Profile Evaluation Request

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Profile Evaluation Request

by carpediem437 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:47 pm
Hello mbaMission consultants,

I was hoping I could receive a profile evaluation. I'm looking into part-time MBA programs in Southern California, and USC is my dream school. Below is my profile-

Work experience: 6 years at a small private mortgage bank (less than 200 employees). 3 years - QC auditor, 2 years- mortgage capital markets analyst, 1 year - LOS administrator 1 year- financial planning. I don't have much direct management experience.
Undergrad school/major: UC Irvine - Economics/International Studies
GPA: 2.87
GMAT: xxx (Aiming for 700 or more)
Other education/coursework: UCLA pre-MBA courses - Accounting 1a 1b, Business Statistics, Macroeconomics (3.9 avg GPA)
Race/Nationality: Korean
GMAT: Male
Age: 29
Goal of MBA: Primarily for the education, name of the school, and network. My goal is to become the CEO at my current company (Family business).

Any advice/input will be appreciated.


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by mbaMissionKrista » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:18 am
Hey CarpeDiem437

Thanks for getting in touch. For someone like you with a low undergrad GPA, I definitely would want to see you surpass 700 on the GMAT. But then again, if you're looking at part-time programs, you may have some flexibility. (But please write an optional essay addressing your GPA directly. I like that you have already taken classes to help address this.) If you haven't already, attend the USC info sessions on the part-time program and see if they'll give you any feedback or direction on your stats. You have some nice work experience and I'm not worried about the managing people aspect. The family business could be a a nice angle too, especially if it's significant.

When pitching yourself to programs, definitely focus on the education and how the program will help you achieve your goals. Schools are a bit less keen on the brand and network angle. They want to know that you are there to learn!

I hope that helps! Good luck with the GMAT!