Free Knewton "Knerd" T-Shirt (Oct. 9 to 15 only)

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Hey Everyone,

Knewton is giving away their Knerd t-shirt with any GMAT Course purchase, this week only. Get a jumpstart on your GMAT prep and not only get a free Knerd t-shirt but still get our MBA Mega Bonus ($900 value) free!

Learn more and get started:

Beatrice Kim
Beat The GMAT

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I put my order in the middle of October from and I got in touch with them then, and they were friendly and explained that they're a tiny company struggling with so many orders and that there's some pause there, so that if you want it right away they might not be the best one, yet they nonetheless look like a fantastic company and gave it.
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I just give order to blackbear merch but and I am touched with them since month they said they have a lot orders and secondly just because of COVID 19 they send it after a delay but they gave me one extra hoodie as I waited for a bit

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I put my request in October from nba youngboy merchandise merchandise and I connected with them at that point, and they were agreeable and clarified that they're a small organization battling with endless requests and that there's some delay there, so that in the event that you need it immediately they probably won't be the best one, yet they regardless resemble a fabulous organization and gave it.