Young and Restless -GMAT score -560 (Q 44 V 23) -Suggest !!!

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Hey guys ,

I have been a silent spectator of this forum for like three months and used to regularly check the experience of other guys and see them score awesome on their G-day. So I decided to write one too , but I haven't scored that well in my exam , 560 (Q 44 V 23) , the result was really shocking as i was doing pretty good in kaplans , gmat club tests, grockit and other sectional exercises.
I was confident enough that I will score 30 in V which will bring my score up to 650 , but i got so tensed at the center ( as i reached the center late ) that I screwed up my maths too. I did OG12 , kaplan premier , Kaplan 800 , barrons GMAT, SC CR bibles and a lot of practice . But in the last week I Just did one exam as I had my practicals and project Vivas in college which took almost last two days.

My profile:
GMAT = 560
IELTS = 8.0
Academics = 79% (till six semester)
Extra curricular = Strong
Sports = excellent ( national level player)

My other test scores :
570 gmat prep1
580 gmat prep 2
580 barrons
580 gmat prep again
600 kaplan 3
600 kaplan 4
630 veritas
640 kewton

Now the main thing , The reason I call myself Young and Restless is because I always wanted go to a B-school right out of my college , and I have been doing all the needful for it like taking part in all the college activities , leading clubs and making societies.
I am presently a Student pursuing my Btech( IT), final year.
All the consultants and University officials i spoke too said that my profile is good but the only reason I will not get the B school of my choice is that i lack work-ex. So , for the last month i searched all the B-schools in canada and came down to :
1. Dalhousie Univeristy
2. Carleton University
3. Wilfrid Laurier University - laurier Co-op
4. Edward business school - University of Saskatchewan
5. Mcmaster university -degroote school of business

which accept students without "workex" in their CO-op programs ,and were appropriate for me before giving my exam as I was not aiming at Top notch B schools. But now that I have score of 560 in hand , I dont think I should apply as it will be a wastage of money and chance.

Guys please suggest what should I do, If i apply to these universities what are my chances of getting call for interview. I really want to go in 2011 , What do you suggest for other colleges like NYIT Vancouver which does not need GMAT.

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by harsh.champ » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:46 pm
You have written that you reached the center late and hence were quite nervous from the start.I suggest taking the test again and making sure that you remain cool throughout the test.
Your profile seems quite good.GMAT is the one component that you can change in it right now and a retake seems that best option.Also try to learn from the mistakes that you might have done on the 1st test.
Best Of Luck!!
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by anirudhbhalotia » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:22 pm
I feel what you are feeling Krishan25! When you want something so badly, but just not able to get it, its not a pleasant situation to be in, specially for your mind!

But here I would agree with harsh.champ...GMAT is an interesting what you know, how your prep was and how you actually do may not be link necessarily!

You mentioned you arrived late...I think that plays a big role of your mental state and your ability to perform at peak! You got tense, that immediately made your mind perform at less than what its potential is!

Never under-estimate the mind, it can do wonders!

Good luck, take a break, and get back to it! You can do it!