Evaluation Request: 700 GMAT, UG GPA 2.83, Master GPA 3.31

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I am interested in applying for the part time (evening) MBA programs with Booth and Kellogg. My GMAT is 700.

My undergrad GPA was 2.83. My masters GPA was 3.31. Both my degrees were in Industrial & Systems Engineering. After researching these forums, it seems like a lot of emphasis is placed on undergrad GPA, which for me is not ideal.

I work in engineering consulting and have shown good career progression. I started as an engineer (2 years) and was promoted to Manager of engineering and analytics (2 years) and have since been promoted to the Product Manager for my company's technology offering. My total work experience is almost 6.5 years. I report directly to the CTO and I am sure he can provide a good recommendation letter.

My major concern is my lack of good undergrad GPA. Family circumstances combined with my lack of interest in education at the time contributed to a disastrous few semesters! Is this something I should actively address in my application essay or would that not be a smart move since I did show improvement in masters?

I would appreciate some feedback on my chances for admission into either Booth or Kellogg.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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by [email protected] » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:41 am
the bar is generally lowered, even if only slightly, for the part-time programs at the higher ranked programs. That said, the GPA might be troubling. You basically have to demonstrate to the programs that academics will not be a problem. Any recent course work that can corroborate that, would be great. experience sounds decent. cheers, alex
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