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PythaGURUS Review: Duke, HEC , Tepper with Scholarships

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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I started my third attempt at B-school applications with a 770 GMAT, yet I was not confident that I'd even get an interview call from 25+ ranked schools. Having received rejects continuously over the past 2 years had left me doubting myself and I felt that I was beyond saving. I came across Pythagurus on GMAT club. Jatin's replies to various posts made me aware of a very simple and effective process. I decided to schedule a call with Jatin and that was when my bubble of understanding of the MBA program and admissions broke.

I wanted a quick fix for my problems and was not looking at very simple and practical ways of learning what I wanted to achieve and how an MBA could genuinely help me. Soon after starting with Pythagurus, I began having daily calls with current students from all my target schools and gathered a lot of information which wasn't available on the website or the blogs. I started to picture myself in those schools and genuinely understood the 'personality' of each school. This led me to refine my set of target schools and understand what my future job would literally be like. Jatin helped me write all of this, very clearly connecting my current line of work and future aspirations with the MBA.

I applied to Duke, CMU and HEC Paris in the first round. I interviewed for all and even though I didn't do CMU with Jatin, he made sure I was well prepared for my first interview. My Duke interview was unlike any interview I had ever experienced, I conversed in Hindi and was not asked any standard MBA interview questions. Yet, with the training I had received from Jatin, I was able to communicate my reasons for choosing Duke, what I intended to do there, and that I had really done my homework and was making a well thought decision. I got through every school I applied to. The results were unimaginable 4 months ago.

Jatin is a very patient and straight forward person. I missed several deadlines, repeatedly gave bad essays and overloaded him with content right at the deadline. He worked through it all to create convincing and well thought applications. I never had an issue in scheduling a call with him or faced any lack of assistance no matter what time of day it was. Interview Ninjas is an incredible resource and more people need to be made aware of it.

I owe my success to Pythagurus, for had it not been for them, I would have still been wondering 'what went wrong this time around?'.

Kumar Vatsal <i class="em em---1"></i>

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I started to picture myself in those schools and genuinely understood the 'personality' of each school.