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2017 Contest Rules

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2017 Contest Rules

by beatthegmat » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:46 pm

BTGI Contest Rules:

1 - No purchase necessary to enter.
2 - GMAT Industry 'experts' (including, but not limited to - teachers, tutors, admissions advisors, GMAT-company representatives, etc.) are not eligible to participate.
3 - To enter the contest, one must be a registered user at and create a minimal number of substantive posts (5) in the forums at over the course of one calendar week at the beginning of each week of the contest - Sunday 12:01 am EST and ending Saturday 11:59pm EST.
4 - Each public post in the forums counts as one entry in the contest (and each entrant can earn more than 5 entries per week). Entries do NOT carry over from week to week.
5 - Winners will be selected by random draw by Each entrant may win more than one prize per week (and may receive multiple prizes over the entirety of these contests).
6 - Upon drawing a winner for each prize, a review of winner's posts for that week will occur. If posts are deemed to be 'minimal in content' (for example - simply congratulating someone on performing well on the GMAT) or 'filler' (posts that do not lead to meaningful, GMAT-related discussion), then the prize shall be removed from original winner and a new winner will be drawn (with that winner's posts subjected to the same scrutiny).
7 - Winners will be notified via email (through the email address linked to the account) and arrangements will be made to deliver prize(s) as appropriate. Certain prizes may have a time-limit associated with their use.
8 - The prize "Paid GMAT Appointment" will take the form of a one time paid reimbursement of the full Test Taker's fee (currently $250) for one individual GMAT appointment within one year AFTER the prize has been received. Winner must provide documentation (in an acceptable form, such as an Unofficial Score Report, Enhanced Score Report, Official Score Report, etc.) confirming winner's name and date of the Exam. Prize will not be awarded for an Official GMAT taken on or before the drawing date nor after 1 year has passed.
10 - The drawing will be held within 48 hours of the close of each week and a "winner's list" (using forum screen-names of the winners) will be published after each drawing.
11 - Administration of these contests is at the sole discretion of and may be altered or cancelled at any time.
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by yoavyes » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:55 am
Two questions about the terms of the contest:
1. Do comments considered as "posts" or the term posts only refers to new threads?
2. Is posting AWA for review considered as a posting a substantive post?
3. Is posting a question taken from another source (let say a free one) considered as a substantive post?
5. when is the contest over?