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Profile Evaluation

by mollygal » Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:02 pm
I have decided that I want to go to b-school next year. So, I'd like to "stack my cards" so I am likely to get into one of the schools I apply to. My current picks are Fuqua, Ross, Haas, Harvard, and Kellogg. But I am wondering if I am being too aggressive with my choices.

My stats:
- 5 years of work experience - 2 in brand management at fortune 500 CPG company, 3 in marketing research consulting at smaller firm
- 700 GMAT (43 Verbal / 42 Quant)
- Ugrad = 3.77 GPA from Ivy League school, major = marketing
- Female, Caucasian
- Career Aspiration: Continue to work in the CPG field in Brand Management
- Negatives = limited volunteer/community activities, no particular stand-out achievements

Thank you for your help!

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by jkhousto » Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:27 pm
mollygal -
Thanks very much for your posting. I bet a lot of candidates feel like they do not stand out at times.

Your "raw" information is very strong, but, as you suspect, not stellar. Additionally, your five years of work experience will likely work against you with HBS, where the classes are trending much younger. However, if your essays are thoughtful and you clearly can make a case for your career goals and potential, I do not think Ross, Fuqua and Haas are really that far out of your league.

It sounds like you need to do some deep, reflective thinking on why an MBA is the best next step for your career. You also need to work with your recommenders to let them know why you wish to attend business school and how they see this in terms of your career progression.

MBA Mission specializes in helping candidates tailor their unique professional and personal stories and attributes in a thoughtful way that truly maximize their chances. I might suggest you do some research on our blog. We have application advice for each of the schools you mention. Check it out at:

Hope this helps.
Jennifer Houston, MBA

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by GoBlue » Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:09 pm

I have a similar profile but am in a little worse situation ( well, expecting my GMAT score to be around 650 and am not from an Ivy League school) but am looking to target Part Time programs - Ross, Tepper, Booth - GSB.

Do you think its again out of reach for the profile, should I be targetting Fisher, Kelley etc