Profile Evaluation . Thanks in Advance :)

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Profile Evaluation . Thanks in Advance :)

by Ritu Raj » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:08 am
Please evaluate my profile. The details are as follows:

GMAT- 690 [Q48,V35,IR6]
Class X - 89.8 %
Class XII (PCM)- 81.8%
B.E - Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T, Manipal |CGPA- 8.08/10
Work Experience -
5+ years [ July 10 to present ] in Vedanta Resources Plc.
Experience in projects (4 years) and mechanical maintenance(1 year) in a pig iron manufacturing plant
Identified as Star of Business , received few awards , promoted after 3 years, undergone some professional trainings/management development programs

2 months Industrial internship at TATA Motors and 1 month in Bharat Wagons during college

Academic achievements:
-Campus recruitment offers from 3 multibillion companies including Vedanta & TCS
-Awarded Certificate of Merit by CBSE for being among the top 0.1 % candidates at AISSE
-Certificate of Merit for outstanding performances in Science & Mathematics Olympiads
Extracurricular :
-Elected as Secretary of Hostel Committee : responsible for resolving day-to-day issues of hostel residents
-Executive Committee Member of Institution of Engineers (India) M.I.T Student's Chapter (Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Production)
-Organized Mechtrix 2008 - responsible for event management and publicity
-Associate Editor of Institution of Engineers (India) M.I.T Student's Chapter in-house publication "Impulse" 2007 to 2010
-Captained school Basketball team at the regional CBSE Inter School Competitive Sports Programme held at Army School, Barrackpore
-Active Sportsman. Special interest in Karate, Volleyball and Basketball. Semi-finalist in Inter-department Volleyball tournament held in Feb'14 at Vedanta. Green Belt (5th Kyu) in Karate from Seigo-Ryu Karate-Do, India in 2000.

Also supporting Akshay Patra Foundation (NGO) in their cause of hunger eradication and education by donations for past 5 years. Raised funds this year to feed 11 children for a year through online campaign.


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by » Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:32 pm
With a 690, your profile is as good as it can get. This means that if you focus on your essays and recommendation, you can expect at-least an interview call from ISB with surety. From there on, its your interview preparation that will get you through.
Your awards and work experience need to be mentioned in the right way, which means more than what you did, its important to mention what changes it brought to the organisation and also what do the awards speak about your leadership and teamwork skills.

Essay+Recommendation+Initiatives are the three key part to the ISB application. Spread your selling points across these three parts of the applications and you should be in a good position to get an interview call.

All the best and let us know for any further guidance/clarification.
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