URGENT : guidance for practice tests

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URGENT : guidance for practice tests

by confused mind » Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:02 am

Here, I need help from experts and BTGians regarding practice tests/some test series.

I feel I have gone through sufficient(if not exhaustive) study material and completed one iteration of OG questions(with some problems and mistakes still remaining!). Now, I wan to dedicate next one month to practice questions and giving tests.

1. Tests - I want to know where can I find some full length practice tests/ adaptive tests? I will highly appreciate if you can provide me some links or mail me some.

2. Shall I join test series at some coaching intitute, like Jamboree/Manhattan Review? If so, which one is the best and can help me with better tests?

3. Can any of you please suggest me some *known/generally followed* practice set(s) of questions which I can practice. Again, some links or documents will be of great help.

Please help!


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by therealtomrose » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:40 am
Dear Confused,

1. Full length practice tests: In this order: GMAT Prep, ManhattanGMAT, 800Score
2. Online courses: In this order: ManhattanGMAT, Knewton, Veritas. Don't use ManhattanReview (Jamboree in particular looks terrible. Their home page banner says "Do you aspire for Harvard" Yikes.)
3. Practice questions: In this order: OG12, OG Verbal 2nd, OG Quant 2nd, GMAT Prep.

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