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Key Statistics
  • Full-Time
    Full-Time MBA Rankings
    Full-Time MBA Employments
    • Median Base Salary: $150,000
    • Median Salary with Bonus: $175,000
    • Employed After Graduation: 99%
    Application Essay Prompts
    • First-time MBA applicants and re-applicants are required to complete both essays.

      The Admissions Committee wants to get to know you on both a professional and personal level. We encourage you to be introspective, candid and succinct. Most importantly, we suggest you be yourself. For additional essay writing resources, see the essay tips article!

      Essay 1: What do you hope to gain professionally from the Wharton MBA? (500 words)

      Essay 2: Taking into consideration your background – personal, professional, and/or academic – how do you plan to make specific, meaningful contributions to the Wharton community? (400 words)

      Required Essay for all Reapplicants: Please use this space to share with the Admissions Committee how you have reflected and grown since your previous application and discuss any relevant updates to your candidacy (e.g., changes in your professional life, additional coursework, and extracurricular/volunteer engagements). (250 words)

      Optional Essay: Please use this space to share any additional information about yourself that cannot be found elsewhere in your application and that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee. This space can also be used to address any extenuating circumstances (e.g., unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, areas of weakness, etc.) that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider.

    Full-Time Key Statistics
    • Full-Time MBA Students: 856
    • Average GMAT: 732
    • GMAT Score Range: 540-790
    • Average Age: 28.0
    • Average Work Experience: 5.0 Years
    • Rolling Admissions: No
    • Students who are Women: 44%
    • International Students: 33.0%
    • Number of Applicants: 5905
    • Online Application
    • Program Homepage
    • Deadline 1: 01/04/2023
    • Deadline 2: 03/29/2023
    • Deadline 3: 04/26/2023
  • Executive
    Executive MBA Rankings
    Executive MBA Employments
    • Employed After Graduation: 98%
    Application Essay Prompts
    • Essay Question 1
      Required; 750 word limit
      What are your career objectives and how will the Wharton MBA Program for Executives contribute to your attainment of this objective?

      Essay Question 2
      Required; 750 word limit
      During the spring of 2020, Wharton Professor Mauro Guillen created and taught the course “The Impact of Coronavirus.” As part of this course, Prof. Guillen interviewed Prof. Sigal Barsade on the concept of emotional contagion and its impact on leadership. Please review this interview and then respond to the question below: Profs. Mauro Guillen & Sigal Barsade discuss Emotional Contagion What have you learned about yourself during the Coronavirus pandemic? Please share special examples about how these times have impacted you personally and professionally.

      Essay Question 3
      Required; 500 word limit
      Given your already demanding job and the desire to remain committed to important family and personal obligations, how do you plan to handle the additional demands on your time once you enroll?

      Essay Question 4
      Optional; 300 word limit
      If necessary, you may use this optional essay to explain any extenuating circumstances of which the Admissions Committee should be aware.

    Executive Key Statistics
    • Executive MBA Students: 217
    • Average GMAT: 700
    • GMAT Score Range: 650-740
    • Average Age: 37
    • Average Work Experience: 12 Years
    • Rolling Admissions: No
    • Students who are Women: 32%
    • International Students: 29%
    • Online Application
    • Program Homepage
    • Deadline 1: 01/18/2023
Applicants by Industry
Financial Services
Research and Development
Advertising / Marketing
Applicants by Major
Business Administration
Individual Applicants
User Round Status GMAT GPA Age Location Gender Major Work Experience Target Industry
4086622Awaiting decision...7402.732
Chicago, IL, United States
Manufacturing (48 months)
405050Not SureAwaiting decision...Not yet taken3.5631
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Financial Services (40 months)
334878LaterAwaiting decision...Not yet taken2.930
Singapore, Singapore
Consulting (0 months)
Financial Services
404473Not SureAwaiting decision...03.739
Івано-Франківськ, Ukraine
Advertising / Marketing (120 months)
Advertising / Marketing
4036541Awaiting decision...Not yet taken3.730
Chicago, IL, United States
MaleBusiness Administration
Consulting (13 months)
Healthcare / Biotech
4007782Awaiting decision...Not yet taken3.2531
NYC, NY, United States
MaleBusiness Administration
Financial Services (30 months)
Financial Services
3962221Awaiting decision...Not yet taken3.1531
Boston, MA, United States
Healthcare / Biotech (35 months)
Healthcare / Biotech
388393LaterAwaiting decision...Not yet taken3.7127
los angeles, CA, United States
FemaleSocial Sciences
Healthcare / Biotech (1 months)
Healthcare / Biotech
385836Not SureAwaiting decision...0433
SF, CA, United States
Entrepreneurship (36 months)
383470Not SureAwaiting decision...6103.6335
Colonial Heights, VA, United States
Military (48 months)
3814183Awaiting decision...4302.733
Southfield, MI, United States
Consulting (52 months)
379095Not SureAwaiting decision...7003.629
New York, NY, United States
MaleBusiness Administration
Financial Services (36 months)
Financial Services
374444Select...Awaiting decision...7203.2932
Singapore, Singapore
Financial Services (52 months)
376765LaterAwaiting decision...0433
seoul, Korea, Republic of
Manufacturing (12 months)
Financial Services
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