Pls evaluate my profile

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Pls evaluate my profile

by winner's attitude » Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:31 am
1) Indian Male - 31- Under grads - Business Management ( non IT and non Engineer )
2) Undergrads - Bachelors in Business Admin - First class - among top 10% students
3) A few more achievements with extra ordinary scholarship at national level during undergrads.
4) Experience - nine years of experience in Financial Services
Functionally - Business Development, Retail
Excellent exposure in terms of leadership, have been leading and managing people for the last seven years now

Career progression == trainee TO sr. manager

Now, here come the weaknesses too

1) No international work exposure because my job doesn't demand it all
2) Have already reached an age of 31

Now comes the question Why MBA ?

Want to get into consulting, so my focus would be sales consulting, marketing and strategy.

I have been preparing for GMAT and have been consistently scoring 600-640, but am afraid that this score won't help me in reaching anywhere so am still giving some more time to reach up to 680-700 at least or 700+.

My target schools are


I am sure that i appear for gmat right now i would score around 650 , so should i appear for gmat or should i make it sure that i reach to a level of 700

what should be an ideal score for such profile with higher work experience like mine ? I want to ensure that my profile doesn't fall behind just because of GMAT score , so what would be the ideal score for above mentioned B-schools and given my profile.

How much does an age of 31 affect?

I understand a few aspects of my questions are very relative, but would be obliged it you can just give your individual comments on the basis of your experience till date

Thanks very much for evaluating my profile

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by Scottie@VeritasPrep » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:19 pm
You should look at the 80th percentile range of GMAT scores for your target schools to get a better idea of how competitive your score is. I recommend trying to get as close to 700 as possible. If you think more preparation will get you there then invest the time to increase your score.

As for your age, though you are at the higher end of applicant ages you will be fine as long as you present a clear reason for pursuing an MBA at this point in your life. Your reason should make sense in light of your professional history, skills, and your future goals. Even though you do not have international experience, you should be able to show that you have had progressively challenging work experience and have demonstrated leadership and innovation.
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by winner's attitude » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:47 pm
Thanks very much for your reply

Provided a score of 700 with my profile, where do below mentioned schools fall in among safety/ competitive / stretch ?


I would apply in either R1 or R2 for these schools.

Can you also suggest me a few b- schools within US ( my goal is to get into Sales Consulting, strategy and marketing.