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Profile Evaluation

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ozzy10fl Junior | Next Rank: 30 Posts Default Avatar
29 Jul 2008
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Profile Evaluation

Post Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:12 am
Hello Graham!

Here is an overview of my candidacy:

Work Experience: 2.5 years in marketing industry (3.2 upon enrollment). Promoted to Account Executive in May 2007. I specialize in marketing analysis and media optimization (evaluating and deciding which media sources should be discontinued or receive additional funding). This is a very quantitative job as it involves tracking various marketing sources via phone numbers. I have also led a team in the past year to improve my client's online reputation. I have improved my client's marketing return in several areas. I have also tested and launched a new print ad campaign in 50 markets. I have developed sound analytical skills and client relationship skills.

Academics: GMAT 700 (47Q 40V AWA 5) GPA: 3.37 at University of Florida (ranked 49). My GPA in the last two years of undergrad was 3.6.

EC: Assistant VP of Social Activities in business fraternity (undergrad); Volunteered for various organizations over the past 2 years (nothing substantial however). Excellent acoustic guitar player and conversant in Hindi/Urdu. Interests: Tennis, economics, and geopolitics.

About Me: Pakistani American, lived in the US my whole life. 25 years old. Traveled to Pakistan several times.

Essays: I've spent 2 months developing some powerful essays and have received advice from consultants. They should be well-above average.

Recommendations: One from current supervisor (should be excellent) and one from business partner who has seen me over the past few years.

I am pursuing an MBA to move into management consulting, as I find this field intellectually challenging and more exciting than my current line of work. An MBA is a necessity for management consulting.

Please evaluate for NYU Stern (aggressively networked with school), Columbia GSB (big reach I know, plan on attending info session), Michigan Ross (attended info session and met 1 alumni)

All the best Graham!


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Graham MBA Admissions Consultant
18 Sep 2008
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August 1998
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Post Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:36 pm

It sounds to me like you have the basics of a competitive candidacy:

Work Exp.
Marketing experience in media optimization is somewhat unique - should be fairly refreshing for your admissions readers, as long as you don't get bogged down in industry jargon, etc. Length of experience is on the lighter side of things, so you will ideally demonstrate leadership/managerial experience 'beyond your years'.

GMAT + GPA/U.Florida look fine. These numbers will certainly keep you in the running, but they will not help you to stand out. Upward trend in GPA over last two years is a plus. If you studied engineering or business you will fall into an over-subscribed group.

This area looks somewhat thin. Keep in mind that when most admissions officers hear 'social activities coordinator for a fraternity,' they think 'Animal House' - so this will need to be carefully positioned. Beyond your ugrad, it doesn't sound like you have much to highlight in terms of an enduring involvement. Perhaps guitar. As you might imagine, there are many applicants in the pool who speak Hindi/Urdu.

Your goals sound fine, albeit not terribly original (many applicants target mgmt consulting). The key will be whether or not you can lend an industry focus or functional specialization, while naming consulting firms that are strong in these target areas (as opposed to the usual McK/Bain/BCG trilogy).

Sounds good. I presume you mean 'business partner' in the firm that employs you (and not someone who if your business partner in another venture, etc).

Hard to say without reading them, but if you have a consultant and have been putting in the needed time, ideally you will be in good shape.

As to your chances at the various schools, a lot of this will come down to execution. Your numbers dictate that you should be competitive across the board, but not a standout, which is why the quality of your application will likely play a major role. I'd assume that your odds at Stern and Ross are about even, with Chicago being more of a reach. I'm not sure what you mean by "aggressively networked" at Stern (will you be receiving a letter of support from a current student or alum?), but it sounds like you are doing your research, which can only be helpful for the essays/eventual interviews.

Best of luck,


Graham Richmond
Clear Admit, LLC
215 568 2590

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