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Tuck ($) & Kellogg($$) admits: Admissions Gateway Review

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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I have a non-IIT background and a healthcare background and was applying to the M7 with a focus on transitioning to impact investing. In multiple conversations with past applicants/current b-school students, Rajdeep Chimni's name was a constant as the go-to consultant. Given the market perception and how clear and concise Rajdeep was with his inputs in initial conversations, I signed up. I also had other friends working with him which made the decision easy.

Rajdeep is a great asset to any candidate applying to top ranked international b-schools. He brings to the table clarity of thought and decisiveness in action which is quite rare. His methodological approach helps in prioritisation and time-management, especially critical when you have 4-5 applications to submit in quick time. He clearly communicated review timelines, and allowed for multiple reviews and edits. My CV looked a 100x better due to Chimni's inputs. For my Kellogg application, Chimni helped me reflect on multiple leadership experiences, to identify the best and helped highlight multiple nuances that were earlier lost on me. Further, he helped me prepare for the interview with mocks and helped prepare impactful answers.

Chimni has developed a knack for identifying candidate stories that will shine. Trust me; he can make your app sing! With his help I built upon my round 1 convert to Tuck and gained admission to Kellogg with scholarship!