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Only Receiving Reading Comprehension Questions

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I've tried reaching out for a few weeks now with the support but receive the same canned response how the app is reaching to my weaker areas etc.

I have been receiving literally only Reading Comprehension Questions for the past few weeks/sessions. Even if I choose to study "Quant and Verbal" I Only get Reading Comprehension. To the point I know all texts already, have to re read them or take for granted I know them. This is highly demotivating and my study hours (on gmat tutor) have declined absurdly.

When I choose "Let me coose the questions myself" I see that it has preselected for me over 100 consecutive Reading Comprehension Questions. Yesterday, this number was 115, but after today's session of practicing, you guessed it, reading comprehension questions it is now 127, as attached.

This seems entirely disproportionate considering other topics have 5 questions on them. And frankly one of the biggest reasons I paid for this app was so it would guide my study. In my Last 2 sims (720/690) in the app, my worst Verbal subjects were Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction.

I plan on taking the gmat in 2 weeks and this tool is not helping at all right now.