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I would like to apply to a full-time MBA Program on 2017 and I´d like to know how much I should aspire to on my GMAT with the following profile. I will be applying this fall to some of the top 10 US Schools on the first application round.
Nationality: Venezuelan (Latin Minority)
Gender: Female (minority)
Age: 24
GPA: 3.1 (5th in my class) in Business Administration (mention in management) at Universidad Metropolitana (3rd University in Venezuela)
Work Experience: 4 months in a BTL company as account assistant (1 month) and then executive (3 months), this short experience I don´t know if I should include, 1 year of Commercial Trainee Program at Nestlé Venezuela, currently Commercial and Digital Communications Specialist (Total experience for the moment of application: 1 year and 9 months at Nestlé, for the moment of starting the MBA 2, 5 years at Nestlé, last year as Consumer Marketing Manager, this will probably not be by the time of the application)
Extracurricular Activities: 5 years in the university Model UN program (as delegate, secretary, head delegate and faculty advisor to years). 2 years in a foundation called Embajadores Comunitarios, as volunteer and as Program Coordinator (part of the executive committee), and 5 years as volunteer in a foundation called Un Día Juntos, Currently Vice-President of the Alumni Association of my university (Universidad Metropolitana) Also I was an English and math tutor for children (should I include it in my application?)
Miscellaneous: prize for academic excellence and student participation in my university.
Career Goals: I have multiple options: marketing, social responsibility and human resources.

What do you think of my profile, how much should I be aiming to on my GMAT Score?
What comments do you have for my questions?
What other recommendations do you have?

Best Regards.

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by [email protected] » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:56 pm
Thanks for sharing your profile.

Your diverse background being female and from Latin America, and your extracurricular activities helps differentiate you. You would need to demonstrate the impact you made at work and with outside responsibilities to highlight leadership and teamwork skills, this would greatly impact your application profile. Scoring in the 700s or close to it would help demonstrate your ability to excel or keep pace with the academics at a top 10 program. Work on getting strong recommendations that would compare you favorably with peers of similar roles.

Hope this helps!
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