What I Stand For / Stand Against

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What I Stand For / Stand Against

by MBAPrepCoach » Tue May 19, 2020 9:20 am
Several people have asked me what separates me from other MBA Admissions Consultants. Here is my response.

1. I stand for having a clear process but being very personal in my approach. I stand against cookie cutter recommendations. Your strengths, life and goals are unique.

2. I stand for stating real goals and pursuing your real dreams. I stand for you getting out of business school set on a path to ultimate fulfillment. I stand against creating a strategy that does not feel personal to you. I stand against being short sighted in this process.

3. I stand for using a coaching approach to this work rather than a consulting approach. Becoming curious about my clients always pays off. I stand against a one-way communication where I am forcing my views and recommendations upon you.

4. I stand for doing a bit of hand-holding. Making sure you are doing the thing. Getting specific about how to proceed. I stand against “high level input” that you can’t easily implement that leaves more questions than answers.

5. I stand for doing the research myself and I stand for my clients doing the research as well. That means speaking to people you don’t know who can inform and guide you regarding career and school choices. I stand against being unwilling to get granular, or check assumptions and instead fly blind, hoping for the best.

6. I stand for clear, direct and plain language. I stand for transparency in your words. I stand against flowery language that obscures the main idea and thwarts your communication objective.

7. I stand for being all-in for all my clients. I stand for being invested in the process and the outcomes of our work together. I stand against collecting money from you without delivering value. I stand against taking advantage of hopeful and sometimes desperate applicants.

8. I stand for my clients being all-in as well. I stand for them leaning into my expertise, being coachable, trusting what I say and doing the work on time. I stand against clients picking out only what they like, or doing the work last minute, because that means the outcome will be unpredictable if they do this.

9. I stand for integrity and honest communication in every form. I stand for delivering honest feedback and receiving honesty in return from my clients. I stand against telling you what I think you want to hear. I stand against you telling me what you think I want to hear.

10. My values are authenticity, self-expression and playfulness. I stand for having some fun with this, and breaking things up with a bit of levity. I stand against taking ourselves too seriously.

11. Most of all, I stand for this process being transformative. I am a life coach who happens to know a lot about marketing, editing, and business school. MBA applications are my container for client transformation. I stand against this process being just a means to the end of getting an admit. And because of the transformation you experience under my care, we get lots of admits.
Farrell Dyan
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