Will my profile have good weightage

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Will my profile have good weightage

by HARII » Tue Sep 29, 2015 4:42 am
Nationality : Indian
Age : 23
Work Experience : 15 Months (Currently) [But planning for MBA only after 36 months of Work-ex)

10th - 87, 12th - 81, Engg. - 6.9 on scale of 10

I started working in the area recruitment after my engineering since I was more inclined in the people part of the organization, I started out as an Intern in a small technology based product company and went on to become an Executive in Hiring. So I planning to work with same company next couple of years, since I would like to contribute to our company's growth, However I am planning for a MBA after that.

Will my profile be good enough for schools like Fuqua, Haas, Anderson, Booth ,Ross ?
What schools should I be targeting for?
What can I do to improve my profile?

Kindly guide me


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by mbaMissionKate » Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:34 pm
Hi there,

Well, you definitely need a bit more work experience...most MBAs have 4-5 years experience, so I'm glad you're planning to wait. I'd say keep up the solid growth and contributions at work (sounds like you're on the right track!), and try to take on as many leadership opportunities as you can. Make sure you've got strong mentors / champions at work who can write recommendation letters when it comes time.

Your grades seem a little low, so I'd start your GMAT prep earlier rather than later and aim for an above average score. Other than that, are you involved in activities outside of work? It doesn't need to be volunteer work, but interesting hobbies, passions, or contributions to your professional field or communities can make a difference. Now would be a great time to take on a leadership role in an activity that matters to you.

Feel free to check back in once you've got your GMAT score, and know your post-MBA career goals, and then it will be easier to advise on specific schools.

Good luck!