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  • Toldja we have more to say (see post 1 on this topic from yesterday – What (not) to look for in an admissions consultant). We appreciate how murky and opaque MBA admissions is. It’s really hard to judge different consultants when you’re going through their standard pre-sales process when they’re doing those free profile evaluations…

    While ... Read More

  • In no particular order, some words of warning for those of you starting to consider engaging the services of an MBA admissions consultant this season. Be careful of: A consultant who tells you to make stuff up for your resume. We hear of this all too often and it gives us the heebie jeebies. Talk…

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  • Another Aringo client got accepted to INSEAD (MBA).Two additional Aringo clients got accepted to UNC (MBA).Two additional Aringo clients got accepted to UCLA (MBA).Another Aringo client got accepted to Michigan (MBA).Another Aringo client got accepted to McCombs (MBA).Another Aringo client got accepted to HKS (MBA).Three additional Aringo clients got ... Read More

  • One of the longest-established of the big five media MBA rankings, US News recently released its twenty-fifth annual ranking of US-based MBA programs. Although BusinessWeek claims it published the first full b-school assessment in 1998, actually US News published a business school reputation survey in 1987, which would make it the oldest MBA ranking. ... Read More

  • It’s Round 2 admit time for the MBA Class of 2017! The Wharton School released R2 decisions on Tuesday, March 24th, and Harvard Business School, UV Darden School of Business, and Stanford Graduate School of Business are just a few of the top schools notifying successful candidates today. Future Chicago Boothies, meanwhile, will have to wait until ... Read More

  • Yesterday we started telling this tale of the BSer with an extended application process – in this case, a many-years extended.

    To recap:

    We first did a Comprehensive Profile Review for them back in Fall 2012. Then they disappeared on us for a full admissions season, until we were surprised to get a request for a Post-Mortem. Otherwise known ... Read More

  • The following blog post was prepared by Kim Carter, a senior admissions consultant with The MBA Exchange. Kim completed her MBA at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan on a full-tuition merit-based fellowship.    By this point, you’re probably tired of reading about how to become a "competitive candidate" ... Read More

  • As Harvard Business School is about to release a new batch of admissions offers, we thought that prospective applicants would enjoy watching this video. It was released by Harvard in Q4 2013 on youtube, but it still provides a pretty accurate of what HBS is about. Kyle and I even recognized some of our classmates… Please do not hesitate to share ... Read More

  • Whether you’re a new admit (congrats!), current MBA or alum, your degree has probably come with a price tag of roughly $200,000. Oy. Figuring out how to pay for such a large sum can be intimidating and challenging.

    The good news is that CommonBond is here to help. They’re a student-lending platform founded by Wharton MBAs who knew there had to ... Read More

  • The journey to acceptance to the right MBA program for you will undoubtedly take awhile. You have to start with the GMAT, then figure out your schools, then map out your strategy, and put together all the apps, then sit back and wait till you get your answers…

    And for some people, that process has to be repeated. It can add up to a lot of time. ... Read More

  • We’re not really in the right season for an essay critique – after all, how many of you have even thought about any of the schools’ essay prompts lately? Most people are celebrating (or reeling) from Round 2 acceptances that have or are about to come. There’s a scattered few here and there who ignore…

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  • On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, Harvard Business School will be sending round two notifications to applicants who went through the interview process this winter. It will mark the beginning of a very busy period, during which Wharton (on March 24), Kellogg, Harvard Business School, Stanford, Darden, Tepper, Cornell (all on March 25), Booth, Haas, McComb ... Read More

  • On Monday, April 6 2015, MIT Sloan will be releasing its round two decisions, putting an end to a pretty busy period, during which Wharton (on March 24), Kellogg, Harvard Business School, Stanford, Darden, Tepper, Cornell (all on March 25), Booth, Haas, McComb and London Business School (March 26), Yale SOM (March 27), and UCLA Anderson (April 2) will release ... Read More

  • As MBA programs begin sending out second-round decisions, many candidates will find themselves stuck in the nebulous world of the MBA admissions waitlist.  This can be a tricky place. On the one hand, it’s important to let a school know that, if admitted, you would accept in a heartbeat. On the other, it’s important to demonstrate good judgment ... Read More

  • Having helped a number of second round applicants prepare for their Wharton interview, we are excited about the school’s round two decision notifications on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

    Notification time

    Admitted students usually receive a phone call by 5pm EST, and although there is no explicit rule, the school tends to start calling applicants from ... Read More

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    SAT Unraveled : Ms. Lisa Jain, College Board, shares insights into the SAT exam Life in US universities : Current undergrad students shares their experience Getting into a top school : Undergrad application strategy by Mr. Vineet Gupta, Managing Director, Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd Been there, done that : Students with recent admits share ... Read More