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760 GMAT(51Q,41V)/Petroleum(Non-IT) Engineer/3.5 yrs WE Oil & Gas


I would be grateful if you can assess my profile and mention the strengths and weakness.

24 year old Indian Male

Current Job:Working as a Petroleum Engineer(Reservoir Engineer) in a
state-owned Oil and Gas E & P(Exploration and Production) company.(Didn't
switch to a bigger company for the vast learning experiences in a small
start-up dept.

760 GMAT (Q51,V41,AWA 5.0)-1st attempt
6.68/10 GPA (3.54/4.00 on US Scale -Converted through World Education Services)
(Also submitting an alternative transcript(99/100 score) from mbamath online course to offset the low Quant Courses GPA)

Undergraduate Degree(Bachelor of Technology) in Petroleum Engineering from ISM
Dhanbad(the only institute apart from IITs to take admission through IIT-JEE.

Work Experience:3.5 years(from June 2009) with an Oil & Gas Exploration and
Production MNC(Public Sector Undertaking Company).

Promotions:On the same post(though had increasing responsibilities) for 3.5 years as
promotions are time-based in Indian Government Companies.(4-5 years)

Job Profile:1)Analysing well data from oil fields,running simulation based on those data and predicting forecasts for oil production and field development.
2)Work on oil rigs(atleast for 1 month per year) during the oil testing phase
3)Department Representative(1 from each dept. in the company) for the Corporate Data Managment System(CDMS).
4)Responsible for techno-economics in Reservoir Team.

Note:-In 2012,for 4 months,(Aug - Dec)due to 2 seniors leaving we had only 2 people(Me + 2 trainees who joined in June 2012) in the department.Due to this,I greatly managed most
of the work of the department (acting HOD-Head of Department) and made changes
to working of a few things.

Accomplishments:-1)Initiated the Well Site Visit of Reservoir Engineers to Offshore Rig during Well
Testing(A new process in a start-up department).
2)Presented SPE(Society of Petroleum Engineers) Paper on "Drilling & Testing
Challenges in HPHT Environment" in OGIC(Oil and Gas International Conference),2012.
Represented the Company at OGIC;1st in-house paper at the company.

Extra-Curriculars:-1)Worked as a Presiding Officer in the Gujarat State Assembly Elections(Social Work/Leadership) in Dec. 2012.
2)Found the College Rock Band 'Blitzkreig'(Played Rhythm Guitar) with a batchmate(also a singer in the band)
3)Was a member of the team which co-ordinated the 2010 ISM(College) local Alumni Meet.

Language Skills:-Hindi (Native),English (Fluent),French (Intermediate - Cleared DELF A2 level),Rajasthani(Native).

Career Goals:-
Short Term-Join a consultancy firm in energy/petroleum sector(Can utilize both my technical and management skills)
Long Term-Start own consultancy firm myself or with colleagues in the same domain area.
In relevance to career goals,I am looking to major in
Consulting/Entrepreneurship/International Business(given the international reach of oil and gas industry)

Schools :Harvard,Stanford,Wharton,Columbia,MIT,Columbia and NYU
(Suggestions welcome regarding adding or dropping any school(s) considering the
majors and career goals)

P.S.(I prefer to study in a big city ;personal choice as well as more opportunities.A campus with more facilities/student attracts my eye-Ex:-Stanford)Please correct me if I am wrong in considering the above 2 factors.
It takes time and effort to explain, so if my comment helped you please press Thanks button :)

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by milimbamission » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:38 pm

Thanks for sharing your background and your criteria for business schools.

Overall your profile is quite strong - great professional experience, unique industry experience, stellar GMAT. My concern would be extracurriculars - these don't seem very current or consistent. If you've consistently been involved in the state general assembly, that would be great, but sounds like it was a very short duration. The other activities are from college. So, this will be a weakness.

Still, I would say that your schools are quite ambitious. HBS, Stanford - these are going to be long shots... though not necessarily out of the question. Wharton, MIT, Columbia are almost equally as competitive! So, I would suggest adding more balance to your list. If you want to be in a city, consider programs like UC Berkeley, UCLA, UChicago, Kellogg. I would suggest adding one or two programs like this to your list in place of some of the highly competitive ones. Stern is fine.

I think you're criteria are not right/wrong - it's whatever you want out of your experience. Makes sense to me that you want to be in a city and that you want good facilities :)

Hope this helps,

Mili Mittal
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