what is hardest part of IR

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what is hardest part of IR

by tanviet » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:01 am
I see that Multi Source Resoning is the hardest part of the IR.

do you thinking so. ?

of course, the hard question of any part, Grafic intergration, Table Analysis, or 2 part analysis is hard. but for MSR, even easy question is hard.

many persons suggest ignore this type of question because doing so dose not harm the score much.

do you think so

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by tanviet » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:32 am
each type of IR will have 3 questions . is that right?

those 3 questions will be in order of difficulty. this mean we will see the easy question before we see the hard question for each type of questions. is that right?

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by vomhorizon » Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:22 pm
From what i have heard from freinds, that have written the new gmat, is that the vast majority of questions in the IR section are easy to medium difficulty ( with reference to that category of quesitons from QP 1) , while about 3-4 are those that can be clubbed into the HARD category (again with reference to QP 1 EASY-MEDIUM-HARD levels)... This is only going by 2-3 people so not 100% accurate.
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by Tommy Wallach » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:01 pm
Hey All,

There is one MSR "passage," with 3 accompanying questions. The other 9 questions are divided pretty evenly between the other three presentation types (two part, drop down, graphs). Most people do find the MSR the most difficult, because there's so much information and you can't see it all at once. Whether that's factually the case (i.e. MSR questions will always be the hardest) is unknown and, frankly, unimportant. I wouldn't assume that your MSR will be terribly hard, and definitely wouldn't assume that every MSR question will be hard. You can't jump around, so it's always dangerous to have some kind of "I'll skip this type of question". The rest of the questions shouldn't require more than 2.5 minutes, so I say give every MSR question it's due. If you can't do it in time, don't go over time, but I wouldn't plan to skip them either.

Hope that helps!

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by amirhakimi » Sun Nov 24, 2013 5:07 am
Hi there,

It's kinda late to answer this :D but this might be anybody else concern as well. So, here is my idea regarding this case.

I partially agree with Tommy. Don't skip any question simply because of it's category. Even in MSR questions there might be some easier questions.
Here is the part that I am disagree with Tommy's point of view: ;)

Strategically speaking, it's better to skip some questions (lets say 3-4) that you found problematic [don't waste your precious time more than 15 seconds on them]. Doing so, you can spend more time tackling other questions which you have more chance to get them right.
Skipping 3-4 questions will provide you with around 3.5 minute per question which is amazing!

As far as I know, IR is not adaptive and the difficulty of questions in MSR is not increasing as you move forward. For some MSR packs, last question can be solved quickly based on the result of previous questions but it's not always the case!

Hope that helps.

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