Second MBA Canada Profile

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Second MBA Canada Profile

by mandipinder » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:28 pm

My Profile:

Nationality: Indian
Post MBA: 5+ years experience as business and tech product manager/owner across various industries such as supply chain and financial services.
Pre MBA: 2 years experience as Process Engineer in manufacturing sector.
Age: 31
Education :
B.Tech: '08- 7.5/10 GPA
MBA: '12- 2.4/4 GPA

I just got permanent resident card from Canada. I am planning to pursue MBA(preferably less than 2 years) in order to be "good enough" for job market there.

GMAT planned for next month (target: 710). Previous GMAT score: 670

1) I know there are minimum academic requirements for MBA schools. Will they consider my B.Tech or first MBA scores?
2) If i decide to apply now, what's the probability of getting an admit at HEC Montreal, Sauder considering it's already past 2nd round?
3) Will my age be a hindrance in getting an admit?
4) What are post MBA opportunities with present experience as Product Manager. Preferred roles: Corporate Strategy, Consulting.

Pardon me for long post. Looking forward to a response. Thanks in advance.


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by mbaMissionJenK » Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:02 pm
Hi there,
As you may know, getting a 2nd MBA is pretty challenging, in that you need to convince the admissions committee that you deserve a place in the program over other applicants who do NOT already hold an MBA.. plus your experience level (and age, but they are more looking at experience/point in career than age) are a bit more advanced than is typical. It's not impossible but it's challenging, and you really have to sell what it is that you'll get out of this degree that you don't already have. For the Canadian schools I suggest reaching out to their admissions team if you have not yet to ask about their advice on 2nd MBA applicants, which grades they will look at, and to see if they can provide any feedback on the type of program they recommend (for example perhaps part time would be a more viable option). Good luck to you!
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by MariaGycle » Fri Feb 12, 2021 4:00 pm
Is there a way to see if I made a character way back when?
Going to delete DPG when I can get him to respawn, but if I have another character I want to get rid of that one too.