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unable to access the links that are sent within the daily e-mails

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Hi BeatTheGmat team,

I am still unable to access the links that are mentioned within the daily guidelines.

See below:

Additional Reinforcement:
Read The Princeton Review article, Solving Tough Exponent Problems
Read the Veritas Prep article, Problem Solving the J.P. Morgan Way
Watch the GMAT Prep Now video, The Units Digit of Large Powers
Read the Economist GMAT Tutor article, Understanding Powers - The Theoretical Advantage
Read the Kaplan article, Exponent Errors on the GMAT
Ask/Answer Powers and Roots questions in the Beat The GMAT Math Forums

When I click on these, the following message is showing up instead of the content:

404 – Sorry about that!
Whoops, We Couldn’t Find the Page You’re Looking for
The page you were looking for wasn't found, if you think this might be a mistake drop us a line

Can you please fix this as soon as possible?