Ok so I reached my target score on the CATs whats next?

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So after studying for a lot of time I have reached my target score of above 650 of the CATs GMATPreps and MGMAT.

Some points to consider:
1)I have always taken the CATs on my house (no interrumptions,noise,etc)
2) In all the practice CATs i have done so far I have skipped the AWA section and gone directly to the Quants,Verbals
3) I have made all the practice CATs with paper and pencil. (not laminated sheets)

What's next?

I dont know how much more time to wait to take the real gmat.

My plan is to take 2-3 more CATs (full lenghts on laminated sheets) and take them in a public library or somewhere outside my home.. but I dont know if to take them in one week or take one each weekend and keep practicing?

Im worried about waiting too much time and starting to forget things..

Can anyone help me with their expert suggestions.

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by VivianKerr » Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:51 pm
If you've got your target score on the GMATPrep, I'd schedule your test-date. There's a fine line between keeping up the skills and burning out. If your target score is 650, I always tell students to aim for 700 to be "safe."

I would take one test each weekend and keep practicing. There's no need to sit more than 1 CAT a week. On the last 3 tests, make sure you do the AWA to practice doing those in the timing guidelines using your planned template. That way there'll be no surprises on Test Day. You'll also want time in between each CAT to thoroughly review all incorrect questions and log them in your Error Log by concept.

Keep rotating concepts -- if you do DS and SC one day, work on RC and PS the next. Don't let more than 2 days go by without "hitting" all the question types.

Since you have 3 CATs left, I'd schedule your test in 3 weeks, and keep seeking out the toughest questions you can find. There's a bevy here on BTG!
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