The chart summarizes the results of a study where twenty

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Can you please help with this?


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by [email protected] » Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:53 am
Hi Sri,

This IR question comes down to stats "rules" and formulas. You'll have to be detail-oriented with the data to make sure that you're answering the question correctly.

1st Question: What is the MEDIAN of the group.

We're told that there are 20 teenagers. To find the median, we'll need the AVERAGE of the 10th and 11th teenager. Counting from left-to-right, you'll find that BOTH the 10th and 11th teenager is in the "3 hours" column. Thus, the MEDIAN = 3

2nd Question: What is the greatest possible AVERAGE if no individual teenager played more than 20 hours in a week.

The stipulation in the question affects just 1 teenager (the one who played 10+ hours). If you calculate the 19 teenagers that are listed AND maximize the 1 teenager at 20 hours, then the total number of hours played is: 84....

So, the average is 84/20 = 4.2 hours

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