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Profile Evaluation

by smokie » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:44 am
First of all greetings to all.

This is Sayan from India.
My profile is as follows:
Name: Sayan Bhattacharjya
Nationality: India
Gender: Male
Age: 31+
Secondary: 83%
High school: 65%
Graduation (Biomedical engineering from tier 2 college): 7.2 CGPA IN 10
Post graduation (PGDBM in Marketing from tier 2 college): 72%
Work experiance: 6 yr 10 months in FMCG brand management. Currently working at Unilever as Assistant Brand Manager. Rated high consistently in work.
Current salary 16 lacs p.a. which is equivalent to 95,000 USD on PPP terms.

Extra curicullam activity:
- Worked for NGO in teaching unprivileged children b for a year.
- Currently working on a personal project of aggregating photographers on a single platform.

I am feeling that my education from tier 2 colleges is slowing down my career progress and reducing my earning potential. Thus want to pursue further education. Moreover I am keen on having my career in Consultancy.

Appeared for GMAT last week with one month preparation. Scored low (660 q47 v34).

Now my questions are:
1. What kind of course should I look at and from which kind of colleges to fulfill my objectives? I am not keen on doing 2 year MBA.

2. Should I aim for second attempt in GMAT? I am sure I can score at least 20-30 points better than my current score.

Thanking u in advance.

Sayan B