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Admissions Success Stories Strange Observation - Real GMAT

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Moto2688 Junior | Next Rank: 30 Posts Default Avatar
26 Nov 2010
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Strange Observation - Real GMAT

Post Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:23 am

I joined recently. I took the veritas prep on demand course pack from Career launcher - their program partners in India. Overall I think the package is really good and helped me better my reasoning and other areas quite a bit. The reason is say so is that I took the GMAT prep exams and scored a 700 on the first (Q47 V40) but with a penalty for not finishing the last question on quant and scored a 670 (Q46 V35) again with a penalty for missing out on the last questions of both the verbal and quant sections. Also these test were taken in a quiet room along with the AWA section and no retakes at all. The last time I took the test without structured lessons, I ended up with a miserable 640 and after many retakes got to a 710 with multiple questions repeated.

However what I am about to write is even more harrowing as my final score on the GMAT on the 22nd of November was 580 (Q44, V25!!!!). I mean I am completely destroyed after this. I wrote to the GMAC but have not received the response. However what I would like to ask some veritas experts here is to please go through my observations on the real exam and help me understand whether I am thinking about this the right way or not?

So here goes my observations on the GMAT verbal questions:

Critical Reasoning questions:

    The third question I faced (7th overall) in the verbal section was a "Boldface" question type which I believe is considered a high difficulty level question

    Throughout the exam I faced mostly weaken and assumption questions in the context of a situation - i.e. where the question poses a situation, plan or purpose

    I believe all these questions are advance forms of the regular weaken and strengthen questions on the GMAT
    Further I believe I also faced one or two evaluate the argument questions which I believe are a step above the "situation or purpose" related weaken questions

    I also faced a "reasoning question" later in the exam on a reading comprehension passage which was similar to a "method of reasoning" question i.e. where in the question asks to identify the logical reasoning provided by the author - again which I presume is a high difficulty question

Sentence Correction questions:

    The starting questions seemed to be of basic difficulty with the regular verb-tense and other agreement problems

    I faced run on, fragment and multiple error questions later on in the exam which I suppose are again high difficulty level questions

    I also faced a question where all of the statement was underlined - I presume it is a high difficulty question again

Reading Comprehension questions:

    As stated above under the CR questions category - I got a difficult CR question on the RC

    The third passage I received was a long drawn passage with around 5 paragraphs (same one in which I got the above CR question) - "Science and Technology" related - I believe that is also a sign of increasing difficulty

    The fourth and final passage that I received was a convoluted single paragraph passage - again something I presume signals increasing difficulty

As for my question please take a look at the following list with the reason for the specific question:

How good is the GMATprep an indicator of the actual GMAT and whether the Algorithm on the actual GMAT differs from that on the GMATprep?

Reason I ask this question is because on the GMATprep 1 exam I got a 700 (Q47 V40 - with a penalty for leaving out the last quant. question) and on the GMATprep 2 exam I got a 660 (Q46, V35 with a penalty on both quant. and verbal sections for leaving out the last one question)

Given the type of questions I faced on the verbal section, how does your team or a test expert judge the outcome of my final score?

Reason I ask this question is because I feel I was scoring in the early 40s range on the verbal section
The other thing that comes to my mind is whether the calculation is working fine with the "new research section questions" or not?

Is there a way my score can be re-evaluated?
Reason I ask this question is because I have a strong doubt on my score on the verbal section
I hear that around 13% of the times the official score is different from the unofficial score

It will be great if a veritas expert can please take a look at these scores and help me explain the reason for such a low score.


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challenger63 Master | Next Rank: 500 Posts
22 Aug 2010
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Post Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:27 am
I have the same issues which nobody can help to resolve. I spent a lot of time on GMAT preparation. First time I scored 640 (Q47 V31 IR 2, AWA 4.0). Second time after a few month of preparation but with significant improvements, I scored only 580 (Q48, V22, IR 7.0, AWA 4.5). Then, I spent several month on preparation until I started to score 700+ in any tests (GMATPrep, Manhattan, KAPLAN).

In December, I tried the third time. Surprisingly, I scored devastating 590 (Q44, V27, IR7.0, AWA 4.5).

It is important to underline that from first attempt to the current times I seriously improved my level. During the exam I faced really difficult questions which are really above average.

I have no explanation for my situation. Now, I usually score Q49, V40-45 in preparation tests with 6-11 mistakes in quant and not more than 9-10 in verbal.

I do not surrender and continue to work with timing issues and very difficult questions.
But I do not think that it is reasonable strategy. I really doubt about validity of GMAC algorithm in some cases, even NASA software sometime fails.

My history of results:
01.12.2012 GMATPrep O730 Q49 V41 IR 8
09.12.2012 GMATPrep O750 Q48 V45 IR 8
16.12.2012 G-DAY O590 Q44 V27
17.12.2012 MGMAT O700 Q45 V40
14.01.2012 VeritasPrep O690 Q49 V40

Anyway, I wondering what is your result? Have you succeeded?

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