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Study Plan - Course selection

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Study Plan - Course selection

by shashankss3 » Tue Apr 14, 2020 10:12 pm
Hello all,

I'm not able to select an apt online course for myself as the reviews are mixed and confusing.
Kindly help me select an Online course which has equal expertise in Quant and Verbal ( or whether non-natives usually go for the ones which have good command over verbal. I'm new to this .)

1. I have e-Gmat, Empowergmat and Target Test/MathRevolution prep as my options.
e-Gmat : Most of the people said that it should be opted for Verbal.
Target Test Prep and Math Revolution : Best for Quant.
Empowergmat : Equally good in both.
* IF anyone has heard about Sandeep Gupta , kindly write a review.

2. Or shall i go for both verbal course ( e-Gmat) and Quant course ( Target Test Prep/ Math Revolution) at the same time . would that be a wise option ?

Also, do we need to go for OG if we use any of the Online Prep service ? Are all the OG questions covered in these courses ?

P.S. : I am from India and I've never appeared for GMAT before.
I intend to appear for GMAT exam 3 months later. As I have limited time, I want to go with a trusted online course which is an all-rounder.
Kindly assist.