-time American MBA program?” Then it all depends on who you are and why you want to go and what’s happening with your profile…

    While ... Read More

  • As we come up to the business school application deadlines, thousands of aspiring MBA students are asking their bosses, former bosses, senior colleagues, and even clients for recommendations to business school. It’s tough to navigate, but there are resources out there, and most of them are on the web. Below are some excerpts and links to some ... Read More

  • A beautiful campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. An entrepreneurial mindset. Gorgeous Northern California weather. All the cultural offerings of the SF Bay Area. And…you?

    Will you be at Stanford GSB next year?

    If you’re preparing to apply, don’t miss our upcoming webinar, Get Accepted to Stanford GSB!’s founder and CEO, Linda ... Read More

  • Whenever anybody sends in material for review by EssaySnark, we know that they think that it’s good.

    Err well waitaminit… Sometimes people just phone it in. No idea why anyone would do that. After all if you’re paying for our help on your apps, we’d think that you’d put in the most effort possible to do as well as you ... Read More

  • If you’re planning on applying to business school this Fall then there’s at least one important area you should get moving on now: Ordering your college transcripts. This is particularly important for international applicants who may be subject to unwieldy bureacracies in simply getting the transcripts in hand, AND – very important ... Read More

  • If you ask most business school applicants, “What’s the first step in getting admitted to a top MBA program?” you’re likely to hear answers like:

    • “Polishing my resume to describe my greatest achievements.” • “Making sure I have the best possible recommenders lined up.” • “Understanding ... Read More

  • The secret of MOMENTUM

    by EssaySnark on June 26, 2015

    Today EssaySnark is going to let you in on a little life secret.

    This can truly change things for you on a daily basis and on to forevermore.

    This trick is especially relevant and helpful for those of you currently studying for the GMAT. (If you’ll recall from our post awhile ago, if you have yet to take the GMAT, then NOW IS THE TIME TO DO ... Read More

  • Nor, honestly, should you want to do so. Almost every time, what other people write about you (provided that they’ve been appropriately selected for the task) will be oodles more appealing and useful to the adcom – nay, even more POSITIVE and glowing – than what you would come up with about your own bad…

    While much of the blahg ... Read More