Profile Evaluation- GMAT 660 Q49 V 33

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Profile Evaluation- GMAT 660 Q49 V 33

by ravi.uppal2004 » Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:32 am

I am a male candidate from India and recently appeared for my GMAT and scored Q49 and V 33 with total of 660 and a 5.5 in AWA , I will have 10 + years of experience and have been in the Management Consulting Six Sigma Industry..7 years in India and 3 + year in US
My GPA at graduation was in the range of 2.5 to 3 as it was not up to the mark during the time period i also pursued Master's degree with a GPA 3.7
My Bachelor's degree was in Economics and the Master's degree was in Accounting and International Business

Please let me know what are my options and which schools should i be targeting for a accelerated MBA/Full time MBA in the US, Singapore, Australia and India -- I am keeping my options open and am flexible to move to any country to purse my education, though I have been in the US for the last 3 years and would prefer to apply to schools out here

Also do I have any scope to apply for a Financial Aid as i will be funding my education myself and come from a middle class family?

Ravi Uppal


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by mbaMissionJenK » Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:19 pm
Hi Ravi,

Thanks for posting. It sounds like you have established a long career in management consulting, and your Masters GPA is a plus. Your undergrad GPA and GMAT are potential weaknesses, but I think the biggest thing that schools will want to thoroughly understand is your 'WHY'.... so be sure to really put some thought and effort into explaining why you want to go back to school (again) and where you see your post-MBA career path winding up.

Some other various thoughts after reading your post...

-with so much experience, you may want to look at part-time or Exec programs, but it depends upon where you are at and where you want to go, career-wise

-when you say accelerated, I assume you mean one-year? Of which you'd find more of in Europe and Asia etc, but here's a P&Q article with the relevant US programs mentioned: ... -programs/

-I'm not sure if you've taken the GMAT more than once, or if you'd consider a re-take, but that would strengthen your position with any school, and with any financial aid/scholarship opportunities. The GMAT rules recently updated as well, such that cancellations are not reported and you can see your score before deciding to accept it, so there's not much to lose by re-taking if that is a consideration.

-In terms of researching schools, you will ideally want to aim for those where you are close to their average GMAT, for better chances. For global options you may want to reference the Financial Times international MBA rankings. You can also look at profiles on the's b-school profile pages for stats and info.

-As for financial aid, actual scholarships are generally reserved for top applicants at a given school. But I'd say most MBA students do take on low interest-rate educational loans, paid back over 5-15 years with their post-MBA salaries. Many loan options are available; for example we partner we partner with M7 financial to offer loans to US students or international students with a co-signor.

Hope some of that was helpful, good luck on the process!
Jennifer Kedrowski
MBA Admissions Consultant
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