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Profile Evaluation Please - continued

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slique12 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
23 Oct 2011
8 messages

Profile Evaluation Please - continued

Post Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:34 am
Hi Jon,

I wanted your specific guidance on a few followup questions from my original thread, thus decided it might be best to post on here.

Original thread: http://www.beatthegmat.com/profile-evaluation-please-t93806.html

Re-posting my questions to your response from original thread:

Jon! Thanks for the valuable information. I guess what I meant by "eggs in one basket" is that some healthcare programs like Wharton require the applicant to specify their choice while applying. I am guessing that this is not the norm? If not, then I see what you mean because one could simply apply to good mba schools with known healthcare emphasis yet also have the flexibility after being admitted.

Strategy is definitely on my agenda as I am currently working on short term and long term goals. I was thinking it would be helpful to add a personal goal in addition to the professional goal when looking long term as it would "humanize" my essays, especially when my perspective is stemming from a healthcare background. I would make sure that the personal goal is in some way inspired by my experience within healthcare. As an example: Based on my volunteering experience and the impact of my work in this industry, I have thought of a long term vision of initiating and setting up a NGO when I am more financially stable where the focus would be "healthcare" related. Thoughts?

I will ask the same question I asked "throughmba": I am curious to know if my cumulative gpa and gap in work experiences need to be addressed? If yes, what are the possible ways one might do that? If one route is the essays, then which type of essays would such a topic be appropriate in? I am having trouble imagining how one can just "fit" such information when obviously one is focused on writing about other things.

Also, I have read that coming from a not-for-profit background is usually a plus? The healthcare system I work in is a large organization and very well known in my state. Yet it is also a not-for-profit organization? Is there any way I could use this to my advantage?

Lastly, and thank you for reading thus far, can I ask what schools would be some picks you might recommend a person with my background, diversity and profile? And why? Food for thought: Maybe some top schools are more linient towards below average gpa's, maybe some top schools like healthcare applicants, etc? Would it be that schools NOT known for their healthcare mba programs would be suspicious of my goals since my entire goal strategy is built on staying within healthcare?

I really appreciate your time and feedback!

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Jon@Admissionado Elite Legendary Member
01 Apr 2011
3112 messages
Followed by:
329 members
Post Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:37 am
Thanks for reposting here!

The forum is super active, and sometimes I can't answer every post.

As for eggs in one basket, first of all if you are interested in healthcare, now is perhaps time to take that leap. Second of all, if you get in (and I'm not referring to double degree programs for which you have obligations of a full degree, but rather programs with specializations) you can always change your mind and seek another type of job. Getting in is your current goal.

Plus, all of the programs I did mention all have amazing general MBA programs, so I don;t feel you are necessarily limiting yourself.

As for "humanizing" your goals, this is true in terms of narrative and passion but less in terms of helping others. One of the least convincing and most common goals is "because I want to help my country/people etc." when you don;t have a past record of it. It just smells like bullshit from the start often. You know, when I read that someone who has studied economics and worked in a big bank and he tells me he wants to save the world by becoming a banker, I gotta raise an eyebrow or two. But if you DO have real concrete experience in an NGO, it can be good. Otherwise, just keep it clean and simple.

The idea of your goals is not to make them the most original in the world, or the most sentimental, but to show how they are truly yours and how you hive a high probability of succeeding.
As for your GPA, yes you do need to address that. The work gap, maybe. It's less necessary because a few months after the uni is totally normal. IT depends on what else you might write in your optional essay (for example you might need the space to talk about your grades).

non profit can be a plus, but only if it's real and deep. If it's not you, don't try and use it as an advantage. Keep in mind that if you put yourself in the non profit group, you are gonna go up against people who worked five years, sacrificing a strong salary to do that, and they will win over every time.

Finally, school choice: Better if you drop us a line and we set you up with a consultant who can have a look at everything personally and intimately. No costs and no obligations:


Jon Frank
Harvard MBA, 2005
Founder and CEO, Admissionado

Check out our packages: https://bit.ly/1SyngNR
Read our success stories: https://bit.ly/1qohrfA

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