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Request for Profile Evaluation

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Rahulj31 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts
03 May 2016
1 messages

Request for Profile Evaluation

Post Thu May 05, 2016 12:09 am
Hi Jon,

Happy to see you active here. I follow you on Quora and really like your replies and the help you offer to students Smile

I recently gave GMAT and am currently evaluating my chances for top 10 US B-schools and just looking to see where you think I stand. Any evaluation or advice would be very helpful

Ethnicity :- Indian, 25 years old, Male

GMAT Score :- 750 (Q51,V39, IR 8)

X / XII / Grad score :- 86% (CBSE) / 85% (CBSE) / 72.5 % (Branch: Electronics, Delhi college of Engineering) (Question :- Since I am a not an IITina would it be a negative ? )

CAT Score :- 96.5 %ile , Converted IIFT, Delhi and MDI(I am not sure if this is relevant, but since CAT is another management entrance test and since I have converted 2 good colleges, I think this may reflect positively on my application)

Work Ex :- 4 Years, consultant in Ernst & Young, India (Got campus placement). Client facing job

International Experience :- 4 Countries for work (3 in Africa - Tanzania (1.5 years), Rawanda (0.5 Years),Ghana(1 month) and Philippines (8-10 months) )

Professional Awards :- Among best performer in my team and have got 2 awards for excellence, 1 for Individual excellence and 1 for Team excellence.
I also was awarded by my client with a 'Special recognition award' and cash price of Rs 50,000 ( Approx $750)

Leadership Roles :- Have worked both solo and with team of 5-6 close-knitted people on important assignments. Haven't been a team lead yet though

Extra circular's :- Here am pretty weak.
a) Volunteered for Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi (15 day event)
b) Did some random things like Flash mob (Have proof, since we uploaded it on youtube).
c) Organized an robotics event in the college tech fest (We set the stage, made the rule, judged the winner etc)
d) Assisted to arrange for funding for college fest. (Requested funding from nearby businesses, by proving advertising space etc in return)
e) Class representative of my class (in college) for 2 years.
That's it

unclassified :- I have this unique achievement of having 100% attendance record for 7 years in a row, in my school. (Not sure if this will help, but I feel that it may show that I am a regular person)

Future Plan :- I enjoy consulting and will target a career progression in the same/similar field. Will target to shift to strategy consulting as well (Mckinsey, BCG, Bain etc. ).

Details of Major projects :-

a) Individual work :- Worked with a major telecom company in Tanzania to launch a new mobile e-commerce platform. It was a 1 year long project and I was alone representing my company. I worked as part of Revenue assurance team and was responsible to make sure that there will be no revenue leakage or fraud during and after the launch. I used to frequently interact with the FD and MD of the company for project updates and risks identified. (This is the project for which I got the EY award for Individual excellence and client award for 'Special recognition')

b) Team work :- Worked as a team-member, team of 6 people, on a major telecom firm in Philippines, the company needed assistance in upgrading to a new charging platform. It was a technically challenging project. We had to make sure, that calls, sms, data, other services etc will be charged correctly and users won't be able to fool the system, plus we had to cross check all the configurations, cross-validate multiple reports for consistency and accuracy etc. I ,along with the entire team, got the other 'EY team excellence award' for this assignment. We used to frequently assist each other a lot by sharing work lot and brain storming together on challenges)

(P.S :- I have done about 10 projects (all client facing) with 7 different companies in the last 4 years )
(P.S 2 :- My promotion is due in a few month and may be a Senior Consultant by Sep'16)


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Jon@Admissionado Elite Legendary Member
01 Apr 2011
3112 messages
Followed by:
329 members
Post Thu May 05, 2016 4:32 am
Hey there!
Well thanks for following me on Quora! I hope I don't make too many typos Smile

so let's get into it: First, you don't want to hear it, but yes, not being an IITan makes things harder. I haven't seen an official statistic, but from what I've been hearing and seeing the vast majority of top 10 Indian admits are indeed IITers (or NIT).

But don't think I am telling you to give up! I think your profile is quite excellent. And the best things are:
- client facing role
- tons of REAL international experience
- leadership

Will that alone get you into a Top 10 school? Tough to say. Your GMAT will definitely go some way in helping there.

But I would suggest at least accepting your applicant pool and spreading yourself out over Top 20 (you will thank me later, believe me!). The important thing is to keep schools that can help you reach your goals - so schools from which MBB recruits out of Top 10. At the same time apply to MORE schools rather than fewer (and hey! I believe questions are already beginning to trickle out there... so get started!!!!)

I hope this helps,
and feel free if you have any other questions,

Jon Frank
Harvard MBA, 2005
Founder and CEO, Admissionado

Check out our packages: https://bit.ly/1SyngNR
Read our success stories: https://bit.ly/1qohrfA

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