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Profile evaluation request

by bhargab82 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:57 am
Dear All,

I would be grateful if you could take some time to evaluate my profile:

Gender: Male
Nationality: Indian
Age: 28
GPA: 3.3/4.0
GMAT: 580 (Q47, V23, 5.0)
Current Designation: Systems Analyst, Accenture
Work experience tenure: 5.5 years
Career Aspiration: Entrepreneurship in Music - with a strong passion for music and the corporate lessons learnt in my professional career, I believe that a business school with a concentration in Entrepreneurship will help me achieve my aspirations of creating a venture in music and e-commerce (short-term) and of embarking on an effort to create a viable musical enterprise that caters to the media and entertainment segment, traditional artists, and the underprivileged (long-term).
Dream: Ross, Columbia, Cox, Kelly
Reach: Broad, Jones, Mays, Terry, Mendoza
Safe: Owen, Simon, Smeal, Mason

My background:

Professional Experience
- The application outsourcing (AO) team leader of a team of 12 members [Sep, 2010 - present]
- Senior middleware administrator and chief offshore POC for our client. [Sep, 2009 - Aug, 2010]
- Middleware operations engineer [Nov 2008 - Aug, 2009]
  • - Client: Largest Dutch Telecom service provider
    - Chief coordinator between onshore, offshore and client for an extremely dynamic and demanding IT service delivery contract.
    - Supervisor and mentor of the 12 member middleware AO team.
    - Chief designer and creator of an automation website: reduced fallouts in the order management chain by 60%
    - Built, nurtured and mentored a team of 8 members.

- Middleware Designer, Vienna VA, USA [July 2008 - Oct 2008]
- Vitria developer, Bangalore, India [June 2007 - June 2008]
- Vitria operations consultant, Washington DC, USA [Sep, 2006 - May, 2007]
- Associate Software Engineer, Bangalore, India [July 2005 - Aug 2006]
  • - Client: Largest US Satellite radio entertainment service

- Secured consecutive promotions in the last 2 years after a setback during the 2008 recession. [The setback and following success is the highlight of my professional career - I will elaborate in my essays on all the lessons I learnt during this period]

- Awarded a corporate rating of CSAPG (equivalent to A+) on 2 consecutive years after the recession - 2009 and 2010.

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, India [2001 - 2005]
BE - Instrumentation & Control Engg, GPA: 3.3/4.0
- Co-authored a technical research paper published in an International conference proceedings.
- Authored 3 technical research papers out of which one was published in a National conference proceedings.
- Won the paper presentation contest at a National technical symposium, MIT, Manipal, 2004.
- Completed project work at Indian Space research Organization, Bangalore.

- A solo instrumental music album creation is in progress. [2008 - present]
- Volunteered at Hope Foundation, Bangalore, India: encouraged underprivileged children with the promise of music.[2009]
- Organized and led a team of 8 musicians to perform at the Accenture Communications meet, Bangalore.[2008, 2009]
- Key Member - Accenture Corporate Band, Bangalore: Rhythm guitarist, vocalist. [2007 - present]
- Won the Battle of Bands, Accenture, Bangalore [2008]: First among a total of 10 competing bands.
- Won '2 minutes to fame', Accenture, Bangalore [2007]: First among a total of 24 participants.
- Won solo Western Vocals, MIT, Manipal LEO Club [2003]: First among a total of 16 participants
- Captain, MIT swimming team [2004-2005]: Led a team of 12 members.
- Recipient of the Jugal Srimal Scholarship,Tagore Foundation for excellence in Rabindra Sangeet, [1998]

Thanks and regards,

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by Scottie@VeritasPrep » Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:16 pm
Overall, your profile looks strong with the exception of your GMAT score. I am sure you realize that this is a weak spot. In order to be considered for an MBA from top program then you must at least get to the high 600's. Additionally, you will need to highlight the unique aspects of your profile in order to differentiate yourself from a large applicant pool of Indian males with IT backgrounds.
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by bhargab82 » Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:50 am
Hi All,

I failed to do well even on my 2nd attempt. However, I went ahead and applied anyway and in the process shifted focus from Entrepreneurship to Management Consulting. Got dinged from 7 of 8 colleges I applied to but received an admit from the Weatherhead Sch of Mgmt. I am now caught between accepting Weatherhead or re-applying for R1-2012 admissions.

Accepting Weatherhead:

Although I am yet to receive any financial aid information, the program cost is within my budget.
I will remain within the <30 age group of the incoming class of 2011.
I will progress into business and management discipline/environment now.

The Weatherhead MBA program is only partially appealing to me as I do not see a good ROI for Management Consulting (Strategy).
The career services is performing rather poorly over the last 4-6 years and the future of international students is bleak.
Weatherhead fell out of the FT - 2011 Global-100 MBA rankings.
The curriculum puts an overwhelming stress on Managing by Design - I dont know its real world applications and benefits towards shaping Corporate Strategy.
According to graduate comments and other internet write-ups job prospects in Cleveland, OH is very poor.

Re-applying for R1-2012 admissions:

Have sufficient time to re-prepare for GMAT.
Get another shot at applying to top30 programs during R1 instead of R2/3.
More focused career goals.

I will turn 30 by the time I enroll for Fall 2012.
Will complete 7 years in Accenture with only an additional year of managerial experience added to my existing profile.
Will have written the GMAT 3 times.
Career transition into Strategy consulting is delayed by another year.

I sincerely request your candid advice about which option will offer me the best of opportunities.

Thanks and regards,