Got beaten by the GMAT!

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Got beaten by the GMAT!

by reddydin » Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:42 am
Hi Aspirants,

I have recently appeared for the GMAT on 9th june 2011. All along the test I was feeling pretty confident that I was performing really well and infact I was eagerly waiting to see my final score as I was expecting a pretty good one. And final when I pressed the show scores button I was shocked and shaken to see my score which read:

Quant 49
Verbal 33
Score 670

This was a score which I least expected to see on the GMAT.
My mock scores are as follows with the dates taken on:

12/03 Manhattan GMAT-1 670(46,35)
17/03 Manhattan GMAT-2 640(48,31)
04/04 Manhattan GMAT-3 690(51,34)
15/04 Princeton Review-1 660(45,37)
20/04 Princeton Review-2 680(51,33)
23/04 Princeton Review-3 700(51,36)
03/05 Princeton Review-4 710(51,38)
12/05 Manhattan GMAT-4 700(50,35)
18/05 Manhattan GMAT-5 730(51,38)
25/05 Manhattan GMAT-6 750(51,41)
29/05 Princeton Review-5 720(51,39)
02/06 GMATprep-1 730(51,38)
05/06 GMATprep-2 780(51,46)

After scoring consistenly on Verbal in the last month before the actual GMAT, I am reall devastated to get a 33 on the actual GMAT. And as mentioned, throughout the test I felt that everything was going great.

Please post your views regarding the above debacle. And do post any queries regarding the GMAT.
Will be looking forward to advice and what to do next.

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by gmatmachoman » Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:13 pm
Scoring in verbal part follows many "patterns". Commonly known trends are

1. Number of question u made the mistakes ( u got wrong)

2. Degree of difficulty of Questions u got correct

3.Degree of difficulty of the questions u got wrong

4. Is there any "consecutive" mistakes?

5. Whether the mistakes are more in number in RC part when comapred to SC /CR

6. Sometimes, the time you have taken to pick a correct answer for a given question.

7. Consistency of Picking the correct answers.

8. How well u fared in the first 10 questions...

See the above KPI determines the score.. what is the impact of the KPI is a"explorable question" to millions of testtakers...!!

If u need some light on the "reverse engineering of The Algorithm" , u can chk out the link.
But take the data & the takeaways with a pinch of salt....

I never guaranteed the way the algo will look like...but it was a very religious effort put forth by hundreds of test takers to generate a solid data for further discussion.

I noticed that one of the Top GMAT tutors mocked at the " hardwork" made by us while doing the research. That sounded very weird to me!!

I did started the thread with a assumption that " ALgorithm used by GMAT prep & GMAC real test" are one and the same & it is endorsed by the fact posted in

All the best!

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by adi_800 » Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:59 am

Good to be back to BTG and replying to thread...:)
I surely do not agree on point # 6 of yours !!

Also, I don't know why but your first score in Manhattan GMAT test is your actual score in GMAT..
Was not the case with me, but I have seen..for many people these 2 scores have matched !!

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by reddydin » Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:15 pm
I would like to hear what my next course of action should be and what exactly should i be focussing on right now.
how good are 800score tests?