Need help for verbal

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Need help for verbal

by RasikaB » Sun Feb 14, 2021 6:11 am
Hi ,

I am targeting Gmat at End of March month. But my verbal score V20 , I am getting in last two mocks while Q40-44 ranges(550 ranges). Can anyone suggest to raise verbal score. My target is 700. I am working so can devote 2 hrs daily. Can anyone suggest good reference for verbal score. Now a days, I am only concentrating only on verbal from last 1 month, its only increases 3V only. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong. Is there any problem with strategy? If yes, can anyone suggest good resources.

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Re: Need help for verbal

by Marty Murray » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:49 pm
Hi RasikaB.

If your verbal score is not increasing that much as you prepare, it's likely that you have to adjust the way you are preparing.

For instance, many students seek to prepare for GMAT verbal by doing most of their practice with a timer going, but doing verbal practice questions timed doesn't really work, because two minutes per question is not enough time to learn to see what's going on in a question and arrive at a correct answer. So, if you are doing your practice timed, one thing you could do to improve your results is to switch to doing your practice untimed.

There are other adjustments you can make as well.

For an in depth discussion of how to increase your verbal score, you could read this post.

How to Score High on GMAT Verbal
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