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Verbal strategy

by asree12 » Tue Jul 15, 2008 6:19 am
Hi I'm Sreejith from India. I would like to have some suggestions from you all to improve on my verbal reasoning and Reading Comprehension skills. I take lot of time in understanding the passage and try to answer the questions, Still i find that the accuracy is less that 60%. what should i do. I have been following strategy guides of Manhattan for both CR and Reading Comp. Also same is the case with SC. But i'm in the begining stage, recently started my preparation a month back. I wanted to correct my mistakes as early as possible.Please help me to improve. As i am working as a software engineer i get time to prepare only when i'm back from office that too very late in the night.

Books I have
CR- Powerscore bible(just finished 2 chapters), Manhattan
RC- Manhattan(completed)
SC-Manhattan-3 chapters finished)
Strategy-Princeton Review 2009 Edition with DVD
Maths-GMAT Quantitative review
GMAC books- I bought all the 3 books.

I am aiming for 700 and above score in GMAT as i have just 2 years of work experience. I am ready to buy more books please suggest me the right book to follow.

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by balaji_xp » Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:17 pm
Hi Buddy,
Try the GMAT Official Guide 11 edition.


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by Stacey Koprince » Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:22 am
Here are some additional things you can do (I did post this in answer to another question recently, but I can't find that thread anymore, so I'll copy it again here!).

RC Passage:

What is the main point or purpose of the entire passage (most commonly found in the first couple of sentences or the last couple of sentences of the whole thing)?

What is the purpose / main idea of each individual paragraph?

What kind of info is contained in the various paragraphs?
- background info / context
- support for the main point / purpose (this is generally the largest category of info)
- the actual main point / purpose
- follow-on discussion / expounding upon the main point / purpose

Is there any foreshadowing that gives you an idea of what's coming?

RC Questions:

Is it a general question or a specific one?

If general, what type?
- main idea
- passage structure
- tone

If specific, what type?
- specific detail, what
- specific detail, why
- inference
(those three are the main types, though there are other minor types)

Do you know how to handle each of those types? Do you know what they want? (This is different for each type.)

RC Wrong Answers:

Why are the wrong answers wrong, especially the tempting wrong ones? What kinds of commonalities can you notice after you've thought about a bunch of these? Here are some I've found:

RWP: Real World Plausible. The info sounds good in the real world, but I'm supposed to limit myself only to what the passage tells me.

DC: The info is directly contradicted by the passage

The Mix-Up: Two different pieces of info from the passage have been mashed together in a way that is not what the passage actually says - it just looks good b/c the two different pieces are discussed (separately) in the passage

Extreme: extreme words -- always, never -- typically indicate wrong answers (on RC - this is not as certain on CR)

TBNR: True But Not Right. This info is actually presented just as stated in the passage... but it doesn't answer the question that was just asked.

And, of course, the biggest category of all: Out of Scope. (RWP is a subset of OOS.) The info goes beyond what the passage actually says and we can't do that.
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by yatendragoel » Tue Mar 06, 2012 5:07 am
Don't try all the books at once.

GMAT doesn't require that much preparation. Select one book for Quants and Verbal and complete that. OG would be the best to choose as it is from the makers of GMAT and contains actual previous GMAT questions.

That's it. GMAT is not about completing many books but understanding the concepts asked on the exam, for which OG would be more than sufficient.

If you are comfortable with all the concepts asked on the GMAT and have finished OG then you can go for other books for practice.