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Ask The Admission Concierge

Free advice from the world's top MBA consultants
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Ask The Admission Concierge

by AdmissionConcierge » Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:38 am

The Admission Concierge is a boutique-sized, one-on-one approach, consulting service specialized in admissions in MBA and MS in Business programs.
We guide you through the admissions process, how to select the right school, craft a persuasive application that highlights your uniqueness, and prep you for the interview.

There is no simple formula to getting admitted into an MBA program. A high GMAT and GPA, or years of experience are important, but may not be sufficient to gain access to a top MBA program. Most schools, including top 10 MBA programs, are taking a holistic approach in their admission process and seeking individuals that will bring a new perspective to classroom discussions.

Our Expertise:

Early MBA Strategic Planning and School Selection Based on your Profile
Personal Story Crafting
Resume Editing and Formatting
Essay Development and Unlimited Essay Editing
Letter of Recommendation Support
Interview Preparation
Scholarship Negotiation
Waitlist Strategy
Post-acceptance decision support
Rejection Analysis

Don't hesitate to DM us for a free consult

The Admission Concierge