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Profile Evaluation MiM

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glatzekatze Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts
21 Feb 2016
1 messages

Profile Evaluation MiM

Post Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:37 am
Hi there,

I am currently thinking about where to do my master in fall 2017. I am hoping to get here some advice about what to do during the next year to enhance my profile, where to apply to, how my chances are etc.

I am a 24 year old German female

Academic Background:

I have the German Abitur
I have a 4-languages diploma (though in 5 languages), I did after my Abitur. In Business English, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian. I cannot speak all of the languages anymore since I did this diploma in 2011/2012, but I suppose they’d come back if I started to study them again.
Since my mother is half Greek and I am in Greece each year, I can also speak some basic Greek.
During this diploma, I consistently traveled, e.g. to Thailand, to Myanmar, United States etc., never for a long time, but always enough time to get several impressions.
Studies: Media and Communication Management at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. (Bachelor grade 2.1, GPA 3.57) My bachelor thesis had the topic: The Potential of Hemp in the Textile Industry - An Empirical Analysis of the Sustainable Trend in Germany and how Hemp fits in. (Grade 1.3)
I know my grades are not the best, but since during my last 3 semesters, I only had grades better than 1.3 (except for one essay), I hope that I can somehow explain myself in my motivation letters and make up for it.
Semester abroad at National University in San Diego
Practical Semester at ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG (One of the biggest German mass media companies) as a Special Ad Sales Intern.
GMAT: This is an issue, I have taken it twice; first: 700 (Q45/V41), second (I cancelled it, so that I still have time to think about whether to take it or not): 700 again (Q48/38); I plan on taking the GMAT again in the middle of August, since I consistently scored 760+ on the GMATPrep practice tests.
Letter of Recommendation: I have one letter of recommendation from my lecturer whom I had in 5 classes (e.g. Entrepreneurship, HR,..). I think this letter will be considered as very good.

Pracitcal Experience:

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG Intern for 5 months. I mainly worked with SalesForce. I did presentations for clients, sold ads myself (I even had my own clients), made market research, did translation work, etc.
Studies: during my studies, we consistently worked together with clients from large companies, for which we made corporate designs, new marketing strategies.
Internships: I am currently applying for internships for the next year, I want to do 2 - 3 internships in different fields. I try to get an internship in a finance department, one in a VC and one maybe in marketing
Start-up: I am currently founding my own start-up based on my bachelor thesis. With this start-up we enter a competitive field of only one other company world wide; It’s about a special kind of fashion made of hemp. I hope we’ll be done by this winter and can start selling in February/March 2017. It is all about the future and the importance of being sustainable.


Mentally ill people: Since my father has a social company, I have always been involved in it. I have grown up with mentally ill people and have learned early how to provide the best help for them. I will also become a board member in the association this year. In the association we mainly plan events with the mentally ill people, do trips, etc.
Refugees: As the refugee wave came to Germany, a few friends and I organized a group of people who drove to the boarders and provided food and water to the refugees. I also plan to hire refugees to sew the fashion for the start-up (of course with fair wages), but I am not sure yet, if I will find suitable candidates.
Buddy Program: During my studies, I accompanied foreign people who came to Munich to study. I helped them with documents concerning their Visas, helped them to find suitable accommodation, helped them to find friends and to settle in Munich. (the students were e.g. from South Korea, Sweden…)
Dog’s Fashion Show: I don’t know if I should include it, but it emphasizes my interest in fashion and to face challenges. When I was 18 I organized a dog’s fashion show (for which I have designed the clothes and also sew them) with real dogs in front of a audience of several hundred people.
Theater/Acting: I have started to be in our theater club in school in 5th class and have continued ‘til the 11th, I have also had acting lessons for over 5 years. I think this could be relevant for presentation skills, since I have learned how to properly present myself.
(M)ein Englischer Garten: A project during my studies in which we proposed a way to connect the two parts of the English Garden in Munich.
Humans of Munich: Together with a photographer, I did an own interpretation of the famous project Humans of New York. We wanted to offer a new way to look at the Germans, since we are perceived as stiff and maybe boring. I conducted interviews, managed our social media channels and did the translation work. In only a couple of months, we had several articles in highly valued newspapers, radio interviews, more than 20.000 followers and a reach of (at our high time) over 100.000 people.
MinD/Mensa: Member of MinD/Mensa, which is an organization for intellectually gifted people around the world. To be accepted, you need to have an IQ over 130. Through this, you have the opportunity to get a high value network anywhere in the world.
Sports: Tennis Team captain

I think that’s it, I don’t know if my interests should be included in my CV, but they would be: Aerial Hoop, piano (started at age 5), electrical guitar (started at age 12), diving (started at age 13), horseback riding (started at age 5), tennis (started at age 4), skiing (started at age 2), high interest in arts and photography (I modeled myself for a couple of years, for fashion and for art), traveling (I have been in over 25 countries and try to experience new cultures at least once or twice a year)

At the moment I am trying to make my CV somewhat more special, I am thinking of taking classes for programming C++ and Java, maybe a math or finance course at a university, since I barely had math in university.

I don’t know yet what would be the best for me to study. Mainly I thought about doing a Master in Management or Master in Finance. Maybe also an MBA, but I think that I don’t have sufficient work experience for it. Do you think I have any chances of getting into one of the top 10 management or finance programs? I thought about HEC, Insead, LBS, LSE and so on.

I would be so happy if you could help me to evaluate my profile and suggest me suitable universities and studies. I want to start in fall 2017 and apply during the first rounds because I have heard that in this round the chances of being accepted are highest.

Thank you so much in advance! Smile

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mbaMissionJenK Master | Next Rank: 500 Posts Default Avatar
25 Apr 2013
343 messages
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11 members
Post Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:21 pm
Hi there,

Thanks for your thorough post. It sounds like you have a LOT of interests, activities, and experiences to bring to a potential graduate school program, and future career. In fact, your challenge in that regard may be to focus on quality rather than quantity, and emphasize a few key involvements that are most important to you, vs listing EVERYTHING you've shared here, as you show who you are to the schools.

It's a little hard to follow your work experience without a full resume; but for a Masters in Management it's acceptable to have 0-2 years of experience so probably not a deal breaker. For an MBA, yes you'd want more like 3-6 years of full time experience showing leadership and management potential. With a strong GMAT and application you could have a shot at some reputable MiM programs; my advice would be to really think and research the END GOALS/your career plan... try to figure out where you want to end up, and why and how, THEN ask yourself what degree might get you there..

Hope that helps! Good luck to you.

Jennifer Kedrowski
MBA Admissions Consultant

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