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Split GPA/GMAT Profile Evaluation

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Split GPA/GMAT Profile Evaluation

by Split23 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:54 pm
Thanks in advance for taking a look at my profile - I'm pretty new at the MBA admissions world and am just looking for some advice as to what range of schools I should plan to apply to for Round 1.

High Level:
27 years old, White male, US citizen
Education: Elite US University (Top 7), Double Major in Biological Sciences and American History, minor in Chemistry

GPA: 3.25
GMAT: 770 (46V, 50Q), 6.0 AWA, 7 IR

Work Experience:
- 5 years working for a consulting/business process management firm that supports public sector healthcare programs in the US. The firm played a large role in helping to implement health care reform in the US and supports state and federal clients that administer large public insurance and other entitlement programs
- Have been promoted twice and served in a number of different roles. Started out in the operations/consulting unit, working with individual clients to address their operational issues or stand up new programs. Upon last promotion was selected to lead own team (though now only three analysts currently) focused on identifying adjacent markets and new strategic partnerships for the firm's business in the domestic (US) health space
- Have had a number of key accomplishments, including proposing the acquisition of a competitor, pitching the idea to executives at my company, and helping lead the due diligence and integration process once the deal was approved. I received a corporate award for this that's only given to around 15 people a year worldwide out of a total of 18,000 employees

Extracurriculars - was drum major of the marching band at fairly large school (>100 members in band) and also led pep band for all men's and women's basketball games. Was also active in a fraternity, with a couple of minor leadership roles. Currently on alumni board for the group

Philanthropy - was philanthropy chair of my fraternity for a year, and worked for a summer for an environmental protection-focused not-for-profit. After graduation I work with the corporate foundation my company runs, meeting community groups and attending dinners/events to present.

Essays/Recs - this post nonwithstanding I think I can pull together excellent essays, and plan to start writing as soon as applications are available. I also believe that my recommendations will be excellent, based on their feedback on my performance/a draft that one of them let me read.

MBA Goals - move into strategy and operations consulting for the health care sector, particularly for clients/companies that interact with the programs that I've supported in the past (Medicaid, Medicare, etc.)

I imagine my GPA will be a big stumbling block, as I was below the mean at my university (though I suppose the hard science degree might help a bit). I don't have a great way of explaining it away unfortunately, though I do think my strong job performance and recommendations will get across that I can handle the work. I would also note that my quant grades were not great (a few Cs) in undergrad, but I'm taking two classes now through UCLA extension (calculus and economics)in which I'm doing well and will definitely get an A.

I did a lot better on the GMAT than I expected too (though I studied for like 6 months). I'm really just looking to see what range of schools I should apply to - with my GPA are Harvard/Stanford/Wharton out of the question or should I be a bit less pessimistic? I obviously plan to apply to some schools a bit lower down in the rankings (Coluimbia, Duke, Darden, UCLA) but don't know if those are reaches too. Any help at all would be much appreciated - thank you in advance for your time and for taking a look at this.