Unofficial GMAT Score Reports Now Include IR Scores

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Straight from the horse's mouth :
Test takers who choose to report their scores are able to print their unofficial score report at the test center, which now includes their Integrated Reasoning score.

Official GMAT Score Reports are delivered within 20 days, but most test takers and schools see a much faster turnaround, five or six days in most cases. The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) essays must be scored after the fact, so AWA scores are not included on unofficial score reports but are included on the Official Score Report sent to students and to schools.

"When we introduced the new section in June 2012, we were not able to immediately report Integrated Reasoning scores," said Ashok Sarathy, vice president, GMAT Program Operations. "Now, more than 250,000 exams later, we have enough data to provide unofficial IR scores at the test center, along with unofficial Quantitative, Verbal, and Total scores."