Profile Evaluation: Asian

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Profile Evaluation: Asian

by kaushals » Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:41 pm

My profile:

Male/Indian/24 Years old.
Undergrad study: Bachelor of Engineering. Graduated with 1st class (74 %)
GMAT: 710 (Q50/V34) / AWA 5.5

Work Experience(Will be 4 years by admit time):
- worked as a senior software developer in a mid level startup (around 500 employees). Fastest growing company in its domain.
- Involved in requirement gathering & product development.
- Sometimes involved in direct discussions & solution presentation to clients.
- Very small international work ex of 25 days. This is the biggest international deployment of the company in terms of revenues. Was directly dealing with the client in these 25 days(and it was a very short time span in which the whole system was made live).

post-MBA career goal: business development/statergy consulting

Extra curricular:

- Was an active participant in professional sports. Participated till state level in 2 sports during school time.
- Working for an NGO for last 5 months.
- Won many performance awards at work. Includes highest award for recognition(2 times)
- Involved in various cultural societies in college.

I am planning to apply to ISB, NUS, Nanyang, HKUST, schulich.

Should i downgrade my options or can i upgrade to include some higher level schools(said business school, HEC Paris).

Please provide a brief regarding my chances.


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by [email protected] » Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:56 am

I do think you have the makings of a competitive profile for those schools. The key will be to distinguish yourself from all of the other male/Indian/engineering applicants who will also be competing for slots at those schools. You can do that with essays and letters of recommendation that highlight the specific achievements that you've demonstrated in your job that show off your leadership and teamwork attributes.

Good luck!