turning down promotion for an MBA?? should i tell adcom????

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ok..so I work for a bank, in a account manager position...at HSBC Bank to be exact.

I have indirectly been offered a promotion to a new account manager role that would allow me to manage accounts of high end clients ($350K+). After this position, a managerial posititon such as a branch manager is very near, and even closer if I have my MBA.

Now, I am 24 years old (turning 25 in 2 months), and when offered this, I explained to my current manager although I would love the position and would be earning about 55K as opposed to 43K...I know how clients react to relationship manager turnover and it is a huge problem in the bank b/c clients like to have a relationship with their account managers.

I simply said " I would love the job and would be great at it, but since I dont not want to hurt the company and have clients upset over the turnover again (huge problem in the bank and lot os complaints) because I will be leaving to pursue and MBA in 5-6 months. "

My manager was VERY happy I was honest with him and totally understood my point of view and 100% agreed with my. Although it a good opportunity, I would rather obtain my MBA now.

My question is, should I mention this situation to the ad com during interviews?? Would they look at my turning down a pormotion to obtain my MBA and not hurt the company as a positive move on my part???

any info woould be great!!


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by DanaJ » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:31 am
I'm no admissions expert, but I say that being honest has three great things going for it:
- you can get a stellar recommendation from your boss
- you prove to the adcom how very determined you are to pursue an MBA (i.e. passionate for the matter)
- you have a viable advancement option after getting out of the grad school

Just my 2 cents...

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:15 pm
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Congrats on the promotion!

During your AdCom interview, make sure you are VERY focused about your decision to enter the program. If you imply that you are wavering between the MBA and the promotion, that may indicate that you are not serious about the the program / enrolling.

I would mention that you were offered the promotion, but instead want to pursue the MBA from the school you are interviewing for. Once you get accepted to the program, then decide what to do!


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