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Test Approaching. Need Advice

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Test Approaching. Need Advice

by Rudy414 » Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:23 pm
Hi everyone,

Quick intro. I have been studying for the GMAT for about 2 months and had been planning on taking it this month, but I have not progressed as far as I'd hoped I would have at this point so I have postponed taking it until May. I am hoping I don't have to postpone it further, but it is too soon to say. For now, I am assuming I will take it in May.

I have pretty much memorized that Kaplan Premier 2012 and two 2009 quantitative problems books, and have taken 3 online practice tests. Every practice test I have taken, my score has gotten slightly worse: 590 -> 580 -> 560. There is about a 3 week interval between each one where I studied what I did poorly on each one, yet each time I have come up with a worse score. It is starting to get very discouraging, and I know one of the big themes on this forum is have confidence. My confidence armor is slowly starting to chip away, and more importantly, my scores indicate I am not getting the topics, though I have been averaging about 2-3 hrs of study a night and focusing really hard on what I did wrong on those practice tests.

So, I open this up to anyone with experience with this frustration and how they overcame it. I have read through countless success stories and they all kind of have the same vague advice that anyone who has ever pulled an all-nighter studying for a test can tell you (stick with it, study hard, focus, all that jazz). So, I was hoping someone could offer some more specific insight. I would tell you what I need the most help on, but honestly between the three practice tests, each one showed a general weakness everywhere, not so much an isolated weak area.

I feel like I have started rambling so I'll end here. I am not aiming for a crazy good score. A 700 would be awesome, but I am being realistic with myself at this point and hoping for at least no less than 650. P

lease offer any advice you can. Thank you!

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by essaysnark » Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:21 pm
Hey Rudy414! EssaySnark is definitely not GMATSnark and we can't offer any specific advice on the mechanics of the test, but it didn't seem like you were looking for that... In terms of how do you get over this hump, what we can suggest is maybe try using a new source of study material? It's possible that the way the Kaplan guides are trying to explain the concepts isn't clicking with you. Perhaps your brain will respond differently if you mix things up and go for another source of explanations? We've been told that GMAT Hacks is useful (and free): https://www.gmathacks.com BTG also has a 60-Day Study Plan that might add some value: https://www.beatthegmat.com/mba/gmat-guide Depending on where you live, you might also find a study partner - Meetup has GMAT groups around the US and sometimes people post on Craigslist.

The thing with confidence can really be true - it sounds like that may be the biggest issue for you. You don't actually have to have confidence that you'll nail the test. Instead, it may help if you simply focus on not doubting yourself, at least as a first step. At risk of getting all Jack Handey on you :-D one thing you might try is just watching for the negative thought patterns, and not letting yourself dwell on the doubts. As an example: Maybe instead of "focusing really hard on what I did wrong" you could spend a study session focusing on what you did RIGHT. Take some time to go back over the problems that you're answering correctly. It may seem like a waste of time - after all, you already know those!! - but it might help you in re-establishing some confidence. Focusing on the positive and all that can sound like a panacea but it could be what you need to flip the switch in your brain and get your good momentum back.

Mostly we wanted to say, "Don't give up!" You're taking the right approach, you're not rushing it, you're being realistic. A 650 score could open up some doors for you. You're doing what you need to be doing, so keep going and good luck!!!

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by Alina Ross » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:53 pm
The smart way to prepare now with your exams approaching is to speak with the experts. You can always join an online course for your preparation. well...don't just join any online coaching with a pre recorded video. You can always look out for SPANEDEA where we provide you with a live one on one online coaching session according to your convenient time.

Speak with the experts to sort your weakness and strength and then work on it.
All you would have to do is have a look and then decide your plan of action.