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profile eval

by tom09 » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:22 am
I have following schools in mind:

stanford, chicago booth, columbia, mit and wharton.

I will have 3 years of full time work experience working as engineer supporting manufacturing & operations in high tech (think apple, microsoft or google)

I hold bse in electrical engineering from top 10 engineering school and mse in computer engineering from top 5 with full ride. ugpa & gpa is 3.5

I took gre (v161 q170 -> gmat 750 using ets conversion tool)

extra curriculum involves many years of volunteering and teaching kids math and science; some investment club activity

I would like to pursue consulting post mba career serving high tech & biotech device companies which require controlled manufacturing, supply chain & operation process.

How do you see my profile against these schools?

Thanks in advance for any feedback :)