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Profile evaluation please

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webking82 Junior | Next Rank: 30 Posts Default Avatar
12 Nov 2008
15 messages

Profile evaluation please

Post Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:35 pm
Hello, Thanks for your time reading my profile.

I am planning to apply for MBA '09 session. I am taking GMAT in the mid of december and i think i will score somewhere in between 580-640.

I want to know if i'll be able to get into any top 20 schools in USA or should i completely get rid of this idea , here is my detailed profile and background

Age: 26

Undergrads : BS- Computer Science

- All Pakistan National Scholarship holder for all 4 Degree years.

GPA: 3.2

Work experience: 5 yrs by fall of 2009 ( Pakistan, Dubai and Canada)

Basically, I am an entrepreneur and started working during student days as a self employed person and since i was from a low income group thats why i started doing things early to make some money . But with the passage of time i transformed this small entity into a full fledge IT Outsourcing company , I couldn't make it a billion $ company but still it has total employee count of around 10 people. During my time in my company as the head i also initiated Internship programs for uni students, i also offered cash incentives for my employees so that they can continue their studies. The thing that might give me an edge is the fact that all the people i hired were from low income group and were under educated, i trained them and offered them job, In short i can confidently claim that i was successful in developing a few people.

Besides that , all of my clients are from USA, Canada, UK etc etc . so i can submit very solid Recos letters to the universities from my direct clients.

Another great thing is that even i am off from the company these days its been running on its own and being managed by the whole team.

After that , I moved to Dubai on a new Venture and established a whole software facility for a real estate company. I manage the whole HR stuff from ad publishing , interviewing, finalizing candidates , visa stuff and then in Dubai i co-ordinated the whole IT infrastructure development. Then i spend some time there make IT policies and plans etc

After Dubai, i am currently working as a software consultant / outsourcing manager for my client company in Canada, and again my task here is to manage people that are working remotely.

In Canada, we have launched a very big portal that already attracts around 100k unique people from around the world and the web portal is still in its BETA phase, so by mid of 2009 it might join the list of being among top 100-200 most visited portal of the world.

I know i am already late to apply for R1 and R2 as i will take gmat in mid of December and then will start application process. So i think i can only be able to submit my application in R3 - But the thing is that i want to know if this kind of profile can take me to any of TOP 20 US schools that specializes in marketing, management , strategy, operations etc etc. if so which schools should be safe for me- I know GMAT of 580- 640 is low , but is there any chance for me ?

I am very clear on why i want an MBA and what kind of mba - So if anyone can evaluate my profile and suggest any reputed schools in the areas outlined above i will always be grateful.

Thank you and good luck to all of the 2009 aspirants !!


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Eliot MBA Admissions Consultant
18 Sep 2008
193 messages
Followed by:
2 members
Post Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:42 pm

Thanks for your post. I am impressed with your strong track record as a serial entrepreneur. You have successfully started a firm that runs smoothly even when you have moved on to your next venture. In additio, you are off to a great start with your new portal venture in Canada - hopefully it will become one of the top portals.

While your successful entrepreneurial experience will help you to stand out, I am a bit worried about your academics. A 3.2 gpa and a sub 640 gmat will negatively affect your chances at a top 20 US business school. While these schools do let in a few applicants with sub 640 GMAT scores, it will be difficult for you to gain admission with a low GMAT score due to the many highly qualified south asians who apply to business school. Thus, I encourage you to study hard so that you can get at least a 650 on the GMAT. I also encourage you to expand your sites to top 25-30 schools.


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