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Standard SpreadSheet to track your Performance

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Hi Guys, :D

This is my first post on BeatTheGmat. Just got myself registered.

Hey Eric, i read your blog, 80 days of preparation. It was really helpful in drawing my strategy to Beat the Gmat (am sure i will) :twisted:

Coming back to the subject, to make life little easy, i have designed an Excel Sheet to track the performance as a whole (accuracy, speed, mistake, type of mistake etc.) at a shot.

You can keep record of your speed, confidence level, accuracy, and the type of mistake you made (if u made any). You can do your analysis and work on weaknesses. There is also an eliminator to help you answering by elimination method

I was answering 1000 SC (can be used for CR or any other type of questions) and thought of making this. The ideas are borrowed from various resources (suggestions by Eric Eric on his blog, and by Ursula mentioned on her blog)

Its fairly simple to use. Just read the comments on the column heads (you read comments by placing the pointer of the mouse on the respective cell and comment appears).You just have to fill in the data and you can see your success rate on the top left corner.

I have filled-in few entries to help you out a bit.

One important point to keep in mind, DO NOT WRITE IN THE 'ACCURACY' COLUMN, as it has a formula, which, on its own, checks if your answer was wrong ot right, and your accuracy rate is calculated on this.

So guys, use this as you performance tracker. If you find this ca be made better, let me know and i shall incoeporate the suggestions made by you.

Do let me know if it is helpful (for me, it certainly is)


GMAT Performance Scoring n Tracking Sheet.xls
Check comments on the column head for instructions
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by beatthegmat » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:45 pm
Hi Manish:

Welcome to the Beat The GMAT! Forum. Thanks very much for sharing your incredible spreadsheet with the community! I sure would have liked to have something like this when I was preparing for the GMAT.

Thanks again and all the best!
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by wildrebel » Tue Jun 27, 2006 2:46 am
Hey Manish,

Brilliant work! Wanted to make something like this myself, but you just made it perfectly!

I modified it a bit so that people (like me) with lower resolution monitors don't get lost scrolling. I split the panes and refroze them so that the Date, Question Number and Horizontal Headings stay static.

Thanks again! Will help me a lot!

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Modified Practice Grid

by gmatjandro » Sat Jul 14, 2007 8:19 pm
Hi All,

I am new to this forum. Last week I downloaded the grid and modified to practice questions from OG 11. OG 11 has 800 questions, 240 PS , 160 DS, 130 RS, 130 CR, 130 SC.
I am doing 15+10+12+10+10 from each.
It will give me 56 question to do in 100 mins. In the end it will provide me %age score for each section and commulative score also.

Each section have different color code in accordance of difficulty level for me. SC is most difficult for me so i put it in pinkish red color. same apply for other section.

When you score the questions put 1 in the correct column and put formula 1-correct in the wrong column. Wrong column will turn red so when you come back to this sheet later you can quickly see which questions you answered wrong. Also put the first question number in the right column and all other will automatically updated.
If you have any questions or suggestions let me know.
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