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I have been applying to a couple of school in R1. Before proceeding any further, I'd want an opinion whether I am heading in the right direction.

Here's my profile.

GPA: 8.45/10

GMAT: 680 (Q: 48 V: 35)

Professional Exp: 4+ years in one of India's biggest IT companies

Role/Responsibilities: Working as a technology consultant for Middle East & UK clients in Retail Enterprise Services. Have sound knowledge in ERP tools & UNIX. Also, regularly engaging in client interactions, preparing business documents, leading teams, and mentoring associates.

Entrepreneurial Exp: Started 2 companies while in college - 1. Education Institution and 2. Internet Marketing. Responsibilities included analyzing competitor landscapes, and designing and executing strategic marketing and operational plans to increase customer base.
Extra-curricular: Active in music since 2002. Have 2 albums in my name. Toured throughout India, participating in biggest festivals. Collaborated with biggest names from Bollywood.

Community Service: Involved in voluntary teaching during high/school college. Currently member of Cognizant Outreach Program, responsible for enhancing education opportunities at under-resourced govt. schools

I have a call from Simon. Been planning to apply at Tepper & Kenan-Flagler. And a couple of colleges in Canada/Europe.

Another query which I have is regarding my undergraduate degree. I have a 3 years bachelor degree. Will that pose a hindrance? I have seen most US colleges are stringent about a 4 year degree, although a couple gave give that a pass.

Hoping to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and regards.


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by CriticalSquareMBA » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:27 am
The schools you're targeting make sense. Yes, 4-year degrees are preferred. To demonstrate your ability to handle an MBA course load, you may want to consider taking a finance, accounting, or microeconomics course, earn a high mark, and send that in as an alternate transcript.
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